Best Samsung Galaxy S21 – Brand New Security!

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 – Brand New Security!

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 – Brand New Security!

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So plenty more news to share today about the upcoming galaxy s21 including more information on the displays confirmation of an earlier release date and a brand new biometric security measure.

so the first news of today is about the release date of the samsung galaxy s21 we’ve had many reports saying it’s coming early this year and it now looks almost certain that the phone is going to be coming in january route my galaxy uncovered a listing in the database of an indian regulator for a samsung device with the model number smg991b which according to all of the info.

we’ve had so far is for the standard galaxy s21 as we know with these things when certification starts to appear it means the launch is fast approaching now next up we’ve got news about the galaxy s21 displays there are many out there who are still claiming that they’re all coming with curved displays.

but that’s not actually the case the standard s21 and the galaxy s21 plus are going to have flat displays while the ultra is the only one in the series to come with a curved display ice universe further backed this up a couple of days ago when he told us that we do have flat displays on the s21.

the s21 plus he states they’ve already been trial produced so there’s just no way that they’re going to further delay by changing the screens and as we’ve got certification coming through now it means that they are set on the design and hardware and are ready to launch. 

they wouldn’t have certificated now in these times there are a lot of new leakers that have no track record and they are making unrealistic claims so just be careful when you do see these next up, we’ve got a brand new leak about biometric security on the galaxy s21.

it’s a very interesting one at that while many do not seem to be a fan of bixby samsung are now reportedly going to be using it for a voice biometric system it’s going to be part of the new assistant in something. 

they’re calling bixby voice now bixby voice is going to allow users to unlock their galaxy s21 by saying hi bixby voice biometrics seem to be relatively safe considering many banks use this form of security on their phone services and while we did see this in the past it actually disappeared now given the current situation.

where masks are causing a problem for face unlocks and also as we approach the colder weather gloves can stop fingerprint unlocks as well then voice   biometric security could be very useful of course while it is secure it also has some huge flaws for instance if someone has a voice recording of you then it can be used to unlock.

the device but realistically it’s not a bad method for those that want it for the time being it’s reportedly going to be exclusive to the galaxy s21 but as usual it’s expected that over time this is going to be added to the older devices in the range as it’s just a software update and no additional hardware is required.

now we’ve pretty much had the full leak of specs and design for the whole of the galaxy s21 series so for those interested we’re going to run through them now to help you decide.  

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