Best Samsung Galaxy S21 – More New Features Unbelievable Smartphone!

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 – More New Features Unbelievable Smartphone!

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 – More New Features Unbelievable Smartphone!

today we’ve got some incredible news about the samsung galaxy s21 along with some new news about an in-display selfie camera on the way but i’ll be sharing the details right now. so it’s a new week which brings a fresh batch of samsung galaxy s21 leaks including the full specs design and the pricing as well as a leak on samsung’s new in-display selfie camera which looks incredible.

the first story of the day is actually about the galaxy s21 successor but it’s an incredible design so i thought it would be appropriate to share now for those of you that may be holding off a little longer now it seems that this will be the time for the in-display selfie cameras and a new design it shows an innovative way to achieve it. 

let’s go digital have shared a patent that they’ve discovered and it shows just how this technology may be implemented the display will have the camera behind it but the biggest challenge is going to be how the light is going to reach the sensor and it seems samsung may have solved this by using a sub display there’s going to be a transparent area with a sub display behind it.  

it will most likely be used to display something like the time but it may be merged with the software to look like a complete display when the camera is required this sub display is actually going to move out of the way to reveal the camera behind it meaning it’s going to get all the light that it needs to take a high quality photo.  

well it’s not perfect as many people don’t like the idea of moving parts inside a phone it’s a good implementation that i feel has a good chance of making it to the consumer market as we’ve seen with some of the other proto types that simply have a camera behind the display the image quality is affected by the lack of light.

next up we’ve got a new leak from reliable source wind future that details a lot of specs of the samsung galaxy s21 and the s21 plus they confirm many specs for both phones and win future have a very good track record now the leak reveals that both the s21 and the s21 plus are going to be ip68 water resistant.

which was always expected they state a 6.2 inch display on the s21 and a 6.7 on the plus the display is going to be a dynamic amoled display with a full hd plus resolution of 1080 by 2400

and they will be 120 Hz displays we get 1 300 in its brightness an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner and gorilla glass 7 to protect the phone which is also known as victor’s you may remember a couple of weeks ago. 

we also discussed a leak of a plastic back on the galaxy s21 and it seems it was partly true the s21 is going to be a rein forced poly carbonate back but   the s21 plus is going to be glass the s21 also has a 4 000 milliamp hour battery well.

the s21 plus has a 4800 and both phones are going to support 25 watt fast charging they’re both going to have the same camera setup which can be a 12 megapixel main camera it’s gonna have optical image stabilization and an aperture of f 1.8.

we get a 64 megapixel telephoto again with optical image stabilization and finally a 12 megapixel ultrawide we finally have confirmations of the selfie camera and this is reportedly going to be using a 10 megapixel sensor now as for the zoom apparently the s21 and the s21 plus are only going to have a three times hybrid zoom but they will be capable of 8k video at 30 frames.

a second both phones are reportedly coming with eight gigs of ram there’s gonna be a choice of 128 or 256 storage but according to win future they’re not getting microsd support the s21 is expected to start around 850 euros but this doesn’t directly compare to the usa market as they tend to get lower prices.

i would advise that for the s21 we’re likely to start from 850 so it’s great to see some of the specs cleared up and for those interested we’re going to run through the full specs and the estimated pricing for the whole range including the galaxy s21 ultra for my regular visters.

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