Best Top 5 Base Makeup Routine For Mature Skin | Glamrs Makeup

Best Top 5 Base Makeup Routine For Mature Skin | Glamrs Makeup

Best Top 5 Base Makeup Routine For Mature Skin | Glamrs Makeup

Ageing is inevitable and a completely natural process, so please do not fret about it. Although one should start caring for skin from a younger age, there are enough products available to nurture mature skin and then there is always makeup to rescue. In order to make your skin and makeup look flawless, ensure you follow a good skin care regime.

To prep, begin with a lip balm, moisturiser and a nice under eye cream. This will plump up the skin and make the wrinkles appear less. In case you are blessed with great skin foundation is not really necessary. You can substitute it with a tinted moisturiser. Using a primer is a step you don’t want to skip as it blurs out the appearance of large pores, smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles and prolongs the wear of makeup.

If you have a dry or normal skin type, then skip the use of primer. It will only cause the skin to dry more. There is also an option to use a wrinkle filler cream around the wrinkles. You can use a pore reduction cream on areas which have large visible pores such as cheeks and chin. Once you’ve applied all the prep and priming products let it settle onto the skin for a minute or two. One of the major concerns of mature skin is pigmentation, discolouration or dark circles, for which we have correctors to the rescue.

Depending on how much coverage you need, you can use a corrector to cancel out the pigmentation or dark circles. Apply very little and then build up if necessary. You can use a beauty blender to press the product into the skin. Stretch your eyelids while applying concealer or corrector, this will ensure that the product gets into the wrinkles. Please bare in mind that makeup is not going to change the texture of the skin.

Correctors, foundations and concealers are only going to brighten up the skin and even out the skin tone. So do not overload the skin with products especially around the eyes and around the mouth. I’m going to use a light coverage liquid formula. This will ensure it blends seamlessly into the skin and will not settle into the wrinkles. You may use a thicker cream based formula if you have too many age spots and freckles that you’d like to cover. http://beauty

You may use a brush or a beauty blender for application of the foundation. And once again, do not overload the under eye area with all the products. It’s only a matter of time before all these products settle into your skin making it look clumpy. Once you’re done with the application of foundation and concealer make sure you use dabbing motions to set the products in place. Now powder the face strategically. We do not want to go overboard with it as it will only end up making your skin look very dry, defeating the purpose.

So use a compact or loose powder with a fluffy brush. Dust off any excess and gently swipe it on your face. To finish off, take your beauty blender, wrap it into a single ply of tissue paper and gently pat it all over the skin. This will soak up all the excess products off your skin. A good base is key to making your makeup look flawless. You’re not looking at minimising the years on your face but to celebrate the life you’ve lived and all that you’ve achieved. I hope this artical was helpful. Until next time, stay tuned, stay Glamrs.

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