Fix Screen Resolution Problem on Samsung Smartphones

Fix Screen Resolution Problem on Samsung Smartphones

Fix Screen Resolution Problem on Samsung Smartphones

If you have any samsung s20 apart from the FE model, which is one I’ve got here, in the display settings there will also be a screen resolution option where you can choose between quad hd or full hd.

It’s not on the FE model for some reason. Now that quad hd will be significantly sharper a screen. However if you do select that quad hd you won’t be able to select the 120 hertz refresh rate, so it’s a trade-off whether you want the smoother screen or the higher resolution.

To be honest, on a six or seven inch screen full HD is gonna be sufficient unless maybe you’re watching movies but again try them out and see which one you like the best. Blue light filter for me is one that you want to look at keeping on or on a timer at least. So that reduces the amount of blue light that hits your eyes, which, at night, will help you sleep. 

So I actually have it on all the time but you can have it as a schedule as well, 
so maybe just have it on coming at night. Now all of the cameras have this punch hole camera up at the top and you can’t really notice it here, but if I go into settings you can see it’s quite noticeable, and not everybody likes that, so you can actually hide it.

So in the settings, under display, if I go to the full screen app option which is down here, and then go into advanced settings, on the top right there’s an option of ‘hide camera cut out’. What that does is basically shift the screen 
into a black bar across the top and because it’s an OLED screen it’s jet black and it really does hide it out.

However the down side of this is now it’s just shrunk your screen down so you can’t see it as well. So I’ve actually got a better option that I think hides the camera better and gives you your full screen. So if you unhide that, or unhide the hide, however that works, go back here and if we go into our display settings and go back up to dark mode, if you turn dark mode on it pretty much hides the camera anyway.

Most of your settings it’s going to be hidden by this dark thing across the top because that’s your default mode so now you’ve got the camera hidden, and you’ve got the full display. So I think that’s a better option than forcibly hiding it.

However this is what’s so great about Android and Samsung phones, is you can customize this and really pick the option that’s best for you. If you truly do want to customize the most out of this phone with wallpapers and themes and widgets, then there is the samsung theme store. So under settings, if I go and look for themes.  

here you will find where you can download packs, some are free, some you’ve got to pay for, but you can download themes, you can download wallpapers. Here’s a range of wallpapers here, You can even download icons so that all of your icons look completely unique and you can really customize this to be completely different. 

There’s also the always on displays so when  you go into that screen saver mode you can pick what your black screen will look like as well. So now that we’ve customized the display and how it looks, we’re now going to look at how we customize the feel and how you navigate around the phone. One of the features that I like to enable pretty much straight away is the ‘swipe anywhere for notification panel’.   

Now on the bigger phone certainly, like the s20 ultra, that’s a big ask, and really it’s a bit of a pain. So I’ve actually got notification panel anywhere. So if I swipe down with my thumb here, it brings down the notification panel. I swipe up and it goes away.

So if you want to enable that, you can just go into settings, most settings are 
in this display one that’s here, under display there is a ‘home screen’ option 
here. So I’m going to click on that and then there is a ‘swipe down for 
notification panel’.

So I’ve got that enabled. So if you’ve got it disabled turn it on and then you can swipe down anywhere you like. Now all of the samsung phones themselves 
are actually pretty big and actually using any of them single-handedly 
apart from maybe the samsung s20 can be a bit of a chore. So there’s 
an option to have a one-handed mode.  

So in settings, if I go down to advanced features there is a one-handed mode. If I scroll down here, now if I click on that it says i can use one-handed mode, and there’s two ways of doing it, through a button or a gesture. So I’m just going to do it through a button here. So now if I’m on my home screen and I double tap this home button at the bottom it’s going to put it into a smaller   window.

So now here I can navigate around as though I was actually using the bigger screen, but on a smaller subsection of the screen. Once I’ve used that enough and I’m quite happy with it, I can just click on any area in the black and it goes back to full screen.

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