How data was recovered from a water damaged iPhone – 2021

How data was recovered from a water damaged iPhone – 2021

How data was recovered from a water damaged iPhone – 2021

That’s not my phone though is it? This is your logic board in my test screen. So this is what your phone looks like inside and oh man, this drove me crazy. Wow. So we have all your pictures.

Isn’t that beautiful though, oh my god. Yes, so it’s all recovered and there were thousands of them and I just wanted to call you to you know to share the good news because this one killed me.

This one, I thought we might not get it. What did you do, like what kind of work do you do on it? I’m an electrical engineer Okay. And I’m wondering how you do it. Like it’s a very large design-type chips.

And you somehow pulled the data out, hey? So, right. So the the data you can’t just read it off of the chip because if you could then we might as well not have any security or pass codes.

If it were that easy I could just take anybody’s phone and read the data off the chip. So the the chip with the data on it must shake hands with a bunch of other chips on the board. And on your board there were two completely independent problems.

One was extensive water damage and I don’t think you can see the logic board from this far away but I’d be happy to send you a picture. I don’t think I’ll be able to show you but it was very severe corrosion.

However most of it were in non-essential areas or non unique areas. So with a microscope hot air station and a soldering iron I could desolder those chips and replace them with working chips for your main functions; image, touch and getting it to connect to USB.

However — and I did that you know fairly early on when it first got here but it would just show me the Apple logo and boot loop and for a long time I was looking for an answer in the water damage.

Why is it like this? And then you know and then I put it away and I’d come
back to it, put it away and come back to it, and then guess what, the answer to that boot loop ended up being completely independent. It was charging chip damage.

Now that comes from sitting on a charger you know, a lot of times we use just whatever charging cables that allow a noisy voltage to come through and damage that USB permission chip.

Yours was damaged in a way that the the device that we use to detect that damage missed, so it was just through experience and a hunch to say that really looks like charger damage.

So just to leave no stone unturned, I changed that chip and that’s when I saw it, you know, come on. Oh yeah, that’s a nice picture. I wanted to ask you some questions about this phone.

This phone, you know, this phone because it had the two different problems so I wanted to see if there was anything that you had done with charging or something that maybe you could shed a light on that if you remembered anything about.

you know, leaving it on a specific charger or anything like that? I might have tried to charge it up — after the fact. But you know, not initially We did put it in a bowl of rice too.

When we first took it out of the water. To get the rice to try and draw water out of the phone.

  • It was soaked
  • But it’s didn’t work

Yeah, it really doesn’t work — yeah the rice you know, it’s a kind of a legend. It was getting hotter and hotter in the rice. And it did get really hot. Yes, it did have a — it started out with a fairly classic full short-circuit on the main power rail and we see that a lot with water damage.

That’s fairly typical. So once we cleared that, then we had to rebuild all of the necessary but not unique chips and we were able to clean that up a lot. Because the only way to get data from an iPhone is to get it to get it to boot up so that you can trust and offload the data. There’s no other way to do that.

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