Between Sound & Silence: How Technology is Changing Deafness in 2020

Between Sound & Silence: How Technology is Changing Deafness in 2020

Between Sound & Silence: How Technology is Changing Deafness in 2020

People meet me and they think, “Oh, my God. Like, I — I had no idea. I thought you were froma different country.” If it comes up, some one asks, “Where are you from?” And I say, “New York.” They say, “No, no. “But where areyou really from?” I usually let them talkand figure me out first. And figure them out first. And also, I just thinkit’s very awkward to be, This is the cochlear implantthat I use to hear with. It’s got a magnet. It’s got the part thatgoes behind my ear. And here’s the microphone. http://technology

Here are the volumes. The sound is transferredthrough the wire here and then into this coil. And then it goes throughthe skin on my head. And then into the computerchip that is inside my head. And then throughthe electrode array that is wiredinto the cochlear. And then the sound, once itgets through the cochlear, it sends a signalto the brain. And then, I guess, tothe side is generally what it looks like. And here’s my right side.

And then, generally,when I do my hairstyles, I try to keep my coils,my magnets hidden. So, what you’ll find isthat when I take it off, the longer I keep it off for,the more my deaf disability comes out. My voice becomesmore monotone. And it becomes moredifficult to think about what I’m saying. The only reason thatI know what I’m saying is because I feel thevibrations of my voice speaking to the camera.

When I take mycochlear implants off, I cannot hear a single sound. Not even the loudest sound. It’s a complete 100% silence. When I have it off,I am a little insecure about what I’m sayingand how I sound. Because I know itsounds different. And — but the second I put it on, I find that my voice goes back to normal. Hiding it means that wecan present ourselves for ourselves,rather than putting our disability first.

But we aren’t hearing-impaired people. We just have hearing loss. Well, we’re deaf. No. We have hearing loss. No, I really do — I really do want tosay that I’m deaf and that I’m nothearing impaired. Because I thinkit gives people a different perception. And I want to give people adifferent perception of what being deaf really means. When I first started,it wasn’t the same. I remember having abox on my chest that was under my shirt.

And each different deviceand how much it changed. Kids startednoticing that I had something different about me. I still had a body aid. It was about this bigand it went directly across my chest. There was no way tohide any of this. So I had almostlike suspenders on me with the giant ear moldsgoing into my ears. I mean, there wasno way around it. I was different. I don’t actuallyremember doing this.

But apparently,my mom told me I used to act asthough it were a radio. Even though there wasno music coming in. So that was my first pieceof equipment in school. I don’t remember itever being a problem, other than I can’t be ina water balloon fight, was pretty muchthe extent of it. Which was disappointing,but, you know, I managed. When I was little, I hatedthe hearing tests a lot.

I hated them because it washaving to sit in a room and be forced toacknowledge that there’s something I’m not good at. And that there’s somethingthat’s … harder for me. And it sucks to spend anhour or two hours, however much time, to be,over and over and over, every beep, every word, remindedthat you’re not doing well. I am not somebodywho fails tests.

Things got difficult forme when I started to excel. And the mainstream kidswho weren’t excelling couldn’t understand whythey weren’t and I was. And that’s when thingsstarted to shift. That yes, I’m different. Yes, I have trouble hearing. So therefore, I’m notsupposed to do as well. I tried so hard to be,quote, unquote, “normal.” I just didn’t want people toknow I had a hearing loss. It’s been somethingI’ve dealt with pretty much my whole life.

Trying to get people to notknow I have a hearing loss. And I would sayonly recently, maybe within the last yearor two, have I really come outand owned it. The difficulty,the real difficulty, was when I transitionedinto the clinical years of my medicalschool education. Because they had neverhad anybody with this type of hearing loss.

And everybody wasjust kind of — “Well, what do youwant us to do?” Because I was sohigh-functioning. I am so high-functioning. Most people lookat me and they don’t see me asneeding anything extra, see me as being any different. So it was almostharder for them to have to do a doubletake and say, “Wait, what? “You need help? “You need something different?” When it comes time tobeing intimate with someone, it becomes a big deal.

There are certain nuances. There are certainthings that are said. And there arecertain instances where I would becompletely in the dark and completely in the unknownif I don’t have my hearing aid on, if I don’thave my implant on. And it’s a very scaryfeeling for someone. So I’m engaged now. I’ve been engaged formaybe a month now. And she’s a hearing person. When we met, I didn’t tell herupfront that I was hearing impaired.

She tried to call me,and I would always have some kind of excuse. I would say I’min the bathroom, or I’m at work, or something. I’d make up an excuse. When we were readyto actually become boyfriend andgirlfriend, that’s when I actually told herthat I’m hearing impaired. And she was like, “Wow, thatmakes a lot of sense.” Oftentimes, otherpeople are more uncomfortable with myhearing impairment than I am. And I understand that.

People — we live in asociety in which, you know, you don’t look at somebodywho’s in a wheelchair. Just because you don’t want tomake them feel uncomfortable. You don’t say anything,you don’t ask questions. There are people who don’twant to talk about it. And I think that we’reso afraid of being rude that sometimes I think wemake these people invisible.

And we create a barrierbetween ourselves and them. And I wish that morepeople would just ask. There was a definitelya period of time that I had troublefinding a job. I was really unhappy. Every once in a while, Iwould get the question, “How are you on the phone?” And then I — employersare not supposed to ask you specificquestions about how you’re able to do something. Because that’sdiscrimination if they choose not to hire you.

And I definitely gotthat question, like, hundreds of times. But the risk is thatthey don’t know — I don’t know whenI don’t hear. And I can’t alwaystell them that. And the risk is — is shegoing to be able to keep up? I didn’t have to use — oh no, my battery is dying. — Do you have anotherspare battery? Yeah, of course I do. Yeah. I have a spare battery … I keep every day.

I always have a sparebattery pack in my wallet. I have a cochlearimplant up here. So now I can’t hear,the battery is out. That’s it. And we’re back. I mean it’s … technology — youknow, your phone breaks, my hearing aid breaks, mycochlear implant is broken — You adapt. A couple of weeks ago,my cochlear implant actually broke.

And I had texted my mombeing like, “My unit broke.” And my mom waslike, “Your A/C broke?” And I’m like, “No, Mom. “My implant broke.” And she was like,“Your dental implant?” And I was like, “Mom! “My hearing aid! “My implant. “My cochlear implant.” And she was like,“Oh, I forgot. “Sorry.” People ask mequestions all the time, like “Do you hear music? “Do you hear sound? “What do you hear? “What does it sound like?” I don’t think anybodyreally understands unless you live with it.

Because you can’treplicate it. You can’t … explain. That first mappingexperience, it’s a completely bewildering one. The audiologist turnedit on, so to speak. And I’m like, “I don’t — “all I hear iscracks and beeps. “And this is not working. “Hello?” She’s like, “Wait aminute, wait a minute.” And even within thespan of 10 minutes, something clicked into place. It was surreal. And I had thatweird sort of spasm in my body whenthey turned it on.

Because it’s just,you know, life’s being shot back into you. I think getting my cochlearimplant was probably one of the most emotionallydifficult times. It was really hard. I had just graduatedfrom college and had just movedback from L.A. I needed to do something. And my audiologist had madea really good point for me. She’d been trying to getme to do it for years. And she said to me — a couple years beforethat, she said, “You’ll do it whenyou feel like “you’re missing something.

“When you feel like you’renot getting everything you should be gettingout of everything.” You just have tolearn to embrace it. I mean, I think ittook me until college to really embracehow cool this is, that I can hear, andstill take it off and be deaf at the same time. You know, it’s somethingthat I’m used to. If I do reflect on it,I never reflect on it in a negative way. It’s always, you know,”Wow, look where I am.” You know, “Lookwhat I’ve overcome. “If I did this, anythingelse is possible.”

what if we had working warp drive technology

what if we had working warp drive technology

If you could travel faster than the speed of light, where would you go? This is WHAT IF, and here’s what would happen if we had working warp drive technology. For all we know, nothing can travel faster than light. Lightspeed seems to bethe universal speed limit for everything that’s moving in space. Unless we build a spaceship capable of distorting space-time.

A spaceship equipped with warp drive. Our craft would be encased by a large ring that would compress space-timein front of the spaceship and expand it to the rear of it. It wouldn’t be the spacecraftmoving over the cosmic speed limit. It would be space-time itselfmoving around the spacecraft. Once we figured out thismethod of propulsion, we could start our cosmic conquest.

How far into the vastness ofthe Universe would we make it? If the warp drive couldaccelerate our spacecraft to the speed of 10 timesfaster than the speed of light, it would only take us about75 seconds to get to Mars. It would take even less timeto get from the Earth to the Sun – some 50 seconds of space travel and there’s our star right in front of our eyes.

From there, we’d speed to theinner limits of the Oort Cloud – the beginning of theedge of our Solar System. At 10 times the speed of light, we’d get there in about 72 days. After 83 more days in space, we’d arrive at Alpha Centauri – a star system that hosts thepotentially habitable exoplanet – Proxima Centauri.

Our very first interstellar colony would settle on Proxima Centauri, but humanity won’t stop exploring. Our next stop would be the Gliese 667 Cc – the hotter and bigger version of Earth about 23.5 light-years away. This exoplanet might not turnout to be too hospitable, but it could be worth sending a crew on the 4.5-year roundtrip to check it out.

Other manned craftswould take on trips to Kepler-442b and Kepler-452b – the next exoplanets on our list of potentially habitable worlds. Those spacecraft wouldhave to speed up a little – unless they wanted to spendover 120 years in space covering a distance of over 1,200 light-years. At a speed of one thousand timesfaster than the speed of light, they’d only need about 437 days to reach those Kepler exoplanets.

Even when surpassing the lightspeed limit, we’d still have to spendyears traveling across space; searching out other habitable worlds and their inhabitants, if there are any. The Universe is big. Very big. And it keeps expanding. We’d never be able totravel to the edge of it, even with working warp drive. Our home galaxy, the Milky Way, is about 200,000 light-years across.

Even if we could achieve thespeed of one light-year per hour, it would take us 22 years to reach the outmost corner of our own galaxy. Let’s come back downto Earth for a moment. The fastest space probewe’ve ever come up with is 90 million times slower than our hypothesized lightspeed spacecraft. We’ve got a long way to go to achieve a Star Treklevel of interstellar travel. And don’t forget that usingwarp drive technology would require an enormousamount of energy in the first place. Maybe we should startinvesting our resources into building a Dysonsphere around the Sun to fill all our energy demands once and for all. But that’s a story for another WHAT IF.

the secret behind 5g technology

the secret behind 5g technology

It’s important to understand what the 5g is doing and what they say it’s doing We’re told on the I Triple E beam informing document that this technology cooked your eyes like eggs in world or you And you all need to understand these military weapons, these are assault frequencies If you garner nothing more than that, that’s what you need to know it’s microwave radiation for sure is what it is Ladies gentlemen, please.

Join me in welcoming to the National Press Club Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom wheeler It’s an honor to be here at the National Press Club The first generation wireless 1g was voice the second generation 2g Allowed both talk and text the third generation 3G the Internet in a limited way and today’s technology 4G Completed that digital migration.

but if anyone tells you that they know the details of what 5g is going to become Run the other way This video is brought to you by the number five and the letter G and pretty soon everything else will be too I Have to tell the people 5 G’s akela I’m mocking anybody who hasn’t heard me and what the systems head-up display expert leading experts in the world I’ve actually brought over a million to this The reason I became an expert it was to invent them what I’m going to see it eats idiot Do not believe a single word.

I see it Not one. I want you to do your research. You’re playing it up fine This 5g rule of there’s a weapon system I’ve got a letter with several good because I know about what the system is more than anything all that In Britain in a place in the north of England called Gateshead a scientists they’re called mark steel has been very publicly and actively warning people about the effects of LED streetlights.

which he says in Gateshead are emitting now 5g I’ve just come to where these kids have talked to rumors about the piercing this say This these tribesmen has on these lakes that of course and harm assault in the community This is an existential threat to the economy to the environment and humanity of these transmitters are everywhere then everyone’s at risk There’s a lot of confusion about what 5g is The G stands for generation.

So you started off with the first Transmitter system back in the 1980s and then yet ETS We have one G then you had to G in as the generations moved on we started to see more complex signal systems Cleverer pieces of you know, antenna designs, etc. Etc. So the whole thing became More data quicker dealer quicker downloads, etc, etc however 5g is something completely different Alright, let’s get a break though.

Let’s tell the people what this really is. This is the 5g transmission device Bring that’s a hell of a beef start, isn’t it? These are the uninsurable transmitters Just get a good look at that guys because obviously I know there’s quite a few experts who want to see More detail about the transmitters and the chipsets Stava good luck boys.

This is the control management system Masseria There’s no antenna that you see that what is this fears? The rear antenna here? What’s that? This is for Fears. Are you alright? as you’ll see it’s got a drive that’s got some chip pegs one chip with a chipset on this this is Destroyed in World Order this what it gets it comes to see I’ll tell you what I think the Vela sent some of these educated fools by the school or just send them to prison Which I was the easiest I think prisons probably better Right about 5j guys.

That’s 5g hard way Must consider the whole part played by electricity in nature human beings cannot go on developing in the same way in an atmosphere permeated on all sides by electric currents and radiations It has an influence on the whole development of man this life of men in the midst of electricity notably radiant electricity will presently affect them in such a way that they will no longer be able to Understand.

the news which they received So rapidly the effect is to damp down their intelligence such effects are already seen today even today You can notice how people understand the things that come to them with far greater difficulty than they did a few decades ago Rudolf Steiner 1924 Rudolf Steiner noted that in 1924 since then our atmosphere has become far more permeated with electric waves of widely diverse types there’s no doubt now that electric waves Electromagnetic forces cause direct biological effects.

There’s thousands of peer-reviewed papers on this subject There’s no doubt about it. But what are these effects? How are they affecting us? What can we do about it? We’re now at a stage where we’re putting in what’s called 5g? which is a special type of broadcast for high density information Transfers and it turns out that this is the same frequency bands that are used in crowd dispersal weapon Five key first and foremost is densification.

So it’s significantly more transmitters at close proximity To a human and it is also a sophisticated Illegal, unlawful transmitter what I mean by that is it is a high gear Dielectric lens antenna and what that allows 5g? Transmitters to do is to 3d map its environment in your home the 868 Megahertz frequency is specific for both field interrogation systems so so gigahertz that allows the signal to travel through concrete brick work with ease and It can actually data Geller. It is a target the choir in the system Fears.

The rear is basically read off the battlefield it is extremely good that identifying targets and being a lock on the tolerance and Not only that it can specifically target you as an individual. So any judge said no, no In in breast in case let’s see any lawyer and he barrister anybody doing any work that is potentially controversial Your life could be a threat So the antenna design that you currently have non-stop of these LED streetlights masquerading as a contour management system.

it basically Barfield interrogation equipment The first phase the rear unit was actually called mum it used to by the Germans during the Second World War to identify Allied aircraft Obviously things have moved on significantly since then Well, I joined the Royal Navy in 1960 and I specialized in microwave warfare Radar, obviously which uses microwave but they don’t just teach you radar.

the secret behind 5g technology

the secret behind 5g technology

They teach you all about microwaves and other uses So I understood about microwave warfare and how it can damage people how it can harm people Microwaves then were used as weapons as they are today it is a Perfect stealth weapon and when governments don’t like a group of people for instance that the ladies who protest at Greenham common In England about the American missile base.

they camped they were microwaved We might throw both Catholics in Northern Ireland to make them sick It goes on all over the world and it’s a weapon that you don’t know you’re being targeted Because the dose is very very low which is actually more dangerous than a high dose It’s very very low and it may take a year or two but you can you can cause neurological damage and cancers with low-level microwaves.

and you can make all your Opponents sick it it’s a perfect weapon for a government Our impulses are being redirected We are living in an artificially induced state of consciousness that resembles sleep their intention to rule Rests with the annihilation of consciousness. We have been loaded with friends They have made us indifferent to ourselves to others. We are focused only on our own gain Please understand.

They are safe as long as they are not discovered. Keep us asleep Keep us selfish give us sedation Almost immediately. I had near buzz knocking on the door talking about children bleeding from the nose I had images posted on Facebook the modern era in particular killed a my door and Mentioned the fact that since the LED street lighting had been installed.

She was bleeding from the nose every single night I thought was unbelievable however, spoke to another neighbor who lived not far from the first lady who mentioned this and she also Confirmed that since the LED streetlight had been installed she also had started to develop nosebleeds and never had nosebleeds before in her life that then Put me on a journey to investigate Imagine microwave radiation levels from the transmitters on top of the LED streetlights.

the basic 868 megahertz it was significantly higher than the current comes through 1815 resolution which is a maximum of 600 millivolts of measure doctors over 3,000 millivolts Five times five to six times higher than the than the guidelines Significantly higher than then the current comes through Europe guillotine 15 resolution, which states that 200 millivolts Should be the maximum that by your initiative report States that it should be significant lesson Matt’s who have got a counselor Europe.

That’s you know, the International Criminal Court or state nut, you know The learner have said that 200 millivolts and are measuring in bedrooms and get set minimum minimum 600 an upper 4000 does this mean that in 2020 2021 when 5g is destined to roll out globally? That you’re going to get those kind of readings everywhere all the time everywhere all it’s worse than that worse enough Yes.

5g will connect the Internet of everything if something can be connected It will be connected in the 5g world hundreds of billions of microchips Connected in products from pill bottles to plant waterers requiring massive deployment of small cells We won’t wait for the standards now to make this work five.

The 5g build out is going to be very Infrastructure intensive we must reject the notion that the 5g future will be the sole province of urban areas the 5g revolution will touch all corners and that’s damn important the interconnected world of the future Will be the result of decisions we must make today.

The main issue before us today is Senate bill 637 and Senate bill 894 the former by Senator Hugh and the latter by Senator nobs We’re gonna invite the first four witnesses in support of the legislation and that would be John Jones with Sprint David Lewis and Andy Emerson with AT&T Neil CREB de with Verizon and Frank act committee jr With t-mobile.

so be straight with me Is it true it could be Gentlemen Practice these words in front of the mirror Although we are constantly exploring the subject Currently there is no direct evidence that links cell phone usage to brain cancer I’m Sharon Goldberg. I’m an internal medicine physician I’ve practiced medicine for 21 years and my background is mostly academic internal medicine Hospital based Clinical research and medical education.

I’m a certified Microsoft small business specialist I’ve worked on space station designing the cabling system for the airlock module. Where as responsible for EMI EMC analysis Which is electromagnetic interference electromagnetic compatibility a professor in the Department of Epidemiology biostatistics and occupational health and I teach there both toxicology and health effects of electromagnetic radiation My name is Donna Tocqueville.

And I’m the founder of organization called we are the evidence We are an organization that represents the many adults and unfortunately many children who has become very sick from wireless technology Radiation there seems to be a couple false Easter eggs being put out there right now I want to make sure we dispel that right off the gate the effects of Wireless on health Scientifically are very very clear So it’s always pushed back to the definition of an acceptable level of radiation.

And that’s what this is By the way, this is about radiation Wireless radiation has biological effects period my name is dr. Angie Colbeck I’ve been reviewing the studies showing the impacts of wireless radiation on our health and there are now thousands of studies Showing the following adverse health impacts to wireless radiation cancer oxidative damage DNA damage DNA failure things like memory dizziness anxiety brain fog headaches nose bits Cognitive problem exhaustion.

We have an evidence of DNA damage Cardiomyopathy, which is the precursor of congestive heart failure short and long term memory loss decreased attention spans lower reaction times Even involuntary contractions of muscles causing misalignments of spines and jaws breast cancer We suddenly have breast cancer in women have no DNA predisposition disrupted immune function and change in stress proteins reproductive and fertility effects.

there are dozens and dozens of studies that show beyond any doubt what this Radiation is doing to our sperm now if you take this the the cell phone out of your pocket The sperm will recuperate within three to four months. What would not recuperate would be the damage to the DNA of the sperm? That is irreparable The wife of the ex governor of Indiana was diagnosed with glioblastoma Same brain tumor Ted.

Kennedy have and John McCain had did you look at John McCain’s car? This is a cell phone brain tumor LeBron James one of our sports people had a salivary gland tumor. That is another cell phone Tumor you didn’t hear about it because immediately after that was discovered.

He would pay it was paid by Samsung to become their spokesperson We are seeing increases in in brain tumors We’re seeing increases in Alzheimer’s we’re seeing increases in all of the neurotransmitter diseases ALS Lou Gehrig’s disease Parkinson’s, these are all disease systems that are known to be associated with low-level energy exposures we talk about 24/7 around-the-clock exposure wherever you are and your whole body.

You never get away from it and it seems from our studies that maybe your immune system can cope with for a time but it will deteriorate then the irradiation will Definitely damage cells at the deeper level and the question is what will then happen? These are out of peer-reviewed papers. So these are not just Hypochondriacs thinking that they’re doing it.

We’re having real problems with this This is no longer a subject for debate when you look at PubMed in the peer reviewed literature These effects are seen in all life forms plants animals insects microbes So 5g is not a conversation about whether or not these biological effects exist.

They clearly do there is scientifically Evidence that is so strong that you can be certain that the standards used by the SCC To manage health effects are wrong We need to start measuring how much radiation are people being exposed to before we roll out 5g there are four kinds of Electromagnetic fields that we know are harmful to human health so radiofrequency radiation Magnetic fields dirty electricity and electric fields.

Okay our Exposure any given person and all humans are affected by EMFs What is our exposure and in a day it’s not one cellphone Its cellphones. It’s multiple wireless networks. It’s smart meters its cell towers. It’s this sandwich and it all adds up The data we’re going to look at are all published science testing results or public standards At the bottom end of the radiation scale of what’s called power density.

signal strength is the minimum level at which cellphones will work Which was found to be point to billions of a micro watt per centimeter squared Pine needles were found to age prematurely at point zero zero zero zero to seven At short-term exposures of point zero five children aged 8 to 17 experienced headache irritation concentration difficulties and behavioral problems Point one is the BAU biology or building biology guideline for extreme concern 1.0 produced sperm DNA fragmentation and a decrease in sperm viability in vitro Also at 1.0. The science shows the following bodily effects can occur headaches dizziness fatigue.

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