Best Sony’s Answer To Samsung and Huawei

Best Sony’s Answer To Samsung and Huawei

Best Sony’s Answer To Samsung and Huawei

So we’ve seen various types of foldable smartphones in recent times. Samsung, Huawei and a company named Flex Royole are the ones who actually launched the foldable smartphones. There are other concepts or proto types out there that multiple companies are working on.

For example, this foldable phone by Xiaomi where it folds from both the sides or this proto type where it folds vertically. Companies are experimenting with this tech and taking different approaches which is a great thing for the future of this technology.

Now, Sony is also working on a foldable smartphone but their approach is totally different. Apparently, they are working on a rollable smartphone display. This comes courtesy of Max a reliable leaker who says that Sony is also working on a competitor to the Galaxy Fold and Mate X.

Sony display or a Sony smartphone. Instead, it’s a Samsung display, it’s just for the demonstartion purpose. That being said, rollable smartphones might sound bizarre for now but they can be really useful if they implement it properly.

Hear me out, with rollable technology then can make a smartphone that looks like the Xperia 1 but can also turn into a full-sized tablet. Kinda similar to Huawei’s Mate X but the difference will only be that Mate X uses out ward folding technology while Sony is going to use a rollable display technology.

Like I’ve said a proper implementation is absolutely necessary or it could end up like the Galaxy Fold. Listen, every display company has this rollable tech. Samsung has it, they even show cased it a few years ago. LG has it as well. In fact, they have even show cased rollable TVs back in CES 2019.

BOE who’s arguably Samsung’s biggest display competitor also has this tech. They also showcased the technology at an event. Now, the biggest hurdle is how to implementit on a smartphone. Glad that Sony is taking an initiative onworking on this type of display.

A lot of people say that we don’t need foldable smartphones just yet which is true to some extent but just think for a second how the tech is going to evolve if they don’t work on it. How the tech is going to mature if they don’t release these handsets to the public and get some real user feedback and in turn get some money to fund the R&D.

You can’t expect them to spend billions in research and development of these foldable phones and not make the actual handsets. I’m really glad that some companies are taking the initiative to make foldable smartphones a thing. Yes, the Galaxy Fold’s launch didn’t go according to how Samsung have imagined but they have the balls to take the risk.

They have the balls to lay the ground work for technology as complex as this, unlike some company who’ll just come and eat the fruit years later. That said, Glad to hear Sony is also working on it. I hope it’s good and most importantly I hope it’s practical. In the past, Sony has kinda experimented with foldable phones, not foldable displays. They have launched this tablet years ago where two phones are connected with the help of a hinge.

They have also show cased rollable smartphones in their movies. It’s really a cool concept I would say and it would be really interesting to see how they’re going to implement this in real life. I’m really excited about this tech. Max says Sony could launch this either at the end of this year or early next year which is not too far away. Let me know what do you think about this? Would you buy a rollable smartphone over adevice like the Galaxy Fold or Mate X if money is not a factor. thankyou.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Will Come With An Under Display Camera

Rumors have long speculated that Samsung should introduce a smartphone with a camera under the screen, insisting that with each new generation of the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note line flagship smartphones would adopt the feature, and now a rumor raises the possible launch of the technology with Samsung’s next foldable, theSamsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

According to information shared by user Ice Universe on Twitter, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be Samsung’s first commercial smartphone witha camera under the screen, offering “a lot of innovative technologies”, including these cond generation of ultra-thin glass and support for S-Pen.

A recent patent revealed by the Lets Go Digital website also showed another novelty that Samsung could implement in the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Aregion made up of 6 LEDs along the hinge to serve as a notification indicator. The patent describes a device identical to the current Z Fold 2, but with the addition of the LEDs.

Probably being presented shortly after the Galaxy S21 line, whose event is scheduled to happen in January, the Galaxy Z Fold 3is expected to release a few months later with the same book-style design as the current model, but even more resistant hinge, improved screen, possible use of under display camera, support for S Pen and more resistant display.

Now let’s talk about Samsung Galaxy S21Ultra. Samsung is prepared to make the new generation of devices available in the mobile market. So much so that possible information about the Galaxy S21 Ultra is leaked frequently, leaving little content left to be explored by the manufacturer on the day of launch.

Recently, some CAD images have emerged, which show some changes in the display format of the device, such as the possibility of a considerable reduction in the edges present on the device. If this format is confirmed, the S21 Ultra will have the greatest frontal utilization in the history of Samsung, which has always been highly criticized for delivering devices with asymmetric edges, when comparing the top and bottom, as well as unnecessary sides in the models that did not come with the display edge format.

This rumor is based on a leak reported by the Ice Universe profile on Twitter. With this modification, the South Korean manufacturer may amplify the inches of the screen without necessarily increasing the size of the device, maintaining almost the same dimensions as the S20 Ultra.

Another leak indicated by the profile is related to the functioning of the display, with regard to usability, where it is stated that the device will come with a variable update rate, a configuration that allows for better performance in some tasks and maintain a lower rate in others, something that helps keep battery life management even better.

Since we mention the battery part, it is important to note that there is a possibility that the device has 45W fast charging technology. There are still other leaks regarding the device to be disclosed, but it is important to keep an eye on the moment Samsung starts to confirm the news. thankyou.

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