Download PUBG Mobile On ipad iphone 2021 – Best Method Without Vpn

Download PUBG Mobile On ipad iphone 2021 – Best Method Without Vpn

Download PUBG Mobile On ipad iphone 2021 – Best Method Without Vpn

I will be telling you a simple trick on how you can download pubg mobile on your iOS device so even if you have an iPad like right now I have the iPad Mini 5 with me or an iPhone.

this trick will work absolutely fine on both of these devices so do read the complete artical till the end so that you can download pubg mobile without any issues and play it as well.

so just read the artical till the end guys, so guys firstly go on to your iOS device like a right away if you have an eye on your iPhone and I just open the app and I will tell you that he is not visible to me right now,

but but what you have to do is just click on your profile picture it are then again click on your name write your again it will ask you for your password or touch id.

so just give your touch id and after that you will come to this screen so here guys I have to go into country / region and in EPF to click on change country or region and select United States.

so right now I will just click on United States ER and after that it will ask me for permission for just click on agri again click on agri and after that it will change the location to again you will have to click here in payment,

info as none than your name after that a street you will have to type USA USA again a paucity also gained will be going in USA in state you will be selecting Alabama here and for ZIP code.

you have to type a the exact zip code which I am showing that is 35005 so that the street code zip code sorry and phone number just and anything would work no problem.

you’re so yeah that’s about it and just click on next again and now it’s almost done so just click on done here again and it has now replaced as you can see the app to record refreshed.

I will again close my after completely and I am connected to Wi-Fi and again just open the app store here and now I will search for pubg mobile so right now you can see that the mobile is been shown here pub ji mobile.

this is the latest version so I have already downloaded pubg mobile on to my device so as you guys can see app download pubg mobile right here on my iPad but guys now are there is a direct like it will directly not work.

so you will have to either use a DNS server based App for VPN connection I wouldn’t recommend you to use VPN because the pink will be really high and you will be not able to play the game.

so are the best option is to go for this app so I will just to show you that Apple will again so the name of the app is just type DNS and click on search and this is the app 1.1.1 faster internet for download this app and install it is free of cost,

and after that just open that have costly and click on here that it connect us or not showing connected and now we are almost done so just have to now open pubg mobile right here.

it will start working out without any issue so right now I can see that of the mobile has loaded onto my iPad right here and I will get quickly show you the thing as well so I talk about the thing again.

you can see that I have connected year and I am on the Asia server right now 29294 MS or sometimes it goes up to 140 but then to it is at least stable like with the DNS app.

but use if we use a VPN app than the spring will really really be very high and you will be just not able to play the game so after doing that you are pretty much ready to go you can play the game without any issue.

I should say in here you can see everything is working To Loot Liya find no issues what so ever as he read the artical or that was how you can download
pubg mobile as well as play pubg mobile on your iOS device and IOS 14 Bass tube ise so it is simple but rise right now.

I just told you the app like the DNS happy chart shown it will work flawlessly without any issue and also will give you high ping rate Budweiser if you place a problem in accessing or open pub ji mobile and then always movie so what
are available in service,

and use that and it will pubg mobile will work as well but the problem is that as it is a VPN connection the great will be hard but it doesn’t just wanted to let you know that I’m surprised that about it.

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