Best Samsung Galaxy Note 21 – Samsung May Not Discontinue The Galaxy Note Series In 2021

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 21 – Samsung May Not Discontinue The Galaxy Note Series In 2021

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 21 – Samsung May Not Discontinue The Galaxy Note Series In 2021

After the rumor that Samsung could end the Galaxy Note series from 2021, the situation could change with the launch of only one model of the series next year. the future top-of-the-line phone from the Korean manufacturer will be the successor to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

They have reportedly confirmed from multiple sources that the smartphone will exist and, indeed, is already in development. the Galaxy Note 21 will be the first Samsung device to come equipped with an Under Display Camera. In addition, he also says that Samsung havea special intention to start developing the device early.

Samsung goal is to launch the new phone earlier than its predecessors. The expected release date is between June and July next year. The last time that Samsung launched just one model of its note series with S Pen was in 2018, with the Galaxy Note 9.

But it is important to note that the existence of the Galaxy Note 21 does not rule out a possible official statement soon to confirm the near end of the Galaxy Note series. So, do you prefer the continuity of the seriesor do you think the cancellation is better? Now let’s talk about the Galaxy Z Fold series.

We have information on when 3 Samsung phones are expected to launch in 2021 thanks to a Twitter leaker. 3 new phones: the Galaxy Z Flip 3, GalaxyZ Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Fold Lite, the Z Fold Lite will be the first one to be announced in 2021, arriving in the first quarter.

Galaxy Z Fold Lite

It is not yet clear whether the Galaxy Z Fold Lite will have its own launch event or appear along side the Galaxy S21. According to the leaker the phone will havea 7-inch main screen but without the ultra-thin glass (UTG), but with a Colorless Polyimide film to protect the screen. The external display will be smaller – just 4 inches.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is expected to be announced in the third quarter with a screen the same size as the Galaxy Z Fold Lite, but with UTGLTPO TFT technology. It is also mentioned that it must be Samsung’s first foldable with an under display camera and an S-Pen included. It is strange to note only that the external screen should be smaller, only 4 inches, since the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a 6.23 inches secondary display.

However, this is not the only informant to report a reduction in the screen of this model, another leaker states the samething about the Galaxy Z series for 2021. Ending with the Galaxy Z Flip 3, the phone is expected to have the smallest screen out of the three: a 6.7 inch UTG internal and a 3 inch external, which is an upgrade to the 1.1 inch present on the Galaxy Z Flip.

The internal screen will feature the ultra-thinglass. The Galaxy Z Flip 3 may be announced alongsidethe Galaxy Z Fold 3 in the third quarter of 2021. The Galaxy Z Fold FE, which was mentioned in previous leaks, is not expected to launch next year, since it does not make sense to have two affordable foldable phones in the same year. thankyou Bye Bye.

Best Samsung – Whats Going on

Best Samsung – Whats Going on

So it’s no secret at this point that Samsung is ending the Galaxy Note line in favor of the Galaxy Z Fold line. We have strong data to back this up that they are transitioning the Note line into the foldables since the latter is a much more profitable venture and has huge growth potential.

So the question isn’t about whether or not they are discontinuing the Note line but rather are we see going to see one last galaxy Note next year. For the past few weeks, reports on this topic have been flip-flopping quite a lot. First, multiple big tipsters said there’s no development of the Galaxy Note 21 so far   and revealed Samsung’s flagship road map for 2021 that has no mention of the Galaxy Note 21.

A few days later we got a report from a big South Korean website citing industry insiders that the Galaxy Note 21 is indeed happening, albeit Samsung will launch only 1 model instead of two like they have been doing for a couple of years. They are apparently doing it to reduce the market share of the Galaxy Note in favor of the Z Fold 3.

Now the shocker came a couple of days ago when Reuters reported that Samsung has no plans to launch the Galaxy Note 21 next year. Now as you   know Reuters is a huge reputable website and they have big sources in almost the whole tech industry.

They confirmed this news not with one source but three of them telling the same thing that Samsung does not have plans to develop a new version of the Galaxy Note for 2021. Since Reuters is a big and reputable name and when they say there won’t be a Note going forward, there’s certainly a lot of credence to it.

But before you get disappointed, let me tell you the Galaxy Note 21 isn’t dead yet. Since Reuters reported this thing a couple of days ago, we have got 3 more sources saying the development of the Galaxy Note 21 has officially begun.  

First up, a Korean tech forum mentioned that the Note 21 was confirmed in one of the new display tests that Samsung is preparing. It mentions that Samsung is doing tests for two display samples. Punch hole camera and the Under display camera.

However, it also mentions that since the under-display camera technology is still very expensive with low yield rates, the Galaxy Note 21 most probably won’t adopt this technology. The other two sources are these two twitter   leakers. Their sources also say the Note 21 is indeed in the early stages of development.  

Ross Young a renowned name also said we may see the Note 21 next year.   So the Note 21 is still alive in the early development phase but that doesn’t guarantee though that we will surely see it getting launched next year. Because a lot of the time, companies develop products but don’t end up releasing them.

For example the OnePlus 8T Pro, we heard rumors and leaks about it, but OnePlus never launched it. So it’s possible, the same might also happen with the Galaxy Note 21. I guess Samsung is playing safe, I mean just to be safe they are developing the handset for now and depending upon the market condition, the way people perceive the S21 Ultra with the S Pen, they will decide whether or not to actually go into the next stages of the development of the Note 21 in the first half of next year.

But for now, it certainly looks like the Galaxy Note 21 is still alive but whether or not that translates into an actual is remained to be seen. I guess we’ll probably know for sure at the Unpacked Event on January the 14th. thankyou.

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