Best Vivo Y20 New Features, Unboxing and Review

Best Vivo Y20 New Features, Unboxing and Review

Best Vivo Y20 New Features, Unboxing and Review

Hello Everyone, This is a budget smartphone and Vivo just recently launched this phone in Pakistan It costs PKR 25,999 in Pakistan But you can get one for around PKR 23,500 in markets after a discount of 2 or 3,000 rupees.

Currently in Pakistan, the is available with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. while in India, this phone is available with6GB RAM and 64GB storage. and costs INR 12,900. this phone comes with Snapdragon 460 processor which is a new processor for entry-level smartphones. and it’s a successor to Snapdragon 450. Vivo Y20 features a 5000 mAh battery but only supports 10-watt charging.

But the Y20 which is launched in India, supports 18-watt fast charging. Okay, let’s move on and unbox the phone. Let’s open the box now. Right on top, there is folder. that contains some paper work a SIM eject pin. and…. a silicone protective back cover. So here is the phone.

The wrapper seems to be already out. but let’s keep it aside and see what else we get in the box. this is connectivity cable. it supports USB to micro USB connection. and here comes the 10-watt charger. let’s unwrap the phone. Okay. like previous phones, Vivo also built this phone with glass like finish. I said “glass-like” because it’s not actually a glass.

The build material is plastic. the back and the frame of the phone, bothwere built of plastic. Like always, I liked the light reflection on the back side. if you look closely, the light reflection comes like blades rotating around the camera module thankfully, the frame has the matte finish. so handling is quite fine. if we talk about components, on the right side, we have a volume rocker and a power button.

fingerprint sensor is also embedded into the power button. There is a SIM tray on the left side. it features a dedicated microSD card slot along with the 2 nano SIM card slots. on the bottom, we get a 3.5mm audio jack, a mouthpiece or a microphone a micro USB port and a loudspeaker. on the back side, there is triple camera setup. with a 13MP main camera 2MP depth sensor and a 2MP super macro sensor.

on the front, there is an 8MP selfie camera. if we talk about display then the phone comes with a 6.5-inch screen with720p HD+ resolution. you will get around 270ppi of pixel densityon this phone. like in previous reviews, I’ll say the same thing. the 720p resolution on this screen size isnot a bad experience. neither for reading, or for watching videos. the sharpness will be enough for human eyes. and then, this screen size also gives youmore battery backup.

this phone can go up to 400 nits of brightness. so outdoor visibility will be good. This screen will not give you a bad experience for watching movies or videos. Y20 comes runs Android 10 operating system and on top, you will get Vivo’s Funtouch OS10.5 user experience. right now, Vivo has changed its user experienceinto very simple way.

unlike before, the interface is no more likethe one we see in iOS. by default App drawer will be enabled. but you can turn it off and get a standard home screen. The phone comes with Vivo’s Multi Turbo 3.0 that allows Vivo to artifically control thesystem performance. it also includes network performance and rapidcooling etc. like other brands, the Ultra Game Mode isalso there in the phone. that gives a little enhanced gaming experience.

Talk about performance like I already have said, the Snap dragon 460 is a new processor for low-budget smartphones. Along with 4GB of RAM in Y20, this processor should work well during regular usage. There shouldn’t be a problem with app switching, scrolling and animations, as long as there aren’t too many apps runningin the back ground.

this phone should good for social media consumption. due to 720 maximum resolution on YouTube, the processor would be using little lower power. that again will help conserving battery. if we check the Fingerprint sensor performance, it seems good. I tried it multiple times and it never missed a single trial. on the other hand, face unlock is also speedy.

I can tell you the benchmark scores. with Geekbench 4, it scored 1289 in single core test and 4616 in multicore test. with AnTuTu, the phone scored only 149,960. PUBG Mobile is recommended with low graphics and medium frame rate on this phone and gameplay also suits better with this setting. on the other hand, Call of Duty Mobile of course run better than PUBG on this phone. you can play racing games easily on this phone.

but also note that you won’t get an amazing experience with any of those games. if we talk about battery, then 5000 mAh battery is now common in this price category. in fact, some brands even offer fast chargingin this price tag. but unfortunately, Vivo only offers 10-watt charging with this phone.

at least for now. the company may offer a 6GB variant in Pakistan, like in India. and that could have 18-watt fast charging as well. but I can’t be sure about that. well, 10-watt charger can juice up this 5000 mAh battery in 3 hours. and once it’s charged, especially for its resolution, and for power efficient processor, this phone can give you longer backup time.

13MP main camera is not that greatin colours reproduction. you won’t get any vividness dynamic range is not that good as well. but thankfully to cover up for it, the HDR feature comes in handy Bokeh mode is little better in this price but if there was an Ultra wide angle lens instead of a Macro one, it’d be better. The 8MP front camera is also similar in results.

video recording is limited up to 1080p 30fps 720p slo-motion video can be recorded on 120fps Overall, this camera offers basic qualityand they are not bad. This phone should be fine with overall performance, regular usage, social media consumption, and for watching movies. you can enjoy games at up to certain level. but if you want it for a stunning gaming experience, then you should check something else. the basic camera quality should be fine social sharing. you indeed can get better performance in this price category.

but if we consider brand reliability, and design or quality of the phone. then you can get all these things, in this phone. so you have to compromise on the performance for a little bit what do you think about this phone? see in you the next artical. Allah Hafiz

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