Best Top iOS 14.3 Beta 1 New Features – What’s New?

Best Top iOS 14.3 Beta 1 New Features – What’s New?

Best Top iOS 14.3 Beta 1 New Features – What’s New?

today Apple released the first developer beta of iOS 14.3, exactly one week after the final public release of iOS 14.2. So this was an extremely weird roll out for this update because at first it was available in the developer portal and then Apple pulled it and then they pushed it back into the developer portal for usto download.

Then they pulled it again. And then eventually, as you could see, around 7:00 PM Eastern standard time, Apple finally pushed out once again, iOS 14.3 developer beta over the air. This was the first time they pushed it out over the air. The first two times when they pulled it, it was just in the developer portal as an IPS w download.

it was never pushed as asoftware update just on the phone, but really weird release. But none the less, here we are with 14.3 beta one, but along with iOS 14.3and iPad at West 14, we also got watch OS7.2 and TvOS 14.3 betas. So expect these updates to be out for public beta testers either. But anyways, taking a look at the size of this update, you could see the update came inaround 4.5 gigabytes on my iPhone, 12 pro here, which came from iOS 14.2, the final version.

So pretty big size, but of course, that will vary depending on your deviceand the version you are coming from. And if we go ahead and take a lookat the bill number here inside of our settings, let’s go to general about 14.3. You can see the bill number. There is 18C504f. So that is a pretty long bill number with an F at the end. So we should expect to see at least a few betas of 14.3 before we see a final release.

And if we scroll down a little bit to the modem firmware, we also got a nice big update to the modem firmware. So it was one point 14.05 and it jumped all the way up to one point 31.02. So we should see some nice improvements to cell connectivity for the iPhone 12 and 12 pro. So that is good news because I did still have spotty connectivity on iOS 14.2, which I just recently talked about in my follow-up review, if you miss that artical. But anyways, let’s talk about what’s new here in iOS 14.3 beta one.

And the first thing is pro RAW support for the iPhone 12 pro and the 12 pro mat. So this is one of the head lining features for the pro series this year. And this is really one of the main differences between the 12 and the 12 pro this year. So if we go into our settings here and then go down to camera camera right there and go to formats, you’ll see we have a new toggle here for photo capture called Apple pro raw.

And you can see below that itsays, show camera control for proRAW. ProRAW as a 12 bit file that uses the linear DNG format to retain more information and dynamic range in the file, providing additional flexibility when editing exposure and white balance, each file is approximately 25 megabytes. So if you’re familiar with shooting Raul, you know, with like a DSLR or a mirror less camera, you already know what this is, but if not, this is going to be excellent forpost-processing like post editing your pictures.

It’s going to make them look so much better. You can do so much with raw photos that you can not do with just like regular JPEG photo. So I’m going to go ahead and enable this for my iPhone 12 pro here. And I suggest everybody with a 12 proor 12 pro max at least enables us. Now, if we go into the camera, you’ll see that not every photo is shot and raw. We actually had the option up there to shoot and raw or not.

Best Top iOS 14.3 Beta 1 New Features – What’s New?

Best Top iOS 14.3 Beta 1 New Features – What’s New?

All this toggle does is enable it so that we actually get the toggle inside of the camera application. So ifwe go ahead and tap on that, you can see now it’s going toshoot and Raw that’s Apple again, it’s not going to shoot in Raw.So I have not tested this yet. I’m going to test to seeif there’s anything new. Once we actually take the photo. So here is the raw photo right here, and they’re going to see actually up in the top left. It says Raul.

So I don’t know if we can do anything additional with the raw photo here. Let me see. Inside of edits, we have looks like nothing new down here, but we probably will have a lot more flexibility with these different things that we could change, like the brightness, the shadows, you know, and things like that. The vibrance.

So I will mess around with this a little bit more and I will talk more about it in my artical. After I use this feature for a while, I will start taking some raw photos and then going ahead and editing those. So I think that the raw photos are goingto be great for just transferring over to like a Mac and then editing them inside of Photoshop.

That’s where I think you’re goingto see the most benefit of this. I don’t think you can actually do anything in the native camera application, but once again, this is still new. This is still beta one. So I will be testing that out and letting you guys know anything that I may have not covered in this artical, Another thing new here in iOS14.3 beta one is PlayStation five dual sense controller support.

So if you use a controller on youri Pad or your iPhone for gaming, you can now use the new PlayStation five dual sense controller on iOS 14.3. Now a major new feature in iOS14.3 actually is within the code. And there is actually code inside ofthe software that shows support for air tags via the find my application. So now it appears in 14.3, the air tags have officially been activated and ready to go inside of the, find my application.

He says, this is the new pairing artical in the find my app in 14.3 beta one with a code name Hawkeye, and that hints at Apple air tag support and the new over ear headphones. So you can see, this is what we can expect to see may bean animation in the find my application when you hook up an air tag for the first time, or when you, you know, when the phone detects and air attack for the first time, you could possibly see some type of animation like this on maybe a setup screen.

So we now have confirmation that air tags. I mean, we already knew they were coming, but this is even further proof that theyare coming sooner rather than later, I would expect in the first halfof 2021, most likely, you know, early in spring 2021. And if you look at this icon over here on the left, that is definitely the AirPods studio.

Those do not look like any thing that Apple currently sells. So I would presume those are the AirPods studio that have also been rumored for quite a while. And we could probably expect to see those most likely at the same event where we see the air tags. Soprobably an early 20, 21. So really cool that we see these two new products in the code of 14.3. Now also in 14.3 beta one, we get a new splashscreen for the app store.

So if we go ahead and open the app store, right after installing 14.3, you can see you get this new splashscreen right here that says what’s new on the app store in arcade. Then you get a little rundown of app privacy details right there. So that is new, nothing major, but it is new. So I did want to go ahead and show that. And speaking of the app store and applications, app clips now properly work in iOS 14.3.

So app clips were, you know, that feature where you can basically just download an application for like a one-time use. It’s not downloading the full application. They could basically do it for like one time use that now works properly in 14.3. Another new feature in 14.3 has to do with the initial setup process of a new iPhone or iPad. And nine to five Mac says that you willnow get app suggestions during that setup process of a new phone in select countries.

So this could just be for European countries. We’re not too sure yet, but you will now get those apps suggestions during the setup process in certain areas also in iOS 14.3and watch a Wes 7.2, we now get cardio fitness notifications that will notify you if your cardio fitness level reaches a certain limit. So like if you have a limit set, it will now tell you if you hit that limit for cardio. So pretty cool.

If you use an Apple watch and you keep track of things like that. Now, speaking of the health application, if we go into that, there’s also a new section here for pregnancy. So it can see this is the section right here for pregnancy. And you have your chart right here by the week, month and year, of course.

Best Top iOS 14.3 Beta 1 New Features – What’s New?

Best Top iOS 14.3 Beta 1 New Features – What’s New?

So you can track your pregnancy and youcan also read a little bit more about it right there. So really nice. The Apple added that into the health application. And then also if we go into our settings and go to Safari and then to search engine, you could see, we could set a new defaultsearch engine for a Cosea. I’m not sure how you say that.

I’m not even sure what that is, but you can now set that as the default search engine here in 14.3, and those are all of the new features and changes I’ve found so far in the first beta of 14.3, but I’m sure there are more. And once again, that’s why you guys watched my follow up artical, because I will talk about any new features or changes that I did not cover in this artical. And I’ll also go a little bit more in depth if there’s more depth to cover with those features. http://tech

Like I talked about with the pro Raul support, where you shoot raw with the photos, but anyways, as far as the performance goes in 14.3, I’ve really not noticed any difference going from 14.2, it’s a 14.3 here on my iPhone, 12 pro. Now I did run a geek bench test before and after. So you can see those are the scores down here for 14.2.

So at 1548 and a 36 68, and then for 14.3 up top, we got a 1553 and a 35 81so slightly lower on the multi-core, but slightly higher on the single core. So I will test this again, once my phone is not under load and notre indexing files and things like that to see if I score higher.

And once again, I will mention that in my artical, but so far it looks like you’re probably not going to get too much as far as performance. You’re not going to really get too muchof a bump in performance going from 14.2 to 14.3, at least not in the very first beta. And as far as battery life goes, of course, it’s way too early to talk about battery life.

I just installed this today on my iPhone12 pro, but this is my main phone. So I will be using this for awhile and report back to you guys. And my artical, if the battery life is improved over 14.2, but I would not expect too big of ajob and battery life going from 14.2 to 14.3. So now, should you install iOS 14.3 beta one? And I say, probably not, not on your main phone.

This is a first beta and Apple pulled it multiple times, which kind of concerns me as well. If you’re on, you know, I mean phone. So I would only install this on asecondary phone and really it’s only a big update for the iPhone 12 pro users.I mean, proRAW support is big. So if you don’t have an iPhone 12 proor pro max, and you’re on, you know, your main phone, I would definitely not update to this.

I would just stick to 14.2 forthe time being. But of course, if you don’t mind bugs and you don’tmind like random re Springs from time to time, then go ahead and install it, but just know that that will happen because this is a beta, but just make sure you report all thosebugs and the feedback application. So, anyways, guys, there, you haveit.

That is iOS 14.3 beta one. a lot more coverage on iOS 14. And I’ll also be getting the new iPhones, 12 pro max and 12 mini tomorrow in the studio. So expect artical on those as well. But anyways, guys, thanks again for reading and I’ll see you soon.

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