Best Top 15 Liquid Eyeliners That Make Your Eyes Pop

Best Top 15 Liquid Eyeliners That Make Your Eyes Pop

Best Top 15 Liquid Eyeliners That Make Your Eyes Pop

today we’re going to do a simple eye makeup look for mature eyes and I’m going to show you a really easy eye liner trick that’ll give you an instant eye lift today’s makeup tutorial is just for you if you’ve got loose skin on your eyelids and above your eyelids kind of a bit wrinkly and a bit saggy and I’m going to show you some techniques that are going to give you a lift.

it’s really simple and easy to do okay let’s get started the first thing with every eye makeup is to prime your eyes and what that’s going to do is it’s going to make sure that your eye shadow doesn’t crease and it also improves the intensity of the color and because this is just a simple eye makeup look we’re going to use the Sigma eye base this is really quick.

easy you just glide iton and tap it in and what this product does is it gets rid of all the discoloration in your eyes so tap it in and it covers everything I’m just goingto use a light color on the lid and this will just intensify that eyelid a little bit more then I’m going to go in on the crease just to give me a little bit of definition but because it’s for the day time I don’t want to go too much I’m just going to cut that crease in there a little bit.

it’s just soft and subtle so basically what you’re doing is you’refinding the bone and you’re going across and coming down to the last eyelashacross and down across and down to the lifestyle lash you don’t want to comeout too far particularly if you’ve got loose skin here on your eyelids becauseall that’s going to do is drag your eye down so you want to keep the whole look upwards.

you can darken this as much as you like but I just like to keep itvery soft okay that’s all it is it’s very simple and then I like to go intothe center of my lid with a lighter color like this and just gently put alittle bit of color there and what that’s going to do is it’s going to bring that part of my eye out and make it look bigger now the trick with this look is the eye liner and I’m going to show you how to do eyeliner that suitsmature eyes particularly.

these wrinkly parts here we can’t do our eyeliner thesame as the girls who are in their 20s and 30s and this is taught because it’sa completely different thing our eyes don’t go out like this they move our eye smooth it’s something we’ve got to live with but I’m going to show you how to get a really good lift without looking silly.

I’m going todemonstrate this look using eyeshadow instead of eyeliner but you can use aliquid eyeliner you can use a pen eyeliner or you can use eye shadow if you’re practicing eye shadows much much easier and it’s softer and if you’ve got minimal eyelashes and your fair use a light gray or a medium gray because that will suit you beautifully.

as your intensity of the color of your eyes goup you can go darker okay take your finger and just hold your eye like thisand you’ve got to find the last eyelash and you draw a line upwards okaylike that you find your last eyelash but don’t go to the left of ityou stick at the last eyelash and go up from there we come down like this canyou see that and you’re forming a triangle this is where the trick is so you feel that triangle in and see here there’s nothing on this side at all it’s just a straight line.

a triangle what that’s going to do is it’s kind of likeit’s lifting my eye if I had gone further out here my line would have beendrawn down by this loose skin which many of us ladies have as we’re getting olderit’s very very loose so we don’t want to be adding lines to there and that’s why the young girls can get away with it because their skins taut like this okay and from here we follow the lash line tightly all the way to the inner corner.

okay that’s a look we’ve got a lift onthis eye and you can see my eyes naturally turn down wards so it’s givenme an instant lift I’ll do the other eye so you go in and you draw a line you cansee how that tiny line has already lifted my eye so we’re going to go in and feel the triangle in keep it very tight on the eyelash and you can go whatever thickness you like if you’re not used to wearing much makeup just keep this really really fine.

you can experiment with all the different thick nesses you’ll find that using an eye shadow primer really helps keep an eye shadow liner stay put and it’s a lot softer than using eye liner take your brush and add a bit more eye shadow and then just gently line underneath the eyelashes and join those lines up okay the next step is to graban eyelash curler and grab your lashes and just tilt towards.

your nose and then just pump it a few times I do about 10 that gives my eyelashes a really nicecurl and release and do the other side as you twist it it keeps them stay ingcold for longer I find rather than just hold it and push it up so try that for your self and let me know if it works for you and then apply mascara I use at the moment I’m using Marc Jacobs.

this is a really good one it’s very thickening and lengthening so when you’re doing mascara do a zigzag from the bottom of the lashto the end and that helps grab the mascara so it looks a little bit thicker while I’m waiting for this coat of mascara to dry I’m going to add a nude eyeliner to the water line of my eyes and what this does is it brings your eyes out it makes them look bigger so you just line the water line.

Best Top 15 Liquid Eyeliners That Make Your Eyes Pop

Best Top 15 Liquid Eyeliners That Make Your Eyes Pop

it doesn’t come off which is amazing that’s one eyeand then the other eye then you can go back in and grab a little bit ofeyeshadow and just add a bit of color under Neath your eyes I’m just adding alittle bit of that Brown that I used in the crease just a tiny bit go on with mysecond coat of mascara I think when you’re going out two coats of mascara isa must because it just gives us more definition.

when you’re older having your eyes defined really makes a big difference so get the mascara out anddon’t be afraid to put a lot on okay that’s two coats of mascara and then I’mjust going to take my NARS pencil again and go over this inner corner of my eyeon the outside and pretty much everyone looks better with I’ve got their eyebrows filled in so if you’ve got thin eyebrows like me make sure that you fillin the gaps just gently.

give them a brush because it makes your whole facelook more in proportion I’ve done a video on exactly how to do your eyebrowsand the points where you mark them and I’ll link that above for you so you cansee how to do that if you’re not sure so brush them up and you look a little bitmore put together on my lips today. http://beauty

I’m wearing the NYX or lingerie push-uppencil and I’m just going to add a little bit to my cheeks and I’ll rubthat in so that’s going to give me a bit of acolour-pop and when you add a little bit of color you bring life to your face andon top of that I’m going to put my Charlotte Tilbury flawless filter laythat on top of my cheekbones to give me a beautiful Sheen and jewy look and then you just layer it like that.

see it’s given me that beautiful Sheen not sparkly not glittery not even noticeable to anybody else except you you just look beautiful and useful I really hope that was useful for you you can use any eyeliner that you have or an eye shadow just practice it. and try the lift let me know if you’ve tried it and it worked for you.

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