Best Top 20 iPhone 12 Pro/Max Features – Tips & Tricks

Best Top 20 iPhone 12 Pro/Max Features – Tips & Tricks

Best Top 20 iPhone 12 Pro/Max Features – Tips & Tricks

whats happening everyone. we are going to dive deep in this iPhone 12 pro and set it up in a way that we can get the most out of this. These will be about 10-20 tips from basic to more advance ones so if you know any of these already simply skip to the next one.

lets get started! So right off the back, as we all know that now apple has much less bulkier boxing done for the iPhone for protecting the environment. which i am sure is a waste because every separate accessory comes in its own box. as soon as we open the box we are welcomed with the camera as that is the most differentiating factor compared to previous models.

the box also has just the usb c to lightening adopter and some much smaller amount of manuals. The edges of the phone are much flatter now and this metal is very much of a finger print magnet. the sim slot is to the bottom left under the volume down. Now that the basic setup is done.

general navigation tips

lets go over the general navigation tips. If you want to exit out of an app simply swipe up from the bottom. if you swipe up and hold then it will show you all of your running apps.

you can simply swipe up on them to quite you can also do the same on multiple apps at the same time. you can also swipe left or right at the bottom edge like this to switch between the apps. You can swipe down from the top right corner to access the control centre.

you can swipe down from the top left to access the notifications. Control centre is where you would find shortcut to bunch of features as well as applications like back light calculator and many more. you can also add or remove any of these applications by going into settings then control centre. I want to point out One very important feature of Notes application.

if you add it to the control centre and then simply tap and hold on it, you get some amazing features especially Scanning documents where you can scan a document directly to your phone and send it to someone instead of having a need of printer.

Since we still need to buy the charger for it and there are tons of other accessories we can also buy, Next up I want to talk about the face ID feature. We all understand that during COVID or maybe afterwards as well, having a mask on might be the new norm.

Apple understands that it would be a trouble to keep taking the mask off to unlock your phone using faceID and thats why they have added the option to have an alternative face ID where if you have a mask on you can still unlock the phone very easily. It can also work to have another persons face registered under FaCe ID.

exposure notification

This next feature is a must have and its sitting right there in the settings. It’s called exposure notification. This feature warns you about an area where someone was exposed to COVID 19 and helps you stay protected. In certain countries., since its very sensitive data, government doesn’t allow apple to access that data and have their own applications that do this job.

You will be given that option once you enter your region. in our case here in canada we have this COVID Alert app. Make sure to download that. Next option is wallpapers. The built in wallpapers from apple are amazing but one of the feature that ios14 brought to the table was to be able to change the layout of the phone so if you need to find some very creative wallpapers, i would suggest going with Zedge application.

This app has been in the market for over a decade and has all types of wallpapers as well as ringtones and is completely worth it. but this is the basics of how to change the layout. if you tap and hold on the screen and get into the shaking mode you would see these dots at the bottom of the screen just tap that and you would see all the home screen pages available.

You can simply turn off any page you want. If you were to tap the plus icon at the top left corner, you can add any of these widgets available with different size options. you can also drag them anywhere on the page to make it look good. I also have some app icon giveaway linked in the description so check that out as well. lets talk about the camera application.

iPhone camera has always been the best among all for videos. instead of scrolling over to video option you can simply tap and hold the shutter button to record a video.. if you want to lock it there you can simply hold and move your hand over to the right side and it will keep recording.

if you remember, tap and hold was usually for burst shots but now you can swipe to the left to take that burst shot. you can tap on these numbers that represent the zoom and switch between the camera lenses or simply tap on one and then move this zoom wheel that appears to slowly do the same. you can also tap on the top right corner to switch between the quality of the footage.

One more feature you need to be aware of is this Green Dot that appears on the top right corner of the screen. This visually shows you that certain privacy related parts of your phone circuit board are active. This is a great feature that reminds us about the privacy and potential hacks. Green represents the camera and orange represents audio recorder.

photo or video editing

Next feature is photo or video editing which has gotten much more advance than before. simply tap on this edit option at the top right corner and you get all of these features to play around with and make your image look much better right in your phone.

We all know that one of the issues with phones and all the possibilities that it comes with is that we tend to waste a lot of time on it. and thats why there is this screen time feature that lets you know how much time are you spending doing what on the device. there is a widget for it as well.

Next is to setup the email account on your phone. you can go into settings and mail this is where you can simply login using any of the service you have and if you have multiple accounts you can also set the default account as well as signature at the bottom of every email. thankyou.

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