Best Top 5 Makeup Products – 3 Quick & Easy Looks for College, Party & Office

Best Top 5 Makeup Products – 3 Quick & Easy Looks for College, Party & Office

Best Top 5 Makeup Products – 3 Quick & Easy Looks for College, Party & Office

today I’ll tell you how you can create different makeup looks. using only five or six makeup products, whether if you are going to college or office or in any party so lets started talk with the artical, now so start with college makeup look as we stay long in college so try to do neutral makeup, I am hydrating my skin with a gel you can use aloe vera gel or any other gel as well this gives our skin a smooth texture then apply any bb or cc cream.

If you’ve dark circles problem then must apply it to your eye lid or under eye area it would be more better if you use a damp sponge to blend it so that our makeup can’t get ruins due to humid weather so try to blend it with a damp sponge one thing, i would tell you that don’t skip compact powder if you’ve oily skin as this ruins your makeup.

if you skip that now I am making a thin line to my lower lashline as this is a college makeup look, so don’t want to look too bold thats why i make a thin line now I use a lipstick on my eyelids not applying it to dark using, the same as a blush on my cheeks keep in mind don’t use too much of lipstick try to choose such a lipstick that matches your lips that is it would be neutral, so that it doesn’t look like that you’v applied too much of makeup.

you look naturally beautiful so here completes our college look which get complete within minutes special thing about office look this is a perfect makeup look for those girls who wear spectacles again hydrate your skin apply any of your favourite bb or cc cream also must set that with a compact powder as I told you this so many times otherwise you makeup may get ruins to make your eye makeup good looking whether.

you wear spectacles so you need to apply a thick kajal on your lower lashline also you can use mascara to make your eyes more beautiful try to avoid too light lipstick and not too vibrant choose a medium color lipstick as I do here to get a well groomed look apply a little high lighter on your cheek bone & your bridge of nose this gives a glowing effect to your skin and your makeup looks different from others.

now its turn to do party makeup look if you don’t know how to apply makeup try to make your lips & eyes more vibrant so that your makeup looks good even you’ve applied too little makeup apply a thick kajal to your lower lash line for eye makeup also apply it on your upper lash line most of you think its not possible to apply liner with a kajal pencil but its not like that you can apply kajal and you can create a perfect wing using a wet wipe like this.

you can see here what a perfect wing I’ve created here so must try this trick at least once apply mascara to your eyelashes now turn of a lipstick so you can choose red, pink or any bold lipstick so that you can get perfect vibrant lips which will make your makeup more beautiful so in fewer steps our party makeup look got competed if you like my artical then share it with your friends and take care n bye-bye

Bridal Cocktail Party Makeup Look

Bridal Cocktail Party Makeup Look

I’m going to tell you in a few simple steps how to achieve a beautifully glamorous and really luxurious looking cocktail evening look. So basically what we decided to go with today was to keep the skin as natural as possible and I’m going to go in with a foundation that’s quite close to that natural texture.

Using a stippling brush I’ll start right there and just work the product into her skin and as you can see the texture of this foundation is really moist. Make sure you have an even application right across the face along the nose. I’m going to use a bit of concealer on Diana’s eyes and her under eyes,

I’m not going too go heavy with this either it’s just a bit under her eyes to remove the shadows. Blend off with a blending brush and now for a bit just on her eyelids as well. Now once that concealing is done I’m just going in with a bit of powder, I’m just going to dust the under eyes and her eyes, middle of her forehead and literally swipe it across her face.

Now I’m going to get on with the eyes, just going to groom her eyebrows, use an angular brush but what I’m doing here is just creating more defined brows. I’m going to get on with the eye makeup To start with I’m going to use a base this is a multi-purpose base and you get them in a host of beautiful colors from Mac I’m going to use ‘Hush’. Take a tiny amount just so you get a little bit of tak on the eyelid and wash it across the eyelid, a bit of it on your tear duct is where.

Now I’m going to shape this product across her face where I want highlights. I’m gonna use the head of this, again a very tiny amount of this and start with your collarbones, put shimmer on her shoulders, very small amounts of it on the cheekbone, going into the temple but not too far out because that’ll change the shape of her features and a bit on the upper lip as well, gets a nice pout from it tad bit on the bridge of the nose. http://beauty

I’m going to do a brown smokey eye using this gel eyeliner by M.A.C, it’s called ‘Dipdown’. Take a good amount and almost carelessly sweep it right across your eyelid into no particular shape, soften it and see how it goes. Quickly blending it in with a blending brush and towards the brow bone and you immediately see that the color itself is quite a sultry brown.

I’m just using this color at the bottom lash line as well. We’re going to use quite a thick blending brush and soften that too. What I’m gonna do is I’m using a multi Brown, it’s by Revlon Color Stayand the palette is called ‘Adventurous’. Take a dot of that metallic brown on a smudging brush and sweep it across the lower lash line.

So to get on with the eye shadow on the lids I’m going to use two colors by Inglot’s Freedom System, swing the color across her eyelids, whatever is remaining on the brush just kind of work it into her brow so you get a nice dusky looking eye. Again I’m going to use one of my favorite makeup tricks, I think it’s part of almost all my bridal makeups particularly or cocktail looks and this one being a cocktail look.

so the girls here at the Glamrs studio were quite useful, resourceful and they found this product called scandalized by Rimmel which is really cool eye shadow in a pencil form. So I’m just going to dot that and just blend it off with my finger on her tear duct.

Just working it towards her lash line a bit, on the lower lash line. I’m just going to quickly curl her lashes and I’m gonna use a mascara over this, I’m not fussing too much on this because I’m gonna put false eyelashes as well. So her false lashes are done so now I’m going to take the mascara and reapply it so I can blend her false line with her natural lashes and then enhance the bottom lashes as well.

I’m gonna proceed to her cheeks I’m going to use a color very close to Diana’s skin color it’s a Body Shop bronzer so I’m just going along her bone and I’m just going to finish off with a little blush and highlighter. So I’m choosing to do the highlighter first everywhere that I had used cream before not to bring the whole texture and story together I’m going to use a really soft mineral finish blush so a sweep of that ever so gently, blending the highlighter and bronzer.

Now what I’m going to do before I go with the lipstick is separate the mattes from the sheen so again reiterate where you want the skin not to shine. So to finish this look off I’m going to do her lips in a really nice fleshy plum color just
kind of line her lips so I’m just going to work the color in very softly.

Again quite carelessly applying the lipstick without really drawing lines or painting in and to finish this look off I’m going to use Maybelline’s gloss just going to do a small dab of that gloss in the center of her mouth. So that wraps up our Bridal cocktail look and as you can see Diana’s looking resplendent and
beautiful and dewy and natural and all of those things that most brides actually aspire to look like! I hope this artical was helpful, thanks for reading and until next time Stay tuned Stay Glamrs!

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