Best Top 10 iOS 14 Hidden Features

Best Top 10 iOS 14 Hidden Features

Best Top 10 iOS 14 Hidden Features

hi everyone, iOS 14 has some great features and I write a separate artical about that covering all of the major features but there’s some hidden ones you may not know that have been discovered and so here are 10 of them and the first one is when you copy from someplace and then you paste it will now let you know where it’s being pasted from this is a security measure to let you know that this app has access to your clipboard.

but it also is a reference point to let you know where something is being pasted from so it’s super convenient and it will let youknow every time the next feature is a battery optimization for air pods now this is something that’s built in that you don’t really see but it will turn on optimized battery charging with the air pods so that they’re charging up to about 80% and then if you grab them in the morning they’re charged up to 100%.

this will extend its battery life over time so that’s built into iOS 14 now the next feature you may have heard of because it’s gotten a lot of press butit’s called back tap and what it does is it allows you to set an action based onyou tapping the back of your phone two or three times so for example I’ve set that up for the flash light as an example.

you’ll see what it does is if I tap it twice it turns on the flash light if I tap it three times it will turn off the flash light now this can be assigned to many different things by going intosettings then you want to go to accessibility then you want to go to touch and then scroll down until you get to back tap tap on back tap and then you can set it for whatever you’d like now.

I created a shortcut called flashlight butthese are all of the default options so you can have it take a screen shot go to Notification Center turn your volume up or down and then you’ve got accessibility options as well and then scroll gestures and also shortcuts so you can set it to any one of your shortcuts that you might have so if you create a shortcut you can assign it and then you’ll have that option you can change it to whatever you’d like so it’s super customizable.

now a feature that’sbeen on newer iPhones but not on older iPhones for a while is the ability tochange your frame rate within the camera so you can change resolution and framerate so if we go to video you’ll see in the upper left we have 4k 30 if I want to change that I can just tap on it and this is not incredible it is some thing new that wasn’t there before with older phones.

you can just go into your camera settings down here we’ll go into camera in camera we can select our frame rate option here and then cycle through them so maybe you want 4k 60 we go back and now we can cycle through 4k 24 30 and 60 frames per second so it’s super nice that they finally brought it to older devices so I’m glad to see they’ve done that now iOS 14 allows you to bring widgets to your home screen.

many of you have seen this already but there’s somethingcalled a smart stack that can rotate on its own throughout the day based on whatyou’re doing most during those times but you can create your own so I’ve modifiedmy home screen to show you how to do this so if we go back to our widgetshere we’ll go into jiggle mode so that we can add a new one maybe we’ll add weather so we’ll tap on weather.

I want a smaller one this time we’ll bring this over here but maybe I want a smart stack of my own let me add another maybe I want podcasts so let me select this one and we’ve got podcasts and then whatI can do is drag it on top of the other one and create my own smart stack now itwill change throughout the day if we press and hold on it we can edit thestack and you’ll see we have smart rotate so we can edit this with whatever we’d like and it rotates through out the day.

it’s super nice and useful I’vebeen using it for a couple days like this and I find it very helpful so it’s something that I really appreciate and as more developers add widgets when weget closer to the iOS 14 release date in the fall it’ll be really great to see what we can do with this now there’s a new feature in messages that I haven’t seen many people mentioned so if we go into messages you can create pins and things like that.

Best Top 10 iOS 14 Hidden Features

Best Top 10 iOS 14 Hidden Features

but if you notice at the upper left there’s something calledfilters if we tap on filters you’ll see that it’s automatically filtered ourmessages and SMS as well into all messages known senders and unknown senders so if you just want to go to all messages you’ll have your normal screen known senders or people in your contacts list and unknown senders are people that you don’t know or maybe pass codes that have been sent to you from numbers.

you’re not familiar with so it’s nice to see them Auto sorting all of our messages there’s a new accessibility option in iOS 14 that I think could behelpful to everyone in general but it’s designed for those who are hearing-impaired so if we go to settings and then we scroll down to where it says accessibility scroll down a little bit further down to hearing.

you’ll see thatit says sound recognition if we go into sound recognition you’ll see that we canturn that on and then select a sound and so the iPhone will listen to any one ofthese sounds that you have turned on and notify you when it hears those so for example you’ll see I have it turned to door bell and if I play a door bell it should actually pick up and let us know now I tried it with this phone it didn’t really show me anything.

but it should recognize that and then notify you whenit hears a doorbell it might recognize that it’s coming from a phone nearby butI’ll show you what it looks like as I took a snapshot of it and it saysdoorbell a sound has been recognized that maybe a doorbell so anytime it recognizes that it thinks it heard a doorbell or any one of the other settings that you have turned on it will let you know.

now we’re deep in menus ofiOS in the settings and so if you want to see where you’re at or just want togo back quickly you can press and hold back now and you’ll see us as sound recognition accessibility in settings in that order if we tap on settings it brings us right back to the main settings page so that’s another new helpful feature now with in iOS 14 there’s a new app library where it automatically organizes the apps that you don’t want on your home screens and you’ll see that it has recently added and productivity and everything else that you don’t see on my home screens.

now maybe you have an app on a page likethis one the new Translate app but you don’t want it here but you want to inthe app list press and hold and instead of removing the app tap on remove itsays delete translate you can either delete it or add to library I’ll add itto the library the page disappears and now it’s in the library so it’s super useful.

Best Top 10 iOS 14 Hidden Features

Best Top 10 iOS 14 Hidden Features

it’s a way to organize things quickly get rid of apps that you don’t want on your home screen or anywhere else but put them in an organized fashion somewhere else now with in iOS 14 there’s some new options forcuts that are really helpful if you’re charging or on low-power mode in their automatic so if you go to automation in shortcuts and create a personal automation and then scroll down you’ll see.

we have some new options for low-power mode battery level or charger will select charger and then when the charger is connected or disconnected you can createones for each tap on next add an action maybe we’ll have it turn on do not disturb you’ll see set do not disturb will have it turned on when it’s plugged in and maybe we’ll turn it off later but we’ll just hit next hit done and let’s try it out.

so now we’ve got a personal auto mation will turn off Do Not Disturb will plug in the phone and as soon as it’s plugged in it turns on Do Not Disturb so it’s a super convenient way to automate whatever you’d like you canhave it adjust the brightness when you’re in low power mode anything you’d like so that’s built in and there’s some more auto mations that I think will be really helpful so if you want to put it in airplane mode when you’re charging maybe to speed some of that up a little bit.

you’ll be able to do that now Apple has added a new option when it comes to taking selfies so for those of you that take selfies you’ll know that iPhones don’t mirror the front camera so we’lljust take a quick selfie and I’ll hold up an iPhone for reference and the nwe’ll go into settings and you’ll see that there’s a new setting in the camera here that says mirror front camera so if we turn that on and then we go back to the camera and then we hold up the iPhone again and then we go to our photos you’ll see here’s a selfie.

I’ll go back and you’ll see they’re flippedso if you want to mirror the front selfie camera you can when you take a selfie so they’ve added that option now the final feature I want to share with you that behaves a little bit differently with iOS 14 is capturing outside the frame in the camera in previous versions of iOS even if you were zoomed in it would capture outside and make it difficult for composition and framing.

so if you go into settings and then you go down to camera under camera you’ll see it says view outside frame now we had options to turn this off but it didn’t really work the same way with previous versions of iOS so for example if I go to the camera and then maybe I put the 10r in the frame here zoom in you’ll see it doesn’t go past what we’re looking at so it stays within within here we’re not capturing anything outside.

it makes it easier to compose our shot if I switch over to an iPhone running iOS 13.5 point one you’ll see I’m zoomed in and it’s showing past where it’s actually going to capture so if i zoom out zoom back in it will still capture that way even when the feature is turned off so you’ll see it says photos capture outside the frame videos capture outside the frame when these are turned off under composition it still doesn’t turn off that sort of annoying outside the frame it’s a nice effect but it makes it difficult to put everything where you want.

it so I’m glad to see that they’ve actually changed this with iOS 14 so no longer do we have to try and compose our shot well zoomed in now if you like that feature turn it back on we’ll go back to camera herezoom in and now it’s outside the frame so if you want to keep it on you can but you now can turn it off and it makes it much easier to frame your video or photos so those are 10 hidden features within iOS 14. that you may not know if you found any others that you think will be helpful to other viewers.

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