how to control your android smart phone in 2020

how to control your android smart phone in 2020

how to control your android smart phone in 2020

Android is the most popular smartphone operating system in the world. It runs on over 80% of all smartphones. That’s two billion peopleusing it per month. But after over a decadeAndroid is still full of a bunch of fundamental flaws that keep you from aworld class experience. Let’s talk about my biggest beef with Android phones, software updates. http://tech

Android phone makers are really bad about keeping your phone up-to-date with the latest versionof Android from Google. There are a lot of reasons for this. When Goggle makes a new version of Android it sends it off to phonemakers who modify it for their own devices. Then that has to gothrough a bunch of testing before they send it off tocarriers for even more testing.

By the time the softwareupdate finally hits your phone months have gone by and Goggle usually has a new version of Android by then. And after about a year or sothere’s very little incentive for phone makers to keeppushing updates to your phone. They’re already far behindand you’re likely ready for a new device anyway that’s running the fresh new version of Android.

The result, 94% of smart phones out there are running an outdatedversion of Android. The exception, Goggle’s own Pixel phones get Android updates assoon as they’re released. Despite many promises over the years Goggle has done nothingto ensure all its devices get timely updates. Skins and bloatware arealso a huge problem.

Android phone makers like coming into the basic version of Android and adding different designsfor the user interface and putting in their own apps for basic functions like webbrowsing, email and calendar. When you open up yourbrand new Android phone that means you have double theapps that you actually need.

Two email apps, two calendarapps, two web browsers, that’s a confusing experiencefor a lot of people. Meanwhile their skinsare almost always worse than the so-called cleanversion of Android. It’s even worse whencarriers get involved. Here in the U.S. carriers like adding their own apps and bloatware to the Android operating system and you can’t delete those apps.

You may be able to hide them but they’re still living on your phone. All this leads to a bad experience that can slow down overall performance. Compare that to iOS and the iPhone which has a streamlined experience across all devices with no bloatware. Then there’s tech support. What do you do when yourAndroid phone breaks down or you have a problem with it. It’s not like you can runoff to the Samsung store or the LG store, there’s nowhere to go except back to your carrier.

And carriers don’t havethe best reputation when it comes to servicing your phone. Android can also be a security nightmare because there are somany different versions of Android out there and phone makers have a hard time getting themupdated in a timely manner. If and when a vulnerability is found it can take forever for youto get the patch to update it.

The best example is Stagefright which was a severe vulnerabilityfound a few years ago in practically all Android devices. Major manufacturersrushed to put out patches to fix the bug but we still don’t know if all of them got the patch. Today most Android phonesmight be safe from Stagefright but there’s no guaranteethat when the next major flaw is discovered you’ll getthe update right away. Finally, there’s privacy.

Android phones run Goggleservices by default and Goggle still makes most of its money by tracking your personaldata and using that to target ads to you. Android phones give you very little choice to get around this. The same thing happensif you use Google apps on your iPhone ofcourse, but the thing is, iPhones don’t ship withthose apps natively, you don’t have to use them. None of this means Androidis bad or that it sucks. People still love Androidand Android still stands out when it comes to notificationsand syncing better with your Google services. But after a full decade of Android these problems shouldhave been fixed by now.

E-ink on android, and other new things

E-ink on android, and other new things

There will be some announcements, some more announcements, and finally, some announcements. First, as I’m sure you’ve gathered from the thumbnail my wish for a general purpose E-ink display had already been granted. Sort of. On one of my strolls through the commentssection, I noticed a few people bringing up one of two devices. And, because I lack self control, I purchasedthis one.

This is a Boox Max2, from Onyx. It is, to the average person, an e-readerwith a very large display. In fact, one would probably call it an overpricede-reader, an assessment I’d agree with were it not for some of the competition its upagainst. Otherwise, yes. This device is known mostly for its 13.3 inchE-Ink Carta display, and for its Wacom digitizer and stylus, allowing for either a high-qualitynote-taking experience, or some hard core doodling. But, there are two specific features of thisdevice which I find quite interesting.

First, is the simple fact that it isn’tjust running some weird e-reader specific software. No no, this is running Android Marshmallow. Now, that’s not great given how long agoMarshmallow came out, but most apps will still work with it. The other signature feature of the deviceis the fact that it can, indeed, function as an external monitor over HDMI.

Now, having learned these two things, andhaving expressed interest in a productivity device that didn’t glow in my face at night,I decided that by golly I was going to get one. And of course, I have one right here! You saw it before! sigh you have to thinkthrough this stuff. Now I’m not going to talk about this devicemuch here, aside from say that you almost certainly should not buy this; instead I’mgoing to make a series of videos on my second channel, Technology Connections 2.

Over there, I’ll introduce the device, giveyou a tour and maybe mini-review, and demonstrate its many, many faults. Again, to the average person; do not buy this. What I want to do here is chronicle how I’musing this, and see if it helps with my sleep. I’ve been struggling with waking up laterthan I want to, and while I don’t often seem to have trouble falling asleep, it maybe that the stimulation from screens late at night is doing more harm than I realize.

It’s also possible that I’ve simply beendesensitized to light as a stimulus, and the light from the rising sun simply isn’t enoughto get my body stirring. Or it could be my problems are completelyunrelated to screen time. But I’m willing to take the time to figureit out, and I hope you’ll join me along the way. If this ends up radically changing my sleep-wakecycle, then you can bet I’ll renew my push for reflective display technology.

I recently had a … fun … experience at my car dealer, and through yelling about it on Twitter and interacting with people acrossthe opinion spectrum, I’ve come up with some thoughts. I haven’t compiled those thoughts yet, butthat’s a bit of what I’d like to do more of over there. Just talk about stuff. And thankfully, I’ll soon have a littlemore time to do just that sort of thing. Which is a wonderful segue into my third andfinal announcement, and boy is this a big one.

You may have heard at one time or anotherthat I make these videos at home, and ever since I put this set together, my living anddining room have been the site of all your favorite technological shenanigans. Well, I’m so very happy to announce thatI won’t be those rooms of my home anymore! Technology Connections has a new studio space! In fact, I’m in it right now! This is the new Technology Connections Headquarters,and I have many, many people to thank for it.

With the help of family and friends, the entireset was deconstructed, moved down here, rebuilt, and if I did it well enough, you might nothave noticed. In fact the E-ink video was shot right here, so if you didn’t notice anything strange afoot, maniacal laughter I just did that to be silly, but the new Headquartershas been in the works for some months now, and it’s finally to the point that I canuse it.

Here, let me show you around. This room is purpose-built for making videos. An unfinished ceiling allows me to rig lightsas required, with individuals quadrants of the room being controlled by these switches. Dedicated electrical outlets for set elementsallow me to control the set’s lights and power with ease. And complete separation from where I livemeans that this room, my new workspace, won’t ever take up space in my home again.

And, let me show you what I’m seeing. Look at all that space behind the camera! There’s room down here for so many new projectsand ideas, and I’m excited to start exploring them. There’s still much work to do in placesthat you can’t see, but it’s ready to make new videos today. Right now. In fact, that’s what I’m doing right thismoment! How neat! None of this would be possible without thehelp of many people, from close family and friends, to the people like you who watchthese videos, to the amazingly generous people around the world supporting the channel through Patreon.

smart home with android: more control for more devices

smart home with android: more control for more devices

We’re really excited about expandingwhat you can do with smart home on an Android phone. We’ve been working a lot lately on expanding the number of devices that you can control, like vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, fans, coffee makers, and kettles. Because they can all really help you make your household just run a little smoother. You can now start, pause, and stop these devices from your phone. These new features will be available to anyone with Assistant enabled devices or the Google home app.

We think about these new features in the context of routines and finding ways to automate your house. When I think about my goodnight routine, I have my smart blinds automatically closed, as well as ensure that my doors are locked and all the lights are off. As we think about these new features in the context of routines, I’m really excited about the possibility of adding the vacuum cleaner to your ‘I’m leaving’ routine. So as you leave the house you’ll go about your business, but you’ll come home to a cleaner home.

As we talked to users, one thing we sawconsistently was a folder called smart home, and this would have 10 apps in itand it would just be full of different places to go. The Assistant allows you, with your voice, to just get what you need to get done. And in the same way that works, the home app allows you to quickly take those same actions via touch. It’s a unique challenge, because we’re working with smart home partners who own the actual physical devices that you’re interacting with.

But we need to define a way for our technology to talk to theirs. Smart home partners use our API to integrate their device functionality. What this means is they’ll define what functionalities are available. So all light bulbs have on/off, but some light bulbs have brightness. Other ones have color, and some have both. And so they tell us what it can do, and that’s what allows us to offer this control to the user. The dream is figuring out ways wherewe can take care of your house for you without you having to think about it.

how i made my own android phone

how i made my own android phone

The problem here is that I haven’t used Android so long. I don’t really know what to do about this. I set out to build my own iPhone a couple of years ago and it took me down this crazy rabbit hole into the Chinese cellphone markets and ever since people have been asking me “Okay, when are you gonna build your own Android?” and I kept saying I didn’t want to make that same video again Just building a different phone But I keep thinking about it and I realized that I learned so much building that first iPhone and there’s entire sections of the cellphone markets I haven’t even explored yet.

and I know almost nothing about Androids but I’d like to learn more because I think that I could do a lot more interesting modifications to ’em than what I’ve been doing on iPhone and I’m curious “Are Android phones built the same way? Is it gonna be easy for me to find parts?” I think I “can” figure out how to put it together as long as I can actually find the parts and I’m hoping that part is gonna be a bit.

bit easier this time given that I’ve had two years of exploring the markets and I speak a bit more Mandarin I’ve also been thinking a lot about what phone do I want to build and At first I was thinking a Google Pixel But honestly almost nobody here has even heard of a Pixel and so I think it’s gonna be really hard to find parts And then I was thinking Huawei given that they’ve been in the news recently but uh, honestly.

I think at this point that’s just asking for trouble and so I’ve settled on a Samsung Galaxy S10 Relatively new flagship phone, seems to be getting good reviews And I’ve seen a lot of Samsung parts available in the markets. So come down the rabbit hole with me once again Let’s go buy some parts Honestly filming in here scares the shit out of me nobody wants to be on camera And so sometimes.

I have to be pretty careful about it There are some places in here where I wonder what would happen if somebody found out that I was filming I’m getting my ass kicked By a bunch of angry Chinese market sellers and not high on my bucket list the same time I know a lot of people that are okay with it or at least Indifferent and they just don’t want me to show their face.

their brief location and for their own safety I’m going to look for the logic board first I know from past experience that’s often the hardest part to find I Just don’t know if I’m gonna be able to find S10 boards yet As long as I can find that part I’ll be able to find everything else no problem This is so confusing, I feel like a total beginner again What the heck is G935? I’m so lost i’ve don’t know these are Samsung boards Even in the great part of market Even in the right building I don’t know Market sellers here tend to cluster together not just based on what they’re selling, but also their hometown.

so it can be super confusing to find your way around. Logic board. No. No? Okay. No one has. Okay. Thank you. I realized I need to regroup I need to look up what all these Samsung parts and look like so that I know what I’m looking for, and that place that I go for this sort of thing is the Teardown guides that iFixit puts together and I want to thank them for sponsoring this video You know.

they would still be my go-to resource sponsorship or not But I am happy that they’re making it possible for me to spend so much time on this and to buy all these parts Okay, so here is the teardown guide for a Samsung Galaxy S10 I just wanted to see what the logic boards look like so that I know what to look for in the cases Right now all the turquoise logic boards are looking the same I also want to look up some up part numbers that I was seeing.

A G935 is… an S7, and an S10 is G973? G973…… I don’t see that anywhere. There don’t seem to be any S10 boards and there’s hardly any sellers selling Samsung logic boards at all Nothing compared to iPhone. A lot of fun parts come from places like this I call this place the underground─ underground chip market both.

because it’s physically underground but also there’s a lot of like a secondhand and Back-channel goods that flow through here people take phones apart and then separate all the parts clean them up test them and then sell them for repair or Refurbishing this sort of thing happens all throughout the neighborhood There used to be ladies that would sit on the sidewalk outside.

My old apartment shocking cell phones like oysters and on little stools I suspect a lot of the parts also come from waste in the manufacturing process Either stuff that was marked defective by the manufacturer or prototypes or things like that I’m not I’m not sure the big manufacturers are super pleased to know that their parts end up in places like this, but honestly, It’s far far better for the planet than grinding them up for scrap there need to be way way more Places in the world like this.

but the one problem with places like this is is if you want to buy parts You’ve gotta wait for enough broken bones to come through to be disassembled to create the supply of parts I think I’m gonna have to give up on an s10 for now and wait for more people that drop their phones I guess I’ll try for S9 instead? No have. No have? Okay, only plus. Wow, even S9 boards are hard to come by There’s tons of S8 though Well success.

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