Best Skincare for Dry vs Dehydrated Skin – You Need to Read This!

Best Skincare for Dry vs Dehydrated Skin – You Need to Read This!

Best Skincare for Dry vs Dehydrated Skin – You Need to Read This!

Hi everyone! Today, we have another interesting topic for you guys so let’s begin So, do you guys have an accurate idea of what skin type is? Have you ever thought Hmm my skin is dry, so I must have dry skin! If you’ve ever thought this then please pay attention Just because your skin feels dry.

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  • Dry Skin
  • Skin Cream
  • Skin Lotion
  • Glowing Skin

various symptoms to dry skin

it doesn’t mean you have dry skin What? Our survey shows that there are various symptoms to dry skin The answer that got ranked the highest was The surface of my skin is seeping-with-oil level oily, but still feels dry There are some you guys that feel like you have dry skin but have acne And some of you guys that don’t If you were all having dry skin problems.

then shouldn’t the symptoms be the same? But why are they all so different? It’s because feeling dry doesn’t necessarily mean you have dry skin Then let’s say bye-bye to dryness and say hello to our teen guest Hi If you feel dry, you may have dry skin Or you may have dehydrated skin Usually.

people with dry skin focus on moisturization And this is the reason behind the unresolved dryness Dry skin does lack moisture but the direct reason to dry skin is the lack of oil Oil acts against the evaporation of moisture, So lack of oil then leads to a lack of moisture So first we need to figure out why oil level decreases in order to stop this from happening.

Number 1:

Inherent This is when you inherently don’t produce a lot of sebum On the other hand, if you produce a lot of sebum and oil, then again you have oily skin.

Number 2:

Excess removal of oil Even if you produce enough oil, if you excessively remove it this will lead to lack of moisture.

Number 3:

Aging As you age the level of sebum secretion decreases So people who never felt like they were dry can start to feel like they have dry skin.

difference between dehydrated skin and dry skin

So then, what’s the difference between dehydrated skin and dry skin? Dehydrated skin is when you lack moisture Dry skin is when you lack moisture because of lack of oil And dehydrated skin is when your oil level is normal but you just lack moisture Dehydrated skin is more of a skin condition than a skin type So what causes it?

Damaged skin barriers:

Damaged skin barriers When your skin’s barrier is damaged, you’re more easily vulnerable to external irritations Those irritations impact your skin directly and lead to more evaporation of moisture.

Skin Heat:

Skin Heat When your skin has a lot of heat, your capillaries are enlarged very easily Also, as the temperature of your skin rises, it blocks the level of moisture getting into your dermal layer.

consume foods and liquids:

Your Daily routines and habits When you consume foods and liquids that have direct effects, which contain sodium or caffeine It could actually make you lose your necessary moisture Also, lack of sleep is another really bad habit that takes away moisture from skin.

Exposing your skin continuously:

Exposure to the sun Exposing your skin continuously to UV rays without sun-protection Means you’re losing moisture continuously If sunlight keeps scorching and scorching without rain fall Then it obviously means the surface’s going to get dryer and dryer, dry skin and dehydrated skin are fundamentally very different.

skin is lacking in oil

Now we need to figure out whether or not our skin is lacking in oil or moisture The explanations that we’ve given so far don’t make it very clear as to which side you’re leaning towards, right? Sometimes, people with oily skin can feel dehydrated and use a lot of products With a lot of oil in them Which is not necessarily.

the right way of skincare If you have dry skin, your entire body will feel dry not only your face Is there anyone out there that always feel like they need hand cream? These type of people look like they have very small pores, they look like they don’t get any acne And they look like they have really good skin When you have dry skin.

it’s very likely that you’re also dehydrated This is because you don’t have enough oil to protect your moisture, Those of you who picked our second option on our survey I don’t have any acne but I feel so dry Are probably people with dry skin.

Dehydrated skin:

Remember I said that dehydrated skin is skin that is lacking in moisture? If you feel like your skin is oily on the surface but dry on the inside Or if you keep getting pimples even though you’re dry You might be just dehydrated ‘The surface of my skin is seeping-with-oil level oily but I feel so dry’ Is a classic symptom of dehydrated skin And this could happen to oily skin, dry skin, and even combination skin Skincare for dry skin. The most important thing for dry skin is protection your oil.

Face wash:

If you have dry skin, you don’t need to use a cleanser in the morning Just wash your face with water and you don’t need to rub very hard either When you use a cleanser in both morning and night you might be ridding yourself of necessary oil.

So it’s good to just wash your face with water in the morning At night, use a cleanser that has a similar pH to your skin in order to protect your skin’s barrier And try not to wash for over a 1 or 2 minutes and wash with lukewarm water Hot water can enlarge your veins which could actually make your skin dryer And also when you dry your face, don’t rub it but just gently dab it.


As mentioned many times in previous artical, it’s important that different skin types exfoliate differently Dry skin tends to have thin skin layer so it’s best not to make your skin irritated And oily skin can use scrub type exfoliators but dry skin shouldn’t So on dry skin, instead of using physical exfoliators, try using chemical exfoliators Among chemical exfoliators, there are AHA and BHA AHA doesn’t get rid of oil too much.

so it’s better for dry skin BHA can actually exfoliate and get rid of sebum within the pores Also, it’s better to exfoliate at night than in the morning 3: Oil-moisture care Dry skin is almost always dehydrated.

so it’s really really important to take care of your moisture But just as much as important as it is to take care of your moisture It’s really important to take care of your oil as well Use toners that do not contain any alcohol Alcohol is commonly found within toners but alcohol can actually get rid of necessary oil.

So if you feel severely dry don’t use toners with alcohol in it and try layering toner in your skin For moisturizers, try using a product that contains oil but doesn’t block your pores Or products with ceramides in them cause it’s very similar to natural sebum.

You guys know that when it comes to skincare you guys should go from light viscosity to thick viscosity, right? Another plus: After absorbing your moisturizer in your skin try adding 2 to 3 drops of facial oil onto your face Which will help seal the moisturizer in your skin Solving skin dehydration.

It is most likely that the broken oil-moisture balance in your skin is what’s causing your skin to be dehydrated, This is actually caused by bad daily routines and environmental factors, So it’s important to solve the skin dehydration problem in order to find the right routine for you One: Changes in dryness and humidity factors Too much A/C or a heater can make a place really dry And staying in that environment can make your skin lose.

its moisture Try using a humidifier But if you don’t clean out the filters often this could actually make your skin worse Two: Consuming enough moisture Drinking 1.5 to 2L of water every day can solve the fundamental cause of dehydration Three: Catch your moisture thief If you ever thought, I drink so much water but why am I still so dry? Then please pay attention We need to consume more water than we discharge And there are actually some foods that take away moisture from our body.

Sodium can caffeine Especially coffee can take away 2.5 times the amount of moisture you actually consumed with coffee So, this is gonna affect your dehydration Drink wisely Thank you guys so much for reading this artical.

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