Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Accessibility Settings in 2021

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Accessibility Settings in 2021

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Accessibility Settings in 2021

hi, everyone, this is the impressive Samsung galaxy the flip and today what I want to do is go through the accessibility settings of this device and first of all I just want to point out the actual accessibility settings that we had during the setup phase really impress with the amount of options that you have in very much near enough light for like.

we’re going to go through the accessibility settings that we find on the Samsung Galaxy Z flick and of course what we do is starts with voice assistant so making sure the volumes all the way up pressing the holding both the volume keys together voice assistant tom tutorial showing items 1 to 7 of 7 so once it begins it will show you the tutorial for the first time but actually I know this button.

so we can find out the weather current location Prince’s Risborough current temperature Inc degree partly cloudy weather updated thirteen fourths 11:10 double tap for more information so it tells me everything that I need to know which is fantastic.

you can then go through out your applications galaxy store gallery please store folder Google food messages internet camera customactions swipe up or down to select double tap to activate double tap and hold to long press so it gives you information.

you can swipe along with key fingers screem page 2 of 2 and then you can do that again to go into big space Bso this will just load up here and you can scroll through and you can tell by the pitch, you’re going down then it raises to come up and as soon as you stop on something, it will begin to read so let’s go back to the home page here so now we can go along the top as well 12:06 battery 75%.

you can also tap on your notifications it will read your notifications for you fantastic options see here and I prefer Samsung’s over talk back as it’s not so robotic is very genuine voice really impressed and a really good option path here so volume key shortcut option there is voice of system so you can turn it off voice assistant.

but you can press and held them to volume keys to turn back on once again which is fantastic so now we’re going to go into settings and actually find out our other accessibility settings there’s a range of different ways of doing this you can first of all ask Google assistance.

you can ask big speed you can search for accessibility or actually what you could do is swipe up again you’ve got another option to search here what we’re going to do to look for the settings which is a gear icon and grain color so we’re in settings.

now with one UI pushes it all down to the bottom so you can use one hand if you want to which I’m really impressed to see what I need to do is scroll all the way down so go all the way to the bottom so it stops and then count for from bottom 1 2 3 4 we have accessibility it shows the figure with the statues with its arms and legs apart and also it’s in green so you can tap on accessibility and again Samsung has surpassed them selves pushing the amount of options.

that they have inside here also including some new ones so they have them in different sections which is really helpful so as you may know I’m visually impaired so I could go straight to visibility enhancement some one that has hearing impairment.

we go to hearing enhancement and they’ve got interaction and dexterity so you’ve got different options so let’s go through all of these options in slide here so the top we’ve got screen reader and this is what I showed you first of all so inside here we’ve got voice assistant.

you can toggle on and off you can tap the tutorial to go through the tutorial once again if you want to once you press that volume keys again the tutorial won’t come up again because obviously, it thinks you’ve done it the first time around but you can come back in here and learn more.

if you want to we also have settings and inside settings there are a massive amount of different options that you can change and adjust to make it your own which is fantastic, you can spend so long inside here just changing delving in or looking through is there anything that I would really pick out so you’ve got face indicators.

you’ve got read caller ID out and loud which is really good you’ve got a verbal ASSA t you’ve also text-to-speech so this will change the speech rate and the pitch so you can demonstrate this is an example of speech synthes is in English and we can make it a little bit faster this is an example of each synthes is in English.

which is quite fast but for some people that’s quite slow you can fact reset here and again really nice amount of options that you can go in there customize and change just depending on what you want which is really nice to see moving into visibility enhancements.

so our first option here is high contrast theme so currently set to none so we have one option here so it will load up for you and as you can see it looks a little bit different than what we would normally use which is really nice so you’ve got the yellow icons here if I come down we’ve got blue ones so you can see it changes and adjust it depending on you quite subtly.

but that could help quite easily a lot of people we then have a second option and again you can see it’s changed its slightly again here so you can choose one of those if you press download it will install straight away for you so nice to have that option don’t see that too much high contrast fonts.

so when I toggle this on look at this section that’s under neath here table lon it’s the same boldness and the same color it’s slightly it’s not bold anymore and it’s grey in color once toggled off so it’s a really nice options have especially with my self being visually impaired that’s a good option to see then.

we also have high contrast keyboards so we’re going to click inside here you can toggle one so that was our standard keyboards and then you have different options here which can really help toggle off and you see the standard keyboard that comes with smartphone underneath.

we then have show button shape so click this on here and this will show different button shapes in different applications in different areas of your smartphone making it easier to see you don’t have color in versions as you’ll notice, I’ve got the dark theme on or you can have the light theme so color in version what it will do is transfer it back but going home here we will invert all of the colors.

so let’s just go back inside here toggle this off let’s go home and you can see I’ve got the standard colors that it would come from the factory it’s nice to know you can go in here and change the options that best suit you then you have color adjustments.

so you can toggle this on and you can go through different options so we have gray scale and you just have different subtle color options here so just make it a little bit easier for you to use your smart phone again such a wide range of different options one other one that I really like is color lens so people that wear glasses with different lenses in them to help them see their selves around and to read this could be the right option for you.

you can change as well how bright it is and again it shows and makes it easier for you to read so for me it’s easier to read that way than what it is that one but again you just choose which one depends on your eye sight under neath that we’ve got remove animation.

so this will remove anything that’s sort of a bit flashy you don’t want it and you just want it to bog-standard open up work that’s a really nice option to have there you have a magnifier window so toggle this on and it shows you the magnifier window so it gothics got it okay so with two fingers we can move the window wherever.

we want to she’s really handy and you can just see how big that text is which is fantastic tap and then what you can do is make it smaller you can also lock it into place and you can also cancel but that was the magnification window which is a really good option to have and really clear on this display so under neath that we’ve got magnification.

so more used to this one than the magnifier window so triple tap magnify so turn us on one two three three quick taps on our display you can even pinch in interests look how crisp and clean that is use two fingers to work your way around the device it just looks so crisp and clean which is fantastic to see you come all the way upto the top here tap one two three to come back there’s also another option.

which not that many people know about one two three hold on your third and you can quickly fly around with one finger release and it jumps back and it’s actually a lot into the zoom level you set when you triple tap and then you’ve pinched in two zoom which is really good option but not too many people know about that third option inside there then you’ve got use shortcuts to magnify.

so we’re going to toggle this on you’ve just got a pop-up here letting you know what’s going to have with a press closet and got it and once this is toggled on you’re introduced to your accessibility figure down here in the bottom right hand corner tap this you’ll see your screen glow orange tap anywhere on the screen and you zoom in if you’ll notice this is locked to the same zoom that you use with a triple click use two fingers to manipulate.

your way around pinch in and out tap the icon again down here at the bottom it zooms straight back out for you we toggle that off because we need our accessibility figure a little bit later on so you’ve got so many different ways to magnify there four different ways which is really good to see so then you can use a large mouse or touchpad pointer if you so want to with your device so we’ve recently seen that just on the iPads come in that you can use a mouse but you can also use them on your smartphone fora very long time.

already which is really good to see and it helps with accessibility options under neath that you have font size and style as you’ll notice mind sets are quite large already and I’ve also selected bold fonts and you can change the style which is really good option to have it makes this device so much easier to change and adjust depending on your ability and you can enjoy your smart phone at the bottom we have screens in since there’s a little bit difference to the tattoos ooh this will enlarge they’ll all display for all periods so we can make this either really large come back.

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