First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience

First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience

First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience

Hi, everyone. I head up PlayStation’s platform planning and management team which includes productand UX and design. Today we are finally going to give you a look at the PlayStation 5 user experience. We will see some of the features that enable games to work together with the hardware network to delivera truly next-generation experience.

Our vision for our PS5’s user experience is simple: We believe that your play time is valuable and should be meaningful. PlayStation team members from all around the world worked to deliver aPS5 experience that is completely centered on you, the player connecting you with great play and a passionate community of gamers.

With a look and feel that’s designed for 4K TVs The PS5 user experience was built from the ground up to take advantage of the console’s capabilities complimenting the transformative games coming with this new generation. I should note that this artical touris from a pre-production environment on the PS5 console, so there may be a few small wrinkles or minor changes once the console launches in November.

Welcome to your new PlayStation 5 console experience! This time, we’ve started upfrom Rest Mode. We’ve already created an accountand signed into Play Station Network, so let’s login. In this case, I’ve resumed right whereI left off in Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and here we’re looking at Play Station 5’s Control Center.

From here it’s one click and we’re right back into the game, but let’s take a moment and look around. The Control Center is always one tap of the Play Station Button away. It provides immediate access to almost everything you need from the system, without leaving the game.

This includes things like seeing who is online, checking the status of a download, managing your controller, power, and more. These colorful characters are called Cards, and they let you interact with games and the system in a variety of ways.

First, as we’ve just resumed, the Control Center is showing a special card that allows me to get up-to-date on recent stories posted by publishers for games I am following. Another card here shows me recent mediaI’ve captured from my game play using the Create button on the Dual Sense Controller. Let’s check out one of the most powerful new features of the PS5 console.

They’re actually just to the right in this row. and we call them Activities. Activities are part of the plan to remove barriers to gameplay. Let’s get an example of one way they’re used in Sack boy: A Big Adventure. With a tap of the Play Station Button I’m back to playing the game. Sackboy: A Big Adventure is packed with things to discover. And each level represents one type of Activity I can play, many of which I can go back to later to discover more.

I tap the Play Station Button tobring up the Control Center again, I can see a number of available Activities, both active and suggested by the system. Let’s take this first one -A Big Adventure – as an example. I can see that I haven’t quite completed this level yet. I’m at 33 percent. Let’s open it up and see more.

Here I can see more information, including key objectives I haven’t met. And I’m seeing a very important piece of information here: It says “About 10 minutes left.” This is PlayStation 5’s personalized play time estimate, giving me an idea how long it will take me to complete this Activity.

Some Activities even let you jump directly to that place in the game. But there’s more to see here. For another example, let’s open that Activity back up. It looks like I missed an objective to find the “Monk Robes” Costume Piece. Looks like I need a little help! Some in-game Activities, like this one, offer Official Game Help! Game Help is included as a benefit for active PlayStation Plus members in some PS5 games.

First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience

First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience

In this case, I can open up that objective to get some hints without resorting to a web search or digging through long artical that might contain spoilers. This particular hint is a artical, and I can play it here in the card, and I can expand it to get a bigger view without leaving the game. Sometimes it’s really useful to be able to see the hint on screen while you play.

Some cards can be put in picture-in-picture mode, or as shown here,a side-by-side view. Super cool. And if you pin a card, you can access it via the Control Center at any time. Now let’s go find thoserascally Monk Robes. Thanks, Game Help. The team at PlayStation wanted to make it really easy to chat with your friends on the Play Station 5 console, so let’s check out how it works.

Here, I’m opening an Interactive Notificationwith a tap of the PlayStation Button, and I’ve decided to join the voice chat that my friend just entered. Now, my friend could have done this on the Play Station App for mobile devices, from a PS4, or in this case, from a PS5.

The Dual Sense controller features an integrated microphone too, so I can start talking right away. But I always have the ability to hit the mute button on the controller, or in menus. Parties take on an expanded role with PS5, and they now provide persistent spaces to connect with groups that you play with. Here I have a couple of friends chatting away in the Party.

PlayStation 5

One of them has started sharing their screen with the group. Looks like they’re playing Uncharted: The Lost Legacy! We can chat while we play, and I can watch his progress as well. This is another card that can be put into picture-in-picture mode, or pinned to the side while you play. You can access it any time via the Control Center too, but let’s dismiss it for now.

Okay let’s review. So far we’ve seen how Activities on PS5 will make it easier and faster to hop back into PS5 games, and how you can get in-game help and chat with your friends. So that leaves online multiplayer gaming. Let’s check it out. I see that some of my friends are online, so it’s time to say good byeto Sack boy for now, and spin up a matchof Destruction All Stars! One of my friends in the party has already started a match.

And we can join them from this card in Control Center. And there we go. Destruction All Stars now quickly starts thanks to PS5’s Ultra High Speed SSD. Okay, I think we’ve gotenough people in our party, so let’s jump in! We’re keeping the focus onPS5’s User Experience today, so let’s zip ahead so we can see more. And just like that,we’re in. We don’t have time to playa full match today, but I do think we have time to take a quick photo.

To do that, I’ll just tap the Create Button on the Dual Sense controller. PS5 is always capturing recent game play, but when you compose a shot, even using anin-game Photo Mode, you can capture ahigh-quality screen shot here. This optimizes capturing the moment, letting you review and choose to share later on. I should mention, screen shots and video can becaptured at up to 4K on the PS5 console.

Okay. So far we’ve shown off how to jump into Activities, how to chat with your friends, get into groups together to play, capturing gameplay, all of that while in-game. But what if I want to play a different game? Welcome to the Play Station 5 Home Screen.

This is where you’ll l and when you start up from a powered-off state, and where you’ll go when you want to choose a new game to play or download. The layout of this space is designed to present games and game content beautifully on a 4K display, with simple and super fast access to what you need.

And in case you’re wondering, media-related apps will have their own space like this one, but today we’re focused on gaming. Each game has its own Hub completely integrated, so all you need to do is scroll down to see Activities you can jump right into, video clips, stories about the game, DLC, and more.

Backward compatible PS4 titles will benefit from some of these features, too. Let’s move one spot to theleft and check out Explore, which brings together all of your games. We saw a view of this from the Control Center earlier, and another view will also be in the new PlayStation App for mobile devices.

Explore keeps you in the loop with official stories from Play Station and from all the games you’re following, including trending media from the community. We’ll be testing and learning about this feature in the US at launch, so not everyone will have this on day one. But it gives you a good idea of the direction. And this is PlayStation Store for PS5.

It’s completely integrated into the System. It’s not a stand alone app anymore. Browsing for new games to play will be easier thanks to the speed of PS5 and a more personalized store experience. In here you’ll be able to browse the latest games and deals. You’ll find PS5 games, and many backward compatible PS4 games too. I’m sad to say, but we are almost out of time.

so let’s pull upControl Center one more time with a tap of the PlayStation Button. On our way out, why don’t we quickly share that photo we took in Destruction All Stars? we can find recently captured media in this handy card in Control Center. From here, we can do some quick edits, but I think I’m ready to share it right now.

On PlayStation 5, I have the option to share videos and images to supported external services, or I can send them directly to one of my Parties. Remember, Parties are bigger than just voice chat now. So I’ll select one of my favorite Parties here. Let’s attach aquick message here. The Dual Sense Controller makes this really easy.

Play Station 5 supports voice dictationin a number of languages, so you no longer have to type messages with the keyboard if you don’t want to! Simply select the Microphone button. Here’s a cool detail: If my friend hasn’t yet played the Activity where I captured this media and the game’s developer thinks that Activity might contain spoilers, they’ll receive a warning before they view it! Well, that’s it for our demo!

There are many more exciting features we couldn’t get to today, but we’re super excited to sharemore about the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation Appuser experience with you in the coming weeks headed to launch! And of course, this was just a first look at what fans can expect on day one. The team at Play Station is committed to evolving this experience with our community in the months ahead. We look forward to sharing more. Thanks for watching.

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