Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 – Incredible News!

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 – Incredible News!

Best Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 – Incredible News!

Today we have some incredible news about the samsung galaxy z fold 3 So this week we have news of the galaxy z fold 3 coming with a completely new and improved design, It being the 1st from samsung to feature an in display selfie camera & some that it might not cost as much as you think!

So 1st story of the day is about the galaxy z fold 3 replacing the note, while we have many reports of the galaxy z fold 3

coming with s pen support and no more note this might not be the case.

Now there’s no need to panic as the galaxy fold 3 is looking like its coming with s pen support but a new report from ET News says that according to their industry insider there will still be a note next year, and this makes sense as its better to transition slowly rather than replace it straight away.

We also have a new report that the samsung galaxy z fold 3 is not going to increase in price and will actually stay the same for a change. This has been reported across many blogs & comes from a tweet from Mauri QHD who tweeted to say FOLD 3 Same price at the moment.

We also had a tweet from cozyplanes who shares a slide from the 2020 investors forum that shows they want to solidify the z series as a mainstream product and of course making the z fold 3 more affordable is one of the best ways to do this.

While great news to here I’m personally very sceptical , it seems that every new smartphone now starts of with the leak its going to be the same price or cheaper, then come launch day it costs more. The galaxy Z fold 3 is a new device that has been greatly improved already.

We saw a big change for the better this year and its expected that the galaxy z fold 3 will do the same. If we have a much more improved phone with better
and its releasing next year then it unfortunately will rise
in price.

Next we have news of a huge design change in the z fold 3 which came from some images posted by samsung displays. The image shows a tri folding phone similar to the designs we’ve already seen and this would of course match up with the Z fold name branding.

To be clear though this is just an image they’ve shared, While many blogs are stating this is the new design samsung displays didn’t say that and its more than likely just a concept. With the great consumer response already i don’t see them making drastic changes to the galaxy fold 3.

Lee Jong-min who is executive director of samsungs planning team said “Foldable phones will become thinner and lighter in the future” and this is the obvious direction for them to take with the fold 3 and not a complete

Next up we have news that the galaxy z fold 3 will be the first to feature an in display selfie camera, Many were expecting to see it on the s range but it just wasn’t ready in time, and being that the z fold 3 is the most premium phone they manufacture then it makes sense.

According to ETNews samsung are planning to include the in display camera on the z fold 3 and that as expected the phone will arrive in Q3 of 2021. We also have a tweet from ice universe who states that the galaxy z fold 3 will bring a lot of innovations including CUP which is camera under panel.

so the in display camera S pen , and as he has said s pen & not just s pen support we expect this to come with an s pen , and have a slot in the device for it to sit unlike the s range which just supports it.

and finally the second generation UTG which is ultra thing glass, of course this is required for the s pen not to damage the display. So while not as drastically changing as many are making it out to be but the samsung galaxy z fold 3 is still going to be an incredible device, and a more refined version of its predecessor with the latest technology.

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