Best Vivo V21 5G – Why is Nobody Talking About Its Reality?

Best Vivo V21 5G – Why is Nobody Talking About Its Reality?

Best Vivo V21 5G – Why is Nobody Talking About Its Reality?. Vivo V21 5G world’s first smartphone that comes with OIS selfie camera of 44MP So, lets see what’s unique that this phone offers to us. And guys this is not a first impression artical. It’s going to be a In-depth, Full review. So we are going to discuss about the best and worst part of this phone.

Vivo V21 5G

  • Camara
  • Selfie Camara
  • Mini Led
  • Storage
  • Video
  • 3.5mm headphone
  • SD Card
  • 5G

So without wasting any time lets get started! It looks very similar to its predecessor V20 which was launched 6 Months back But some changes have been made in it Like the side frame is now made flat. Best Vivo V21 5G – Why is Nobody Talking About Its Reality?

90Hz Display

So it feels more comfortable to hold as compared to V20 Now we have 90Hz Display in place of 60 Hz Display which can glow up to 800 nits brightness. Hence we get great viewing experience Everything is clearly visible even outdoors. There is no issue with its display quality.

We get OIS in both front and rear cameras and there are two mini LEDs with the front camera. These are only visible when you turn them on manually. Obviously these are going to help you in low light selfies and after looking at these LEDs, I can definitely recall something. Best Vivo V21 5G – Why is Nobody Talking About Its Reality?

3.5mm Headphone

Best Vivo V21 5G

3.5mm headphone jack is missing this time but at the same time you get 3.5mm earphones in the box which you will be able to connect to your phone with type-C dongle that you’ll find in the box Apart from that, you get a hybrid sim slot you can use two nano sim cards or one nano sim card and one memory card and you can expand its storage up to 1 Tera Byte. Best Vivo V21 5G – Why is Nobody Talking About Its Reality?

8GB Ram up to 11GB

You can increase its 8GB RAM up to 11GB with the option of 3GB virtual RAM What it basically does is that it adds 3GB of internal storage space to the RAM I found its microphone quality improved. But there are some things that are kept as they were before like the 4000mAh battery,

and that same speaker Nothing’s wrong with 4000mAh it delivers good battery backup fast charger of 33 watts is also given in the box… thumbs up for that! But if there is increment in price, speaker also should have been better along with the other things. Best Vivo V21 5G – Why is Nobody Talking About Its Reality?

Galaxy F62

Best Vivo V21 5G – Why is Nobody Talking About Its Reality?. I compared it with the Galaxy F62 and I got better results in F62. Maybe… you can guess its audio quality by listening to this audio sample Look! No phone is made perfect ever, every phone has some flaws. I found a useful thing missing in this phone when I was using this phone and that is navigation gestures.

You can’t switch between recent apps using navigation gesture on this phone and that was disappointing for me. Moreover, there is no NFC support that we get in smartphones much cheaper than this one BTW. You must have seen in its ads that this phone has created a great hype for its camera quality.

lets check where does its camera stands in reality Let me tell you more thing… its not water resistant Anyways! let move forward to the camera samples… It clicks really good photos in normal lighting conditions. Colors look natural and balanced on these photos with good details in the photos. Best Vivo V21 5G – Why is Nobody Talking About Its Reality?

Color Reproduction

You can make a rough idea of its color reproduction. Even in harsh light, colors are not much affected but something goes wrong when it sees a human face it makes the skin tones extra bright. In fact, not only skin tones, it makes the whole image to look brighter when it detects a human face Consequently, the colors look fade and artificial sometimes.

You might like it or not, it’s totally up to you. Apart from that, if we talk about its dynamic range, it controls the light very well in photos dark and bright areas both are well exposed in the images captured with its main camera and ultra wide angle camera as well.

Both cameras have great dynamic range and don’t have much color difference So, that’s a good thing! I found its camera very inconsistent in portrait mode. Edge detection is good but either the image gets too much bright. and I also noticed this disgusting dark layer in some photos. Best Vivo V21 5G – Why is Nobody Talking About Its Reality?

2MP Macro Camera

It has created too much difference in color of the road and the grass too. So improvement is needed in this part. 2MP macro camera is also given in this phone which is completely useless. And why I’m saying that, you will understand yourself after looking at these samples.

Instead of using this macro camera, if you zoom in with the main camera, you will get way better colors and details. This macro camera is just for increasing the camera numbers, similarly some other brands do that too. 44MP selfie camera does a pretty good job.

Details, colors, dynamic range, everything is just perfect Skin tone is slightly bright but it looks eye pleasing. So it’s not a problem The portrait mode does a great job in the front camera. Unlike the rear camera, the drastic color shift is not there in the portrait mode. Best Vivo V21 5G – Why is Nobody Talking About Its Reality?

Shoot 1080p Videos at 60fps And 4k

Edge detection also seems to be good. So, a big thumbs up for front camera. In case of videos, you can shoot 1080p videos at 60fps and 4k videos at 30 fps with its main rear camera and you can shoot 1080p videos at 30fps with its ultra wide angle camera. Focusing is also good in videos.

But when you switch on the ultra stable mode, it crops the video way too much and the videos shot at 60 fps are already cropped in. We get the option of shooting 1080p slow motion video at 120fps and 720p at 240fps. There is lack of smoothness in 1080p 120fps slow motion videos as it skips a bunch of frames.

And as you can see the screen turned black when I tried to shoot 720p slow motion video at 240fps. I found its front camera good at videos, you can see it yourself…Guys you can shoot 4k and FHD videos at 30fps with its front camera However, the stabilization is only available in FHD videos there is no stabilization in 4k videos.

But for now, What do you think about its front camera video & audio quality, tell me in the comment section…Night mode is here for night photography and these are some night mode samples from its main and ultra wide angle camera. Best Vivo V21 5G – Why is Nobody Talking About Its Reality?

Night Selfies

And in extremely dark conditions, it takes same long time in processing the image as it takes in night mode and it doesn’t have any option to turn it off. For night selfies, it comes with Aura screen light and Spotlight (two mini LEDs) features and these are very useful in night and low light selfies.

These are some samples that I captured in extreme dark. Its front camera really needs to be appreciated So, you have seen that its rear camera is inconsistent in some scenarios like the portrait mode. In the beginning, there were some such problems with V20 too like frame drops in UI and colors were getting dull in the images.

But those problems were later fixed with software update. So we are hopefully expecting that these problems in its camera get fixed too through software update. So that’s enough for its camera, lets move to its processor. It comes with Mediatek Dimensity 800U processor which is equivalent to SD 765 or 765G in performance.

These are its benchmark scores. So, you will get really good performance Unlocking speed of the fingerprint scanner is decent, not too fast not too slow, but it could have been improved. In biometrics, we get face unlock option too, which performs its job fast and accurately. Best Vivo V21 5G – Why is Nobody Talking About Its Reality?

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