Galaxy S21 Ultra Massive Leak Bomb! – Removable Camera Smartphone From Vivo

Galaxy S21 Ultra Massive Leak Bomb! – Removable Camera Smartphone From Vivo

Galaxy S21 Ultra Massive Leak Bomb! – Removable Camera Smartphone From Vivo

If you have been following the Galaxy S21 coverage then you know that the S21 is not expected to be a huge improvement over the Galaxy S20. Yes, Samsung is changing the shape of the camera module but a part from that as far as the core specs are concerned Samsung isn’t doing any drastic improvements over the S20.

It’s more like an iterative upgrade for the Galaxy S flagships next year where Samsung is more focused on bringing those flashy new features to their foldable line up the Galaxy Z Fold 3. And today we have a specification leak of the Galaxy S21 Ultra that shows the handset will have similar specifications to its predecessor.

First up, the display is going to be a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x Infinity-O display. It’s actually 0.1″ smaller than the S20 Ultrabut whether or not it supports 120Hz at maxed-out resolution remains to be seen. The Z Fold 2 supports 120Hz at its maximum resolution and considering the 5nm chipsets are more powerful while at the same time beingmore power-efficient, it’s likely they might enable the feature on the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Anyway, the main rear camera is still 108MPalbeit an improved one while the front camera is again 40MP. There are no details on the remaining modules yet, but the S21 Ultra will get 4 cameras, with the addition of a short-range 3x telephoto camera along the periscope zoom camera.

The phone will be equipped with a 5,000 mAhbattery, the same as the current model. Upgrades to charging are unlikely in my opinion. The software will be OneUI 3.1 instead of3.0 on top of Android 11. Samsung will again split the processor into Exynos and Snapdragon as usual. Color variants are black, silver and violet for the Ultra.

So basically the S21 Ultra won’t be muchdifferent from its predecessor. I hope Samsung makes it up by lowering theprice to make it appeal to consumers. Also here is a real-life leaked photo of thecamera housing of the base Galaxy S21 pretty much confirming the Galaxy S21 lineup willhave a redesigned wrap around camera as seen in these cad renders.

Vivo is a type of company that doesn’t shyaway from taking risks in introducing never been seen before features in phones from introducingthe popup cameras to an all-glass seamless phone. They were the first to launch a phone witha front camera that pops out using a motorized setup and now they are taking that one stepfurther with a popup camera that you can actually remove and use like a remote camera you can control with the phone.

The camera continues functioning even when detached, implying there are circuits and a battery powering it independently. The camera can then be placed on some surface to take a shot from a more difficult angle or a selfie that has more room for more than just one or two persons. The concept is definitely smart and couldjust be a better way to pull off modularity on smartphones.

Theoretically, the cameras can also be swapped out for better sensors. And yeah, in order for you to not lose the camera, the phone will alarm once you move away from a specified distance from the camera. Vivo said that it isn’t just a concept but they are planning to mass-produce this phone in some way next year.

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