Best Top 9 Tips To Deal With Dry Itchy Winter Skin | How To Prevent Cold Weather Dry Skin Rash

Best Top 9 Tips To Deal With Dry Itchy Winter Skin | How To Prevent Cold Weather Dry Skin Rash

Best Top 9 Tips To Deal With Dry Itchy Winter Skin | How To Prevent Cold Weather Dry Skin Rash

I’m going to give you nine tips on how to deal with itchy skin with dry skin during the winter time. Now, me personally I do suffer from this. it’s cold here and the weather changes when it gets cold, it gets really dry. That cold weather sucks the moisture right out in the air and I can tell you especially around, you know, my ankles, on my arms, I get a lot of itching.

And infact, sometimes I itch my legs so much that they started to bleed and it was something that I had to take seriously because I’ve got kids as well and they suffer from it, so it’s one thing to put it off if it’s you, but I think, you know, when you started thinking of others.

And, with that I’ve learned quite a few things, so I’m going to be giving you guys a lot of details here. Now, I’m not going to give you brands and the reason being is a lot of these changes, there’s a way too many of them, I’m going to list them on the — the basically the support article. So, go over to Real Men Real Style, check out the article, I’m going to have a list of brands that I recommend.

Ones that I’ve tested, personally my wife has tested, ourfamily has tested so that you can go out there purchase these and test and experiment. Okay.So, let’s go ahead and get into the nine tips. Tip number one is warm showers, nothot showers. So there’s a key difference. I don’t have the exact temperature breakout, but I would say try going with a little bit cooler of a shower. Now, my friend, Brettover at the Art of Manliness has talked about cold showers.

I’m not going to say you have to do cold showers, but if you’re taking a hot shower, consider taking the temperature down because that hot water, it strips your body of the oil which do a great job of helping to moisturize your skin, so you don’t want to be taking incredibly hot long showers.

The second part is one shower a day or keep that shower a bit shorter. If you’re going to be taking two showers and some of you guys go to the gym in the morning, then – or you go in the evening, so you’ve got to maybe shower after wards, but keep your shower shorter then.

But ideally you want to only be having one shower a day and keeping ita little bit shorter during the winter time, maybe take what we call navy showers which is getting in and out pretty darn quick. Okay. So, tip number three is use gentle soaps. So, you want to be looking at the ingredients in the soaps, if they’ve got perfumes, if they’ve got – if they’re antibacterial, if they’ve got deodorants in them. You wantto be careful of those type of soaps.

Now, I’m going to give you, again, I’m going to link the soaps which I recommend which are very gentle very safe over in the article, so go check that out. Okay. So, point number four is don’t usea wash cloth or a loofah, you know what I’m talking about those things that you – and to be honest this was a hard one for me, I really like using a wash cloth.

I just feel when I’m using it on my face or my body, I feel extra clean. Well, again, you’re stripping off all those oils, you’re being a bit rough to the skin and that can leade specially during the winter time to a lot of itching and dry skin. What to use instead? Use your hands right there very simple and just use your hands to wash your body.

So, point number five is only wash key areas with soap. So, a lot of times when we getin the shower, we like to – and you know who you are, you like to wash your self from head to toe, soap every where and you probably even do it two times. Avoid doing that and maybe once a week you can go head to toe, but on a daily shower focusing on the areas, the armpits, the crotch area, those areas are the ones that you want to focus in onusing soap on.

And, you know, you don’t have to wash head to toe every time you gointo the shower. Now, point number is make sure to put on amoisturizer or a lotion or a cream whatever it is that you’ve got that you’re using afte rwards, minutes within three minutes of getting out of the shower. And the reason being at this point your body is going to be most receptive to taking in that moisturizerand really getting in into the skin.

Again, that’s within three minutes of getting outof the shower. Some people I know eve apply it in the shower right before they even getout of the shower and fully dry off and that probably works as well. Number seven is experiment. Now, I just talked about moisturizers, but there is a big difference between moisturizers, lotions, ointments, and creams.

I deally, you want to be if you’re suffering from dry skin, you want something that if you were to turn it upside down, it’snot going to immediately fall out because water content and water is a big point bigpart of most of the moisturizers out there. You want something that’s going to be alittle bit thicker and really is going to do a better job.

Now, again, I’m going to list over at Real Men Real Style a complete list of moisturizers, creams, and ointments that I’ve used that I’ve tested that I think are pretty darngood. But, you know, But this is something that every man is different and you’re going to have to experiment you’re going to have to try a few different ones out there and find what works for you.

Number eight is go ahead and start using a humidifier. So, a lot of this happens outsideof the bathroom. Yes, you’re in the shower for, you know, you’re in the bathroom for fifteen, thirty minutes a day, but outside of that, you’re in your house a lot longer than that. Consider using a humidifier multiple rooms in the house. I deally in your house, you want to be at about 45% to 55% moisture.

The last tip point number nine, drink a lotof water and I’m talking about a gallon a day. A lot of us just are dehydrated through out the day, you need to be trying to drink at least eight glasses of water. I think that,you know, assuming that it adds up to about a gallon. Whatever three liters I guess if you’re over in – if you’re over in Europe. The point is gentlemen, start drinking more water. From the inside out, you want your skin to be able to moisturize it self to beable to produce its natural oils. http://beauty

The only way it’s going to be able to do that is if you are drinking enough water. Okay. So, if you have some serious skin issues and none of these tips help, go see your doctor. There are some serious skin issues out there and guys it is something that you should take seriously especially if you’re itching to a point where you’re actually bleeding, go get yourself taken care of.

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