Best Way to Transfer WhatsApp Chats From Android to iPhone – 2021

Best Way to Transfer WhatsApp Chats From Android to iPhone – 2021

Best Way to Transfer WhatsApp Chats From Android to iPhone – 2021

Hmmmm New iPhone? Let’s transfer all my Apps Now! We are moving to an iPhone, pack your bags Packing!! Done Sir… Whenever you say! Photos (App) My Bro! Pack all the Albums.

we are going to click sab killer photos on the new iPhone, Wow! What are you saying! I was waiting for a long time. Whatsapp Sir! New iPhone… You will come right? Huh! Let’s see… Sir… All my messages, groups, media is with you! Pls come along Please let’s go Let’s See.

Hey! I don’t know? But… Try it… I am sure this has happened to you or your friends That you bought a new mobile and you want to transfer your apps All but ONE app never gets transferred And that’s Whatsapp.

So when Tenorshare approached me Tenorshare which is the software we are talking about in this artical, They approached me and asked to write a artical on our Whatsapp Data Transfer Software.

My 1st reaction to this was …. Bollywood Movie dialogue Coz so many people ask me that we want to shift from Android to iOS, So can we shift / transfer our Whatsapp messages as well?

Well, the answer to this till date was “NO” But in today’s artical I will be taking you through a step by step guide by which you can transfer your WhatsApp messages From Android to iOS.

So here is the Tenorshare website http// where you can find a lot of softwares Especially softwares like BackUp , Data Recovery , etc And the good thing is these softwares are available for both Mac and Windows platforms.

For now we will download “WhatsApp Transfer , Backup & restore” So let’s Download and quickly Install this on our Mac, So people who know me know that I do not use Android phones at all.

I am a full fledged “Apple User” But to demo in this artical I needed an Android phone which I did not have. So had to get it on rent. Here am using a Samsung J2 And am using an iPhone 10s.

Both these phones are rented from Mobile Zone Thank You Mobile Zone for the help And if anyone one of you wants to buy a mobile phone and get a good deal, Then you can approach Mobile Zone.

So this software is not only for Whatsapp But also can be used with various other messaging softwares For now we are clicking on Whatsapp You will see 2 Interfaces here, On the left is your source phone which in this case is your Android Samsung phone.

To the right is your destination phone which in this case is iPhone 10s So 1st let’s connect the Samsung phone, So here the Samsung phone has been detected, Now I will connect the iPhone And immediately iPhone has been detected as well.

So the 1st thing to do before starting WhatsApp Transfer is Setting up your Device Click on Transfer button Click on Transfer you will see a pop up Which says I will have to USB debug the Android phone Android Users must already be knowing this.

But I don’t use it and may be coz of these things though Anyways…there are instructions provided on the screen which can be followed easily And here you can debug based on your phone model.

So let’s quickly debug our Android phone here So swipe from the top Go to setting -> About this Device -> Tap 7 times on Buid no, We enter Developer mode Tap Back and go to developer options And enable USB debugging.

iMDY Pro…. Now for Android ….. No!!! So the 2nd step sis WhatsApp Data Backup For this we will go back to our android phone Open WhatsApp -> Click on the 3 dots -> go to settings -> Open Option Chats and then Chat backup Ensure Google drive and local is on Never And then click backup.

Next is an important step, that WhatsApp verification Enter your mobile no and then click verify The popup says ensure two step verification is desirable in WhatsApp.

So go to Whatsapp -> Settings _> Account -> Two Step verification And Disable two step verification, Next you should receive an sms with a WhatsApp Verification code.

Enter the code on the computer and press verify Login to WhatsApp on your iPhone (new phone) You need to enter the same mobile no here You will receive another SMS with a WhatsApp verification code.

That you will need to enter on your iPhone Verification process has started And… Transfer has also started The transfer is completed From my Android phone to my iPhone, I had 2 dummy messages they have transferred successfully.

Ok an important point, more the data on your WhatsApp, more time it will take to transfer so ensure, you delete unwanted media Before ending the artical, I wanted to give you a preview of my next artical.

Specially for iPhone users (Windows / Mac Both) The biggest hassle is to transfer data from or to an iPhone using iTunes So I am going to be sharing an Awesome Solution with you in the next artical, To know more and get updates.

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