Best Winter Skincare For Glowing Skin 2021

Best Winter Skincare For Glowing Skin 2021

Best Winter Skincare For Glowing Skin 2021

A couple of products here, some of it has been mostly skincare because you really do want to take care of your skin in the winter time. Most of these products are unscentedor fragrance-free unless I mentioned otherwise. A lot of people find that fragrance are irritating for their skin.

Occasionally I will tolerate a tiny bit of fragrance here and there on a big problem. For me, my skin type is combination so I break out sometimes. But um, throughout the day, you know, my, my makeup will sort of start separating.

Winter Skincare

  • Winter Cream For Cleasing
  • Winter Cream For Glowing Skin
  • Winter Cream For Skin
  • Winter Lotion For Skin
  • Winter Cream For Dry Skin

Oral Cleanser

For cleansing. I don’t really change my cleansing routine. I use my oral cleanser and I double cleanse. And for a regular cleanser, I go in with um, either Paula’s choice one and the mach a hand cleanser. So I like those two for now and I will start with, I guess I’ll just start with toner because I actually have been loving this toner by, I think it’s probably Misha and I haven’tseen this toner a lot but I got it online.

Actibarrier Strong Moist pH Toner

It’s Actibarrier strong moist pH toner, so your skin is at a pH of five to six regularly, so slightly acidic, so you want to use products that are also slightly acidic, especially cleansers and toners because that’s what’s going to prep the skin. I really don’t have the ingredient list for this but I did have it when I bought it and I threw it away. Of course.

Oh I found the information guessing it’s Dutch. This has sugar cane extract which is a great humectant. It has hyaluronic acid acid, hyaluronic acidis one ingredient you want to definitely look out for as a humectant. It’s going to draw moisture around into the skin and that’s why you want it during the winter time especially and also ceramides which are sort of like building blocks for the skin and it helps prevent moisture loss. And just reconditions the skin.

As far as I can see, this does not have a fragrance. It’s slightly viscous. It’s a tiny bit. It’s not too bad. It still acts like a water. It doesn’t irritate my skin at all. Iuse this day and night and uh, yeah, it’s just a very nice and nourishing toner for the winter time. And like I said, I do have combination skin so I do use a good amount toner to sort of balance out my skin and provide a little bit moisture.

Apply This Night Time

I just apply this with my hand for night time. I go in with this. Then I met you refining toner and this is um, a glycolic acid, lactic acid and pH based toner. But basically it is going to refine your skin and also give a little bit exfoliation. It is a very low percentage of exfoliant so it’s not going to irritate your skin too much and it contains Birch juice.

Birch extract, I don’t know what’s it’s called. Birch milk. I don’t know why I call it birch juice. It is really, really conditioning and I really like it for the night time, slightly more viscous than that one. I feel like it’s more nourishing for sure and does contain Shea butter and olive oil extract so those in the winter time if you have dry skin, this one will definitely help alittle bit more.


Moving on to serums, serums are sort of a, your power houses of skincare. I really liked this triple moisture ampure by cosRX. It is their newer line I think sort of knew newer is their hygiene line. I can’t even say that word but are cosRX, it’s good for not having fragrance in most of their products and this one is a no exception.

It’s very nice. It’s fairly inexpensive for the formula. There are three kinds of hyaluronic acid here and what’s great about that is they’re different sizes so they penetrate the skin on different levels, drawing in moisture. Like I said, it’s a contains a little bit of pHa the next day my skin looks great. Also contains vitamin B5 whichis panthenol and that is a great skin conditioning and calming agent.

Gentle Simple Skin

Very, very good for sensitive skin I do really like the whole Hydrea line from CosRX so if you’re looking for a gentle simple skincare tostart with, try that line. Another serum that I have been liking recently is, I just picked it up at target and I saw a review on it. That’s why I picked it up. This is the resurfacing retinol serum and which is great for pore size and the skin. This is a retinal serum, so if you are sensitive to retinol, this one actually doesn’t really irritate me at all.

I mean my skin is not too sensitive, you know, when you have like combination skin, I feel like it tends to be less sensitive than dry skin types. This rentinol’s encapsulated. What it means is that it’s slowly released so it has less chance of irritation. And I do agree, I really like this.It also contains to licorice root, which is great for brightening the skin.

I find that the texture is very, um, it’s very silicony but in a really nice and elegant way. Not like, you know how some of the ordinary serums are a little bit like thick and pasty. This one is very smooth and it dries down to a soft touch. So I really like it at night. It makes my, my skin feel really protected and retinol is great for, I would say all skin types. At first you might find that your skin is a little bit sensitive to it.

So retinol what it does is that itbasically regulates proper cell turnover and cell development. Um, sowhat you get is sort of plump, plumper skin and a lot of people findthat their fine lines are diminished, like lessened obviously it’s notgoing to like erase fine lines or anything like that. Great optionfrom the drug store. I’m going to lip products right now Ijust have two products that I really like actually. Yeah I have two products that I really like.

Rose Vegan lip Balm

This is the Rose Vegan lip balm. It’s really, really nice and luxurious and the thing I like about this is it’s, it lasts a really long time. It’s beeswax, and petroleum free and it’s completelyvegan and it also like pumps the lips a little bit can put it on toyour nails and your brows. And I’ve been using this for a couplemonths now and I barely made a dent in it. It’s one of those products that isso well formulated that you just, you need a little bitand it lasts a long time.

It also has ceramides and hyaluronic acid in a lip balm. We know that we get these chap lips and split lips on the side. I really hate those. Like when I’m eating a burger, the worst thing that could happen is have your lips that like not being able to open just because it’s chapped Another product that I liked that I can layer on top or just where alone is this super food Berry lip oil by Misha using a lot of Misha products lately.

So this is like a lip tint. Slash.Oil. It doesn’t really tint, sorry, it’s just like a lip oiland it’s a reddish color. I feel like it could be very flattering on a lot of people. I’ll show you. So pretty I feel like it’s like the perfect winter color. You see, it’s so nice and hydrating. Hmm. Look how juicy looks niceand juicy. You know, and I, I don’t know the lyrics, I’m sorry.

Barrier Cream

Yeah, I mean I try out a lot of moisturizers to be honest, but this one is really gentle and I feel like I can safely recommend to most people, this is this Soon Jung hydro barrier cream. Um, if you notice on Soon Jung, it is very, very gentle on the skin.It’s fragrance free, completely unscented and most people find that their, this line is very, very soothing that I have talked to really, really like the cream, the two times barrier cream I think.

But uh, I guess I did try out the hydro barrier cream which comes in a jar instead of the two. It’s a very velvety and very light weight sort of watery cream. I don’t know how explain it. It’s sort of, it’s like a gel and cream texture combined. So it’s very, very elegant. It feels really nice on a skin. It doesn’t feel like too tacky or anything. And I find that it’s a perfect balance between like a light weight on margin and also add heavy cream.

So for the winter time, you know, if you are afraid of using something too heavy or too occlusive, this is going to be it for you. It also contains a skin soothing plant extract that’s I can’t really, Idon’t, I can’t really say it, but I try. I looked online and it is actually actually a product that’s popular in Chinese medicine known to be soothing for the skin and it helps your skin with stand external aggressives which makes sense that they put it in sort of this kind of soothing type of cream.

Essential Glow Moisturizer

So it’s a great product to have honestly before makeup day time under your sunscreen. Um, just to add thatextra layer of protection from, you know, from the dry arid weather. For sunscreens I still am using this essential glow moisturizer from Paula’s choice, a titanium and dioxide and zinc oxide. They are physical, physical sunblocks.

This contains, I already spoke about this a lot, you know, but I still want to include it because I am still using it, but I don’t want to say too much. I have also been trying out this one by Pure Rito. This is the Centella green level unscented sunscreen. Uh, I have seen everybody rave about this so I decided to try it out myself. What’s the 4-1-1? What is everyone up to? That’s the debut of my acting career.

The debut and the ending. This one is fragrance free they have a regular version. But I find that even the regular version, it doesn’t irritate my skin that much. So, but it’s great that they had, they made like a fragrance free version. Why not? Very mild on the skin. It doesn’t have a white cast. The active ingredient is vinyl a plus, which is not technically considered like a sunscreen here but it’s been used overseas for a long time.

I don’t think it’s broad spectrum because I think you only blocks UVA rays. So I actually just use both. I usethis under the sunscreen. This one worked really well. Um,it feels really nice on the skin. It doesn’t feel heavy or likepasty or anything like that. I tried out the Doctor sunblocks. Um, I really wanted to like it, but it was so like pasty in jar, you know, it was so gritty that was really hard tospread and it gives me like a lot of a white cast, which is fine on my skin tone.

But I imagine on like medium to deeper skin tones, it would just look like ashy. I like a lot of doctor products, but that one was just like when youtry out products that are really bad, you appreciate good products even more. Does that make sense? These days I think most skincare is like okay until you find like a terrible one that breaks the skin the fuck out and you’re just like, Oh, one little fun thing that I still use is this, uh, my lash serum.

Soinstead of using a brow gel, I mean it’s not going tohold as well as a brow gel. I use this like lash serum toget full brows and lashes. So I’ve been using that day andnight coat yeah, I really just use these to sort of maintain the moisture in my skin.

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