Best Samsung Galaxy S21 – Their Best Yet!

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 – Their Best Yet!

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 – Their Best Yet!

We have new spec leaks and renders for the samsung galaxy s21, we’ve got some galaxy s21 spec leaks new renders showing off its design hints of an in-display selfie camera in news that it’s going to be their best smartphone yet before we get started though today is news that the samsung galaxy s21 firmware development has already begun.

Samsung Galaxy S21

  • Revolutionary By Design
  • New Camara Design
  • Shades Of Ultra
  • Easy On The Eyes
  • The toughest Gorilla Glass yet
  • 8K Video Snap
  • S Pen compatibility
  • The highest resolution possible on a smartphone
  • One small tap for you

some mobile have reported that the development has started in the united states for all of the major galaxy s21 carriers and it is of course based on android 11 and they’re likely going to be calling it one ui 3.1 they also report that they’re currently only developing firmware for the 5g enabled galaxy s21 which is very interesting news.

this could be because they wanted the 5g completed first but it also could   very likely be that all versions of the s21 are going to be 5g compatible and   maybe they won’t offer an lte version next up we’ve got samsung devices in   china’s 3c certifications that are believed to be the galaxy s21 and the galaxy s21 plus while not much info can be taken from these it does confirm their battery capacities on the standard galaxy s21.

Battery Life

we’ve got a cell rated at 380 milliamp hours and on the s21 plus we’ve got a 4 60 milliamp hour rated cell now it’s important to note that these are the rated values and not the typical values the typical values will actually be higher this means that we’re expecting a 4800 milliamp hour battery for the galaxy s21 plus and of course because we’re getting the new snapdragon 875 along with the exynos 1000 system on chip.

we expect the galaxy s21 to be a similar shape but with trim down bezels and better hardware and cameras a likely change though is going to be the focus sensor instead of the time of flight but this is pretty much what we’re going to be seeing well we have been told a few times in the past.

Display Camera

the galaxy s21 would not have an in-display camera it’s now looking like it could while other manufacturers have already accomplished this to some extent reliable leaker ice universe advises that samsung displays in display selfie camera solution is further ahead than others samsung have stricter requirements than other brands.

the under display camera of the galaxy s21 is in schrodinger’s cat state samsung displays are arguably the best mobile display maker in the world   and that’s why they also make the displays for popular brands such as apple and oneplus you can be rest assured that they won’t release it until it’s fully ready but when they do release it.

it will work well it’s very exciting to hear that it may finally be making its way to the galaxy s21 and of course as soon as we hear more on this i’ll update you guys straight away, so it’s great that we’re able to share just positive news on the galaxy s21 for you guys today for those interested. 

we’re gonna jump right into it when it comes to the actual design of the samsung galaxy s21 the truth is it really doesn’t matter too much right now well there may be a design in mind and a prototype already out there at samsung it won’t have been finalized just yet so it could of course still change.

Hardware And Specs

we can however get information on hardware and specs that are unlikely to change the first actual leak we have comes from well-known

leaker ice universe and he published a tweet last week to say that samsung is considering an in-display camera sensor on the samsung galaxy s21.  

he advises that they’re evaluating the feasibility of the technology and if it’s ready then it will be in the galaxy s21 everyone has been very excited for this new technology and it’s always been expected that 2021 is gonna be the year it’s delivered we can finally have a full screen display without motorized parts and the only thing that people are worried about is the additional cost that it might bring.

we’ve also got reports suggesting that this in-display selfie camera is going to be using a half inch selfie sensor with a 48 megapixel resolution the samsung galaxy s21 will of course be using the new and improved next generation oled display we’ve had patents filed for curved displays with protruding buttons.

we’ve now got a new patent show casing a very curved display the patent was discovered by let’s go digital and it was rendered by concept creator it shows a display that’s not only curved at both edges but it also has curves at the top and the bottom while it does look similar to the new design from huawei.

it’s actually very different its huawei’s is just the glass and not the display it self the pattern is for the screen to curve on all edges and it includes the rounded off corners now we know it is intended for a galaxy as it was listed as a galaxy smartphone display and it’s also logged as that on the world intellectual property office database.

its full screen design means that it will of course have an in-display fingerprint scanner and it help fuels reports that the in-display selfie camera will be there as well some people are speculating that this is of course for the note 20 but many believe it’s for the galaxy s21.

150 Megapixel Nano Cell Camera

next we’ve got news of an incredible 150 megapixel nano cell camera to debut in the galaxy s21 they already broke records with the latest 108 megapixel sensor that we saw in the s20 ultra and now they’re pushing the boundaries even further the new 150 megapixel camera is going to be launching towards.

which will most likely be too late for the note range and this means we could   well have it debuting in the galaxy s21 we also had patents filed by samsung for multiple technologies that could also be present in the galaxy s21 we had a patent for a holographic projector to produce stereo scopic images in the air   almost like a 3d hologram well it could be a cool feature.

i think it’s just too gimmicky and not something we’ll see in the s21 we also had patents filed for a lot of sensors that were initially thought to be in the galaxy note 20 but they are now looking very unlikely this means if they are to go ahead with these plans.

then we could well see them in the s21 instead first we’ve got mention of an electro myography or emg sensor now emg is used to measure electrical   signals generated by muscles and can be used to assess the health of a   muscle and the nerve cells that control them.

Electro Encephalogram Sensor

we also have mention of an electro encephalogram sensor or eeg sensor this is again to measure electrical signals but instead of muscles eeg sensors are for measuring our brain activity finally we have the electro cardiogram or ecg sensor this measures electrical activity of the heart and help diagnose abnormal heart rhythms.  

while we always get many patterns filed which do fuel rumors of new features i believe if any are to be true then it’s going to be the new sensors that we see in the s21 while a holographic projector would be an incredible feature it would be very limited in its use and not something.

i can see them doing fitness and health are very popular at the moment and used commonly in today’s smartphone peripherals so i think this would be a great fit for the s21 now of course all of that is estimation and speculation from patents samsung file a lot of patents to protect their ideas and it doesn’t mean it’s definitely going to be happening.

one thing we can be certain of though is that the galaxy s21 is of course going to come in a few different sizes to suit all consumers it’s going to have the latest samsung display along with the best hardware and cameras they can source at the time going by the current releases.  

we can expect them to stick with the rectangular shaped camera module on the rear and they’re going to provide three to six cameras depending on variants when it comes to the chipset they’ll of course be using the snapdragon 875 which is a 5 nanometer system on chip it’s going to provide better performance and efficiency over the current chipsets used and unfortunately as usual.

Internal Storage

we’ll be getting the equivalent exynos chip that doesn’t actually perform as well we’ll likely get the usual choices of 128 256 or 512 internal storage and this will of course be ufs 3.1 when it comes to ram we’ll likely be getting a choice of 12 or 16 gigs of ram which is still more than we’re ever gonna need there will likely be a hybrid sim tray to support microsd cards but there won’t be a three and a half mil audio jack.

it’s going to have all of the usual sensors and we can of course expect an in-display fingerprint scanner until the design and the screen sizes are finalized we unfortunately can’t estimate the battery capacity but expect slight improvements on the predecessors and of course wireless and reverse wireless charging as always.

it’s going to be ip68 water resistant and when it comes to price it’s no doubt going to be expensive samsung surprised us with just how high the galaxy s20 ultra launched at so it’s going to be interesting to see if they create another very premium device or work at bringing this cost down of course there’s unfortunately a lot of speculation right now.  

but as soon as we receive any solid leaks i’ll be sharing them with you guys straight away as always though i’d like to know your thoughts in the comments below the artical you see comment box, who out there is waiting for the samsung galaxy s21 and are you happy with the news that we may be getting an in-display camera but thanks for reading the artical if you liked it then share it with your friends.  

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