Best Top Latest Android 11 New Hidden Features

Best Top Latest Android 11 New Hidden Features

Best Top Latest Android 11 New Hidden Features

Hi everyone, android 11 was finally public this is available for all pixel devices from the pixel 2 on so the pixel 2 2 xl 3 3xl 3a 3axl 4xl that i have here as well as the pixel 4a now it may be coming a little bit later today to samsung devices or other devices as well so hope fully we’ll see it on the note 20ultra s20 ultra and other devices such as one plus a little bit later hope fully we’ll see that fairly soon now the first thing is i took a screen shot of the size and it was very small.

if you’re coming from the beta so you’ll see it was 9.37megabytes on this pixel 4xl and that’s because of the new update systems that are in place once you’re on android 11. future updates are very small they can insert the updates as needed thanks to that new system and they can install parts ofthe os dynamically using the play store or google play services so updates tend to be very small.

now can be downloaded over cellular to installit no problem so it’s really nice to see that alsobecause i’m on the update here you’ll see we have cats i’ll talk aboutthat in a moment but you’ll see on the update herethe build number is let’s go to this here we’ll take a look at it in settingsyou can see the build number is rp1a.200720.009 this will just tell you if you’re on android 11.

i was a beta tester for this so i’m on that version but you’ll see here if we go into android 11’s easteregg they’ve updated that as well so now we have a little volume dial and let’s do it again and then we’ll do it againand we can turn it up to 11 and then you’ll see there’s a cat that appeared down at the bottom and they’ve brought back cats like they had in previous versions so let me show you how you get to that you press and hold the power button and now we have an all new screen here so this is the new power screen.

i have bug report because i’m a beta tester once you uninstall that it won’t be there but this is the latest version so now we have emergency so if you tap one mergency you can call emergency services set upemergency information and go to the dial pad we also have welllet’s go back here to the power menu you also have power and it brings up power off and restart and then also you have your controls now.

if you have google pay setup or card set up they’ll appear here you also have your home controls here as wellso if you want to see things like your front yard living room or backyard andyou’re using nest cameras they’ll show up here now if we tap on these three dots we can edit the controls you’ll see we have some different controls there we can add controls and it says loading.

you’ll see the different controls there see other apps and we have cat controls so those are a little easter egg hereyou have a water bubbler food bowl and toy hit save and now you can change between cat controls and home controlsit’s a little goofy but if you tap to refill this tap to use the toy a few times you’ll have a cat arrive to your phone via notifications.

so it’s just a nice little change somethinga little fun that they’ve added now also on the power menu if you wantto enable it you can enable lockdown so just search for lockdown andwhat this allows you to do is if you press and hold poweryou’ll see lockdown and it will require you to enter your password it will disable all biometric inputs such as face scanning or fingerprint and require the phone to have the password input in order to get back to the main screen so it’s just a safety feature.

if you want to use that built right in now they’ve changed this a little bit as far as multi tasking so if you swipe up you can see that we now have screenshot and select at the bottom so if we hit screen shot of course it will just take a screen shot and then select will actually select text on the screen so you can easily copy and paste text from the screen paste it wherever you’d like and it’s just a different way to access that.

Best Top Latest Android 11 New Hidden Features

Best Top Latest Android 11 New Hidden Features

so they’ve changed around the multi tasking menu a little bit of course you can swipe the apps off if you wantto close them and then you can swipe all the way to the right clear all and they all go away now as far as notifications go they’ve changed the notification shade a little bit you’ll see that the cat appeared.

i have do not disturb turned on but one thing you’ll notice is we only have six buttons in the quick settings at the top that’s on purpose it will stay like thatall the time and now we have a new conversations section as well so let me turn off do not disturb we’ll pull down here turn that off and we’ll take a closer look so now we have conversations notifications and silent.

if you have things silencedyou can silence them press and hold and you can change them to silent so thismenu has changed a little bit you have priority default and silent looks a little bit different and you have the option tosilence them you’ve got notifications from things such as telegram here or your messages for chat so they’ve changed that a little bit also in our quick settings area.

you may have already noticed that we have music here so if we have music playing let me just turn it down here you’ll see that menu has changed a little bit we’ll turn this down so that’s now sectioned off and it looks alittle bit different on the lock screen there’s no more album art it just tells what it is and it’s playing in the background.

so let’s unlock the phone i turned do not disturb on so these would go awaywe can hit clear all of course go back turn that back onand our notifications will start coming back in so they’ve just changed it alittle bit made it a little bit nicer and of courseyou have controls right here in your notifications as well so it’s reallynice that they’ve updated like that.

and then also they’ve added something toquick settings that people have wanted for a very long timeand that’s screen recording so you’ve got the option to screen record you canrecord audio from the microphone show touches on the screen and plug inan external microphone to record audio from that as well so you have that option just hit start and now we’re screen recording in three two one there we go.

we’re just scrolling aroundwe’ll hit stop and then it saves it so you’ll see itsays save we’ll open it with photos and you can see there’s the screenrecording so they’ve added that finally it’s built into the os and can be usedanywhere now if i receive a text from someone it should pop up like you wouldexpect give it just a second there we go and we can press and hold on it again make it priority silent.

we also have the option forchat bubbles depending on what our settings are so depending onthe application you can see nothing can bubble all conversations can bubble and we now have that option to make it abubble now within the os there should be 62 new emoji as well along with different gender variants skin tones everything from a rock to apolar bear to an olive so should be an olive.

i guess we’ll haveto go to hereand you have different options now they may or may not show up for you rightaway but they should be there eventuallythere’s 62 new ones with a bunch of different skin tones as wellnow i know a lot of people love dark mode and they’ve updated this a littlebit to have dark mode scheduling so you can see here we’ll go into display.

we’ve got dark theme and now you canturn it on until sunrise you can turn it off whatever you’d likeand it’s based off of scheduling so you canset that up that way and it’s nice that it’s built in so it’sjust a nice little updated feature some of the icons are updated as well now if you use picture-in-picture maybe of youtube premium.

we’ll swipe up here we should get a little window we canresize that window now by grabbing from the upper left so if we grab from the upper left of the window it’s a little bit tricky to dobut you can resize it by grabbing from the upper left of the window and then of course just close it out so it’s just a nice little change nothing huge but they have changed it on pixel devices.

they’ve made a slightchange to the styles and wallpapers so if you’re changing the style forexample and maybe you want to change one of these styles around customize it and then maybe not we’ll customize the font we’ll go to nextwe’ll choose an icon a color and now we have some new shapes so there are three new shapes as far as that goes. http://tech

we can go over to the end here we have a couple different ones so we have pebble ticket and octagon so you’ll see there’s abunch of different ones built in so just a slight change if you want to change it around like that now within the share sheet you can now pin apps to the share sheet so if we go to share and we scrol lthrough our app list while we’re sharing maybe pinterest for example we can pin this to save it.

we can pin it and now it appears at the top so we can pin any of these that we want we can pin gmail you’ll see it appears so now it’s in a custom areafor apps you use most often now also within settings you can see you rnotification history so if you go to notification history i don’t have anybecause i didn’t have it turned on but you can see that if you wanted to keep track of it it’s off by default you can leave it off or you can turn it on and use it if you’d like to have it now also something.

Best Top Latest Android 11 New Hidden Features

Best Top Latest Android 11 New Hidden Features

you don’t see is exposure notifications that are built in that will actually work a little bitbetter so if we look for exposure there’s exposure notifications built init’s off by default but if an application wants to try and use it it can use it as long as it accepts your okay from within the app itself so if you tell it it’s okay to use it after installing an app it will turn on without you having to mess with multiple settings.

but again it’s off by default now within android 11 they’ve upgraded privacy quite a bit so it now allows a one-time access to microphones camera and location when you’re opening an app for the first time for example or if you haven’t used an app for a while it may reset your settingsto ask you if you want to allow those things again so for example under microphone you’ll see microphone of course.

the camera probably wants to use it but you’ll see that you have the option toallow only while using the app ask every time or deny so if i tell itto ask every time we’ll go home open the camera it willpop up and ask me do i want to allow it only this timewhile using the app or deny it so we’ll use while using the app since that makes sense but it varies depending on whatever you want and that’s application to applications it’s really nice that.

they’ve added that there’s a couple things you can’t see such as wireless android auto that they’ve added also auto filling prompts it will ask you if you want to fill different locations where you’re filling in abunch of information and there are a bunch of little changes all throughout the os so from on pixel devices you have suggested apps at the top and other places through out but those are the major changes of course settings does look a little bit different privacy is always nice to see them update that.

there’s a bunch of little changes and tweaks if you’re a developer you cango in and check out as well so you’ll see everything looks a littlebit different it’s got a nice refresh on itand so far after using it it’s been pretty fast on these pixelsso on the pixel 4a the 4xl i’ve used it on different pixels and it seems to workjust fine and nice and fast so i would expect thesame or better battery life.

the same or better performance and itjust seems to be getting better and better so there’s not a whole lot of other changes it’s not a huge refresh but there’s a lot going on in the background now if you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course. i’ll see you next time.

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