How To Clear iPhone 11, 12 Pro and iOS 13, 14 RAM Memory

How To Clear iPhone 11, 12 Pro and iOS 13, 14 RAM Memory

How To Clear iPhone 11, 12 Pro and iOS 13, 14 RAM Memory

hi everyone, I wanted to tell you, how to reset your iPhones RAM or memory so that you can actually free up some issues, you may be having so a lot of you have asked me how to do this with iOS 13 or even the newer iPhone 11, 12 pro max or iPhone 11s any of the face ID phones once they move to iOS 13, 14.

iPhone Settings

  • RAM Memory Settings
  • Phone Memory Settings
  • Phone Sim Setting
  • Camera Setting
  • Phone Reboot

How to reset your RAM

this process changed from the previous year so I wanted to tell you how to reset your RAM and this is not something you need to do as a normal maintenance item or anything like that this basically saves you from hard rebooting your phone.

so when you hardreboot your phone you would normally hit volume up volume down press and hold the power button until the phone completely reboots instead of doing that you can just dump the RAM or the memory in order to get things to reload and so it’s similar to when you were having poor RAM management for example it will force reload those apps.

so maybe you’re in you’re unable to open the App Store maybe you’re unable to update apps things just aren’t working properly this is when you would use that otherwise you don’t need to use this now the processis very similar to what we did with iOS 12 but it’s changed a little bit so if you have an iPhone X a XS a XS Max a XR and 11 an 11 Pro or an 11 Pro Max.

this will work for you you can also use this on the older phones but there’s a different process you can do as well and I cover that in other artical now in order to do this we need to go into settings once we’re in settings you’re going to scroll down until you find accessibility.

once you’ve found accessibility tap on touch and then we want to tap on assistive touch and turn it on once we’ve turned on assistive touch that’s very similar to how you would do it in the previous version but this time we need to get to the power screen but we need to do it a specific way so we’re going to push volume up then volume down and press and hold the power button so volume up volume down press and hold power.

now we’re at the slide to power off screen now to tap on your assistive touch button press and hold home and it will go to your passcode screen this is how you know it’s dumped the RAM so put in your passcode this is not my normal Pasco and now if I go into the app store.

it will reload so that’s how we know that it’s actually cleared the RAM it will have to reload the last app that you were in and then you’ll be good to go from there on out now again if you want to test it I’ll go through it one more time quickly.

if we were in the App Store press volume up press volume down press and hold the power button on the slide to power off screen press and press the assistive touch button hold home put in your passcode and now if we reload the App Store you’ll see it has to reload so that’s how you do it hopefully that helps.

if you’re having an issue and you need to reset your phone or or maybe you don’t want to reboot and you need to just clear that quickly because you’re having a problem hopefully that will help you out otherwise you really shouldn’t have to use that but if you are having an issue that usually fixes that problem pretty quickly.

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