Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Better Than Expected!

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Better Than Expected!

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Better Than Expected!

The samsung galaxy s21 ultra is going to be even better than we thought. So we’ve got new leaks today that tell us not only will the galaxy s21 ultra be   better than we thought but there’s also going to be a difference in packaging we’ve got news about pricing and colors we also have confirmation of a display feature that we’ve all been waiting for if you’re a fan of samsung if you could have any smartphone for free then what smartphone would you   choose but the first story of the day may shock some of you but others could have expected it.

we’ve got a report from sound mobile that states we may not be getting a charger or earphones inside the packaging as many of you will know apple already did this so it was only a matter of time until others follow suit manufacturers can now do this and market it as environmental reasons but it also saves them a lot of money in their packaging.

some of you may have also seen that samsung mocked apple for doing this on their caribbean facebook page so it would be that little bit too soon to do it them selves but some mobile seemed to think it could happen they’ve also done this in the past when samsung mocked apple in their advert for removing the three and a half mil headphone jack and then went ahead and did it them selves a korean media outlet have reported that they’re gonna remove the charger in the earphones from the galaxy s21 packaging.

that it would also apply to the whole line up they do say there’s a possibility   that it won’t be both however it could just include the charger with out the earphones this is a move that i see a lot of companies doing now and to be honest it’s not going to be a huge loss.  

the included charger quite often doesn’t support the full quick charge capabilities these days meaning users buy a new charger any way there are also rumors that because of this and lower expected sales on the predecessor that we may actually see a reduction in price compared to the s20 now the lower sales were partly due to the issues that we’ve all faced this year and although things seem to be getting under control.

it’s still very difficult times well this would be great news i believe it when i see it i mean personally if we look at the pricing of the note i just don’t think it’s gonna happen for those who are concerned about the colour choices of the galaxy s21 ross young has also advised on the colour choices for all three versions and they’re as follows the standard galaxy s21 is going to be coming in grey pink violet or white for those that want the s21 plus.

you get a choice between black or silver and if you want the galaxy s21 ultra you can choose from black silver or violet next up we’ve got a new render for the galaxy s21 ultra showing us an additional sensor which is five in total and more than we expected we’ve also got an update from ross young that suggests.

we’ll finally get the display that we’ve all been waiting for so first up we’ll cover the cameras as i showed you in my previous videos we had renders of the galaxy s21 ultra that showed a quad camera setup in their new camera module this was approved by on leaks who’s been very reliable for samsung leaks but it seems samsung have been indecisive and they’ve made a huge change already on leaks advises that in the new design validation test model of the galaxy s21 ultra there’s an extra sensor on the module. 

they don’t have any details on this sensor but he provides a new render which shows a some what strange placement of the led flash now although we   don’t know what it is if i was to hazard a guess i think it’s going to be a 3d time-of-flight sensor considering apple have now added a lidar to their lineup i think developers may be more on board with their app designs and including this we also have another tweet from ross young who states that he doesn’t think we’ll get 144 Hz on the s21 ultra.

but instead we’ll get a 120 Hz display with ltpo technology and another exciting feature now many of you are aware on previous releases we had   a choice of quad hd plus at 60 Hz or full hd at 120 which some are not pleased with although ross doesn’t say it if the display has ltpo technology this is going to allow for better battery life and it would likely mean.

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Better Than Expected!

Best Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Better Than Expected!

we can finally have Hz at a quad hd plus resolution and we don’t know what the other exciting feature is he mentions unless he’s referring to a 120hz quad hd display of course we do have plenty of information on the full specs and design for the whole of the galaxy s21 range so we’re gonna run through that now to help you guys decide if this could be the phone for you for my regular vistors.

you guys have probably already seen this so just skip to the next artical we’ve got the galaxy s21 this is the smallest in the range and of course the entry-level model it comes with a 6.2 inch dynamic amoled display with an expected resolution of 1440 by 3200 this gives us 563 pixels per inch and it of course comes with an in-display finger print scanner.

it’s going to be a 120 hertz display with hdr 10 plus but we’re unsure if it’s going to allow for 120 hertz with a quad hd plus resolution or if they’re going to restrict this to 60 hertz again we get a punch or selfie camera in the top center and the details have not been leaked yet but i’m going to expect about a 10 or 12 megapixel sensor similar to the predecessor. http://beauty

the phone will be powered by the 5 nano meter snap dragon 875 in the snap dragon regions and we now believe the exynos chipset is going to be called the exynos 2100 both versions will be 5g compatible we’re expecting similar ram and storage configurations of the predecessor so 8 gigs of ram with 128 storage and expect microsd support it’s of course gonna ship with android 11 and on rear.

we’ve got this new triple camera setup in a vertical alignment at this point we’re not going to speculate on sensors until we do have more solid evidence but expect a wide an ultra wide in a telephoto battery capacity is 4 000 milliamp hours and it’s going to support wireless and reverse wireless charging we’ve got no details on the actual fast charge numbers yet but it will at least be 25 watts next up we’ve got the galaxy s21 plus.

this is the middle of the range device but we’ve only got a little bit of information so far the galaxy s21 plus is reportedly coming with a 6.8 inch quad hd plus amoled display like the standard s21 it’s going to be a flat display but the resolution is still unconfirmed we’re expecting the snapdragon 875 and the exynos chipset which is rumored to be the exynos 1000.  

we reportedly get a 64 megapixel ultrawide a 10 megapixel main and a 10 megapixel ultrawide which gives us a triple camera set up on the rear and the selfie camera is still unknown but as soon as we get more detail i’ll update finally we’ve got the galaxy s21 ultra and this is of course the largest of the range and the most premium model the galaxy s21 ultra comes with a 6.9   inch dynamic amoled display.

it’s expected to come with a resolution of 1440 by 3200 giving us 511 pixels per inch and it will have the in display fingerprint scanner it’s going to be a 120 Hz display and unlike the smaller two models the galaxy s21 ultra is gonna have a curved display at this moment in time we still don’t know if it will support 120 Hz and quad hd plus resolution.

if they will enforce the same restrictions we get a punch or selfie camera in the top center and details haven’t been leaked just yet but i would expect a larger sensor as its predecessor had a 40 megapixel the phone will be powered by the snap dragon 875 in the snap dragon regions and the exynos 2100 globally both versions again are going to be 5g compatible we’re expecting similar ram and storage configurations to its predecessor.

this is going to be 12 gigs of ram or more with 128 storage and microsd support and again it will ship with android 11. on the rear we’ve got a new   quad camera setup in this lowercase t alignment and again we’re not going to speculate on sensors until we’ve got more solid proof but expect a wide an ultrawide in a tele photo and it’s looking very likely that the primary camera is going to be the 108 megapixel hm2 and as on leaks told us.  

we get another sensor on top of the quad camera setup while still unknown i believe it may be a timer flight sensor battery capacity is 5 000 milliamp hours in it supports wireless and reverse wireless charging and it will be at least 25 watts all in all the galaxy s21 is looking like a great smartphone but we have to be realistic there’s no huge changes or innovations from the predecessor.

it’s going to be slightly upgraded hardware with a more refined look but overall a similar device when it comes to pricing nothing has been leaked yet so we can only make assumptions based on their previous releases which were of course very high if we add about 50 to each price we can expect the galaxy s21 to be 1000 to 1050 the s21 plus to be around 1200 to 1250 and the s21 ultra to be around 1400 or one thousand four hundred. 

fifty dollars now don’t be worried as these are just my estimates but as soon as we get some leaks i’ll be sharing them straight away so that’s it for today’s artical, who out there is excited for the galaxy s21 what model are you waiting for and if it’s not the s21 then what phone are you waiting for but thanks for reading the artical.

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