Best Vitamin C Serum for Face before and after

Best Vitamin C Serum for Face before and after

Best Vitamin C Serum for Face before and after

i actually used this the hydro peptide for six and a half weeks and this is what happened as you can see there really is nothing left in here i picked out some products from the skin store.

i actually wanted to try this because this is very well known in the professional skin care industry i don’t think not as much in the main stream but i wanted to try this one because it’s it’s more on the expensive side and ihave to tell you the fine lines in my fore head a lot of those really minimized obviously.

i still have my deeper wrinkles but this one really minimized the i still use this with my md dermaceutical uh lightening serum and my over night repair cream a lot of the age spots really started to fade and more of an even skin tone so i noticed that when i was doing my artical.

my skin texture really really improved and toned so really it evened out my skin tone i really really like this one also i started to have more fine lines on this side and i think it’s because this is my driving side so i use that on there and i was like looking in the light to see and um those are pretty much gone so six and a half weeks so even though it ried this for free.

i’m actually going to buy this one again even though it is kind of expensive because it actually works so there are some big words that are coming but you need to know this especially if you are thinking about buying something like this again i’m not getting any commission.

you don’t have to get this you can get 25 off anything at the skin store um skin and or hair some exclusions apply and they change every month so i don’t know what they are so first of all the second ingredient in here is reservatrol a little bit about reserve retro which ferment which is called the wine antioxidant because the antioxidant comes from the grape skin so that is a great antioxidant the bellis paranis which is the daisy flower extract.

that’s also in the image illuma intense brightening cream that is a terracinase inhibitor so that prevents the enzyme which converts the melan in to turn brown and that’s pretty high up there as well that’s actually one two three that’s the fourth ingredient in there then it follows by uh glycerin which is a humectant the next one is diglucosil gallic acid and that is also a skin lightener and brightener it’s actually four times more potent than vitamin c.

it actually starts to lighten at the four different levels in your skin so it is a very stable terracinase inhibitor and it prevents melano genesis it also decreases inflammation now the next one is pheno l ethyl resorcinol and that is a skin safe skin lightener and it actually lightens facial hair the other one is a plan kton extract and so that also is a tyros inaseinhibitor.

the other one is tetra hexyl decyl ascorbate and that is a fat soluble form of vitamin c it helps also inhibit pigment formation it also stimulates collagen production so as you can see it has quite a bit of ingredients in there that help stop the formation of melan in now.

this is not as aggressive as retin-a or glycolic acid so the results are going to be slow so for me it took six and a half weeks to actually really start to see the difference in my skin um i had to empty one full bottle of it but wait does it help with fine lines and wrinkles i’m so glad you asked so hence the name peptide and hydro peptide it actually hasuh several amino peptides in there to help with fine lines and wrinkles.

Best Vitamin C Serum for Face before and after

it has ginger root extract that helps plump out medium two deep wrinkles and i did see a major difference in my forward fore head wrinkles and then i had fine lines on the side of my face and that is basically gone so i really like this one and like i said i look at the ingredients.

i try them out and you guys never know this but most of the products i try i don’t bother revealing because i don’t want to leave a negative review on there unless i have worked out something with the person that sent me the product that i listen you know this really didn’t work as well and a lot of times they understand and they would rather me not do the review.

now in one of our artical i write about using citrus essential oils because they can be photo sensitizing to the skin unless it’s diluted and it actually was at the very bottom of there so it should be okay and obviously.

you know with my skin my skin is not sensitive but i’ve noticed that as i’ve gotten older my skin does react a little bit more to um specific ingredients but i didn’t find any i didn’t get any reaction to this i didn’t have any stinging or burning so what’s the con okay so the con is according to their website for one ounce of this and this lasted me six and a half weeks.

i actually used it morning and evening um it’s 128 dollars so it is expensive but at the skin store right now you can get 25 off i think you can get this because they let me choose it and the code for that and again you can use it for almost any skin care or hair care product is c capital christy CHRISTY um and it’s 25 off the other thing is is is that i would recommend using this for the summer it’s not as drastic for those of you with hyper pigmentation.

that’s why it says pigment brightening pigment correct or it slowly fades a lot of that for those of you who have heavy duty pigmentation i think this would be safer to use for the summer just to keep the pigments at bay but as far as like really breaking a part the pigmentationis probably going to take a whole lot more aggressive measures.

this is not really aggressive so it’s time to get another one i typically use one whole bottle of most skin care products and then don’t ever review it because it’s not worth reviewing but i am actually gonna buy another one of these it’s 128 maybe i can find one less expensive i don’t know maybe i could use my code who knows anyway so remember makeup is an art skin care is the science.

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