Google Pixel 5 – New Features & Update – 4K 60P

Google Pixel 5 – New Features & Update – 4K 60P

Google Pixel 5 – New Features & Update – 4K 60P

google sent along their latest phone the pixel 5. and so this is the packaging that it comes in so let’s go ahead and remove the phone they sent along   some pixel buds which i’ve actually unboxed some of these before but we’ll take a look at and then a pixel 5 case so let’s set those aside and unbox them.

Google Pixel 5 Features

  • camara
  • SD card
  • nano sim
  • storage space
  • 5g internet
  • speakers
  • microphone
  • headphone jack

now this is the pixel 5 5g and it comes in at $699 you’ve got two options for colors you’ve got this sort of sage color and just black and this also comes with three months of stadium three months of youtube premium and a hundred gigabytes of google one storage as well as play pass and play points. 

so it’s actually a pretty good deal compared to others so let’s go ahead and open it up and thanks again to google for sending this along so i could check it out so let’s go ahead and open this and let’s see what we’ve got and so there is the phone itself looks pretty familiar.

i’ll set that aside just for a moment and then let’s see what’s in the box so in the box we’ve got some documentation like we would expect so let’s take this off here and it’s probably just a quick start guide like you would expect a little   warranty information and then we’ve got a sim card removal tool now other than that we’ve got a cable. 

so we’ve got usbc to usbc and then we also have a transfer tool so if you’re not familiar with this you can transfer from one device to another if you need if you have usba to usbc so you can go from say an iphone or another pixel to this pixel and we’ve got an included 18 watt fast charger usbc to whatever ac adapter.

you have in your country so all of that included in the box let’s set that a side and take a closer look at the phone so here is the phone it self let’s take the wrapper off and this phone is a little bit smaller than i thought but it’s not super small either so this is aluminum the back is aluminum with a coating and it has wireless charging but we’ll take a closer look at some of that in a moment.

it’s 151 grams or 5.33 ounces and it also supports a nano sim and a regular sim on the left you can see here’s the sim card tray so let’s go ahead and pop that out so we’ll pop out the sim card tray before we boot it up and you can see it will hold a single nano sim  and then you have an e sim also so you could use it that way now also this phone is ipx8 certified.  

so it’s not ip68 but it means basically there’s zero intrusion protection but there’s protection against extended immersion under pressure or water so google says it can take a splash or spill no problem but let’s go around the phone so like i said on the left is the sim card tray on the top there’s a little microphone.

we’ve got a power sleep wake button which this time instead of being a playful color is a chromed green color it looks like it’s metal and then we’ve got a volume button below that on the bottom of the phone we’ve got what looks like a speaker and microphone along with a usbc charge port in the mo in the middle or connector and then no speaker on the top some people are saying it might be under the glass. 

now you can see we have a forward-facing camera here we’ll take a closer look at the cameras a little bit later but this is an 8 megapixel camera with an f2 aperture and an 83 degree field of view and it can record in 1080p on the back we have two cameras along with a flash and a microphone.  

but what we have is one camera is a 12.2 megapixel dual pixel auto focus camera with an f 1.7 aperture and optical image stabilization plus electronic stabilization it can record up to 4k 60. we also have a 16 megapixel ultra ride with an f 2.2 aperture with a 107 degree field of view. 

so the the cameras are always a nice thing with the pixel one of the high points of the pixel so we’ll take a look at that in a moment now this year google has opted not to go with the flagship cpu but instead they’ve included a qualcomm snapdragon 765 g which gives it 5g and plenty of speed compared to say last year but it’s not up to the specs of say a note 20 ultra for example it also has 8 gigabytes of ram internally.

it also supports 18 watt fast charging wireless charging and reverse charging for the pixel buds so again we’ll take a look at that in a little bit and then internally we have wi-fi 802.11 abgnac but no wi-fi 6. we also have bluetooth 5.0 le aptx and aptx hd and this supports 5g with millimeter wave so millimeter wave sub six and that should be pretty good.

now let’s go ahead and boot it up here for the first time and talk about the display so let’s hold the power button hope it turns on here maybe it has a charge there we go you can see it’s a fairly edge to edge display and you’ve got that hole punch camera and as it boots up this is a six inch display 2340 by 1080 and google says it’s a flexible oled display with pixels per inch.

so maybe it’s similar to something they use in say the z-fold 2 but the resolution is a little bit different it supports hdr and has 24-bit color depth and supports 90 hertz as a refresh rate so you should have smooth scrolling just like the pixel 4 and it’s covered in gorilla glass 6.

now for a quick size comparison before we set it up here is the pixel 4 xl side by side so it’s definitely a smaller phone you can see it’s slightly shorter and then as far as its width it’s actually a little bit narrower and it’s lacking a few features so we don’t have a headphone jack on either of these phones but one thing that the pixel 5 doesn’t have is the solely radar.  

where you can wave your hand over the display to perform different functions it also doesn’t have face unlock so with no more waving your hand over it like you can with the pixel 4 but here are the displays side by side so the display is not that much smaller as you can see with the pixel 5.

but we have a smaller body overall and in fact i think it’s a really nice size so let’s go ahead and set it up so we’ll go in here and go to start now because i’m going to move my sim from my pixel 4 xl let’s go ahead and pop this out and we’ll place the google phi sim that i use in this phone.

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