Best Samsung New Features Update – 2021

Best Samsung New Features Update – 2021

Best Samsung New Features Update – 2021

Being able to quickly charge your phone can mean the difference between hours of care-free use or scrambling to find the nearest wall outlet.

Fast charging is an increasingly popular feature that allows you to power up your device in just a fraction of the time it takes to do it the old-fashioned way.

Simply put Fast charging is a must-have feature in today’s phones. It keeps our batteries topped up through busy days. Now there are a variety of different standards from different companies.

Talk ing specifically about Samsung, they introduced a 25W fast charging last year with the S10,

and with the Note 10 they increased that to 45W.

That charges the phones completely in less than an hour. Now if you thought 45W is big then you would be surprised to know Samsung is working on 65W of fast charging.

Galaxy Club found a new charger certification with model number EP-TA865. Their 45W charger has a model number EP-TA845 and hence believed it’s a 65W charger.

Now you might ask are we going to see this with the Galaxy S21 Ultra? Well, I’m not ruling out the possibility entirely but it’s possible we may not see this with the Galaxy S21,

because for the fact that the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra only supports 25W which is a downgrade from 45W of the Note 10. Samsung isn’t fully on board with the 45W charging so I don’t think they would commit to 65W on the S21 Ultra.

But hey, I could be wrong. Now I know what a lot of people are going to comment, we don’t need 65W, 25W is fast already. Agreed but it’s not faster.

I mean with a 25W charger you can charge from 0 to 50 in 30 minutes while you can do the same in just 15 minutes with a 65W charger.

I also know what else you’re thinking, isn’t 65W is going to wear out the battery faster? Well, I don’t think a lot of people actually understand what exactly causes the battery to wear out faster.

For starters, it’s mainly heat and charging the phone to 100%. As for the heat, these fast chargers have integrated circuits built into the charging head itself so the heat dissipates even before it reaches the handset.

As for the second part, if you really care about the longevity of your smartphone battery then do not charge your phone to full 100% more often. Because that puts the battery under stress.

I mean the lithium-ion batteries have a certain number of lifecycles. Charging your phone to full 100% counts as a cycle, discharging your battery to 0% also counts as a cycle.

And that’s the reason electric-vehicle makers cut off the charge on new batteries around 80%. They never let you charge full 100%. So for those people who say I don’t need a fast charger because I charge my phone overnight,

you’re the one actually doing much damage to the longevity of the battery because you’re charging it to full 100% every single night.

The bottom line, modern smartphone batteries are smart enough, these fast chargers are smart enough as they have a chip inside to control the flow.

So fast charging such as 65W won’t damage your battery period. By the way, OnePlus for sure is doing 65W charging for the OnePlus 8T which is going to give them an edge in charging speeds.

Now whether or not Samsung will use this same 65W charger for their smartphones next year remains to be seen.

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