Best Skincare Routine 2021 – Corona Edition – Dark Spots, Pimples, Clear Skin

Best Skincare Routine 2021 – Corona Edition – Dark Spots, Pimples, Clear Skin

Best Skincare Routine 2021 – Corona Edition – Dark Spots, Pimples, Clear Skin

Hey Guys, Skincare routine for 2021 Corona edition, what its need you may be thinking But why it is so important Because something always remains attached to your face Vaccine has come But you still have to wear the mask in 2021.

You must have noticed your skin is breakout more Pimple rising It will cause dark spots Blackheads are more the skin is a little worse Now what are the changes you have to make with the mask And new generation products for your complete skincare routine has come in the market.

Which you have to add for a better skin In the budget, as well as what dietary changes you have to do Let’s talk How a mask can damage your skin Because it has dirt and bacteria on it It covers 50-60% of your face always remains stick to the face.

There will be pimples if Dirt and bacteria goes into the open pores Going forward there will be dark spots Skin remains irritate or red So you have to take care of many things

1st…When skin breathes its fabric should be comfortable

2nd…Disposable masks are way better

Because you throw it next day But it doesn’t mean you use any cheap disposable mask for weeks You don’t have to do that If you have any fancy or costly mask So use 2 mask You daily have to wash 1 mask and while 1st mask is being washed you should wear 2nd one What is more important…

The place where you keep it is very important, Why? anywhere you put it, there is dust, bacteria it sticks on your face because of that you have pimples And many more problems So I have made a separate box, I keep there If you travel So keep a separate zip for it Where you put your mask, sanitize it daily And last but not the least.

Your workout mask if you do yoga, running, workout Skin is more sensitive at that time in prone to acne Because your pores remain open So whenever you wear the mask your post-gym mask will be different Sweat, dirt has been attached to the mask you have worn since morning.

So whichever mask you’ll wear after a workout You’ll keep it separate, so you have to keep 2 masks What does a good skin routine mean 70% is diet responsible for that And water is the main ingredient in a good skincare routine water can do wonders Glowing skin,

Can reduce body heat Can improve the digestion Now how to do this have to drink 1 liter of water in a copper jug ​​in the morning Which is a copper vessel Which is responsible for everyone’s good digestion And after half an hour you have to take 1 tablespoon ‘Neem water’

It reduces body heat Ulcer and dandruff problem stays away Which I have been following for many years After that, you have to drink 3-4 liter of water in the complete day and you have to avoid water half an hour before the food and half an hour after Talks come about the 2021 skincare routine.

Which will be very beneficial for your skin Will be in the budget But the order has to be maintained This means if you change the order you will not get any benefit No.1 Foaming face wash it gently exfoliates the skin As well, It removes the extra oil and dirt from the face Have to do it in the morning,

and once before sleeping Inbetween If you do a workout Or you have come from the office Or you have come from school/college Have to do the facewash immediately after that 2nd step after the absorption of the water You have to use ‘Toner’ after 2-3 minutes Toner cleans your pores And as well it tightens your pores.

I will suggest you use the toner like this And use the one which has cucumber and aloe vera Our next product is vitamin C serum Which is a new generation skincare product Why I am saying this Because this product was already but people have started using and recommending it more now Because everyone has understood the benefits of vitamin C.

How beneficial it is for your skin Now before investing money, understand what is important in it It boosts collagen Your skin will be smooth, tight, and glowing It corrects uneven skin tone It is very good for dark spots, hyper pigmentation Have to put it regularly in skincare routine.

You will know its effect slowly Many people have asked in the comment section about which one I am using The personally I am using since many time is of ‘Mamaearth’ Which have vitamin C All the benefits I told earlier are in it and it also has peach properties.

So the price you are paying for it is okay And it is beneficial It is a genuine recommendation After the serum is absorbed, you have to use moisturize Moisturizer should be non-comedogenic Which don’t block your pores Don’t cause blackhead And it should be according to skin type.

The last product in your skincare routine is ‘Suncream’ Which have to apply daily SPF 30 to 50 is very best for your skin As per your skin type You will apply it daily whether it’s monsoon or winter Because this is a perfect skincare routine.

Now you have to follow this skincare routine for a better skin First of all, you should not bath with extra hot water your skin will remain dull, dry, irritated, red 2nd. whenever you have to dap after the wash Do it gently, don’t rub 3rd is very important No soap for your face.

Because soap is very harmful And 4th is very important You have to keep a separate towel for gym, workout, running Because the skin is more sensitive Pores remain open at that time, breakout will be more when dirt and bacteria go in pores.

Last but not the least Whenever you do the oiling You do not have to allow thick oil on the forehead, wipe it Or you have to hair wash after 45 minutes Now diet is 70% Just like bodybuilding, the diet is very important for skincare is well what things you have to avoid Sugar, flour, fried, dairy products like milk and butter.

Reduce your intake and you will see the difference in 4 weeks You have to avoid many things I am not promoting drink But if you drink So better substitutes are good Take Gin, Martini, or white wine in place of beer Which is very better for your skin.

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