How to Design a T-Shirt in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

How to Design a T-Shirt in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

How to Design a T-Shirt in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

What is up everybody Matt with Mikey Designs here we’re going to do a little bit of graphic design on screen I’m gonna kind of walk you through the process of me design something so stick around. we’regonna walk you through how I go about designing a t-shirt so let’s dive right into it. http://fashion

okay we are doing a little bit of some late night design worklast-minute order Kristi I really appreciate it if you read this about the design your t-shirt right here on camera so here is what Kristi has provided and let’s see here we are level number 83 so there gonna be some racecar shirts and guys bear with me I’m gonna work through this as quick as I can I’m not going to kind of talk about the commands.

and all that this time around because I’m gonna get to work so here’s what has been provided and let’s goahead and the first thing I’m going to do is use Photoshop I’m just going todrag all these over to photoshop and the first step I am going to do is we aregoing to essentially make clipping paths and not the cars or extract the cars from the background this image in particular is going to need a little bit of work to get rid of the the copyright.

you know the watermarks from the imagesso I’m going to dive right on in I’m just using my zoom tool here and firstthing I’m going to do it excuse me meant to hitcaps-lock I’m gonna make a clipping path I want to make sure that using combineshapes here I’m just going to dive right in and start drawing a clipping path pretty quickly and I do plan on having a Photoshop class on how to do a lot of these tricks so if I’m losing you a little bit well you’re just gonna have to bear with me.

and hopefully you might learn a little something from this soone of the great things about the pin tool as you see here I’m using the pintool to create a clipping path to essentially cut this image out of thebackground and we’re gonna blow through this pretty quickly at least theclipping part that when it comes to being a graphic designer the one of thehardest things is you know where do you go with this you’re almost kind of working with the blank canvas you got a client that has a particular need in thein this case you have a deadline to meet.

we have to have this is going to go on at-shirt so if you’re checking this video out in your graphic designer and you’rekind of watching what I’m doing here we are screen printers and this is going tobe screen printed on shirts so this video will be a two-part series can Icut really call it a series I don’t think it is it’s a tutorial and actually you’re kind of just watching me do this but I will show you how we end up printing this and how it ends up looking but as I was saying.

if you are a graphicdesigner one of the things you will find outabout clients sometimes they need stuff at the last minute and in this case isno exception but it’s all part of the job okay so weclosed off our path next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to go over here anddo subtract from shape and we’re gonna start drawing on the inside of this path that I just made.

and for you and for those of you that are new to usingPhotoshop you want to draw your outer shape first and then subtract from thatotherwise you’re going to get issues when it comes time to selecting things okay this looks like a shadow from thecar but I’m basically just kind of trimming out what is the interior ofthis car and at this very moment I and I’ll show you guys here in here in a bitonce I trim all this basically extract this car from the background and we’re not going to get too too too fancy with it.

at least I’m not going to mess with a lot of these holes here maybe this one here since it is the back window and we’re going to figure out a way to kind of make this work theseimages are pretty low res but that is okay with screen printing you tend tohigh res is best as always but you know sometimes you have what to work with what your client has provided.

and that’s it that’s just a case okay so I’m goingto go over here to my pass there’s my working path I’m gonna call this myclipping path and I’m just going to I’m not even gonna worry about the fact thatit’s all caps I’m gonna go over here and excuse me I’m gonna call this a clipping path I’m gonna make my flatness 0.3 that’s kind of my default and then I’m just gonna go ahead.

and save this as a TIF really quick and I’lljust create a new folder and we’ll call it builds normally I would normally Iwould just turn the caps lock off but I need to get through this quite quickquick so we’re gonna go ahead and save that I’m gonna go ahead and close thatone out and now we’re gonna go to this next image here and hit P on the keyboard.

see my pin tool make sure we’re using the combine shapes and we’re just gonna knock this dude out real quick real quick lack we’ll get it get rid of the background it might not look like I’mgetting rid of the background right this moment but you will see what I amtalking about I may end up doing this it will be a combination of illustrator andPhotoshop I might do most of the composition in Photoshop.

How to Design a T-Shirt in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

How to Design a T-Shirt in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

I might justbring an illustrator sometimes I tend to piece things together in Illustrator orI might do the whole thing in Photoshop and then bring some elements over anillustrator that I have designed because a lot of the time I do end up using illustrator to set my type I getting just my work flows a lot better when Ibounce between the two I’m pretty proficient would Photoshop however there are a lot of tricks that I can do an illustrator that just can’t do as quick in Photoshop.

so I mean if your Diels Photoshop then more power to you I wouldsuggest learning the bowtie because they’re both great programs and I canman a lot of stuff that I create is an illustrator and I can just bang stuffout same thing in Photoshop but I like to use a combination of thetwo which you will see here in a moment like I was saying some of the hardest things.

and this part here I you know it might have to end up being like somesort of cold background that fixes this issue because the fact that it’s justsitting in a field and you’re missing one of the cars you got to be creativeand figure out a way to problem-solve all that and I’m not going to mess withthese flowers here I’m not going to do all that I would try to do least amountof points as possible probably need to take a page out of my own book.

there andthat’s where Photoshop is gonna come in handy I’m gonna pull this in a littlemore looks like I moved the whole image okay we have that part of the clippingpath all taken care of now let’s next thing I’m going to do isuse these subtract from shape I’m pretty sure they don’t want her in there I’mpretty sure I could be wrong I might look like a fool.

if they do want her inthere although I don’t see why they would kind of looks like she’s hangingout from the driver’s side and notice you never know we well see they get thisracing seat in there that’s definitely something that they probably might want there’s no driver though there’s no driver there’s a wait actually I thinkshe is the driver Brent Brent Guillory I don’t know I might have to talk to them about that.

if she is the driver and her name is Brent then I will be surprisedbut I don’t think she needs to be in there they might come back and be likehey why’d you why’d you take Brent out I didn’t know Brent was a womanisn’t that right Shannon yeah I I don’t know I don’t know if brent is I’m prettysure Brent’s a dude and have her there might be as a girlfriend.

his wife orsomething hanging out the window but I am going to remove her for the initialconcept so we shall see and hopefully they like this designs I’m doing it last minute and like I said that’s just how it goes sometimesso let’s crank out some last minute creative stuff and sometimes it’s hardbeing creative at the last minute but I will say a lot of times that working under pressure it kind of forces you to get things done.

How to Design a T-Shirt in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

How to Design a T-Shirt in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

and come up withsomething versus if you just sit on it and you’re like I don’t know where I’mgoing with it I don’t know where I’m going with it I have no clue I do havesome images I pulled off the old interwebs that I may use for ideas that’s just kind of the way I work creatively so I’m going to call thisclipping path once again okay I’m gonna say this is a tip actually I probably should have save it as an EPS TIFF will be fine as long as it retains my clipping path sometimes.

I don’t know back in the day you had save it as a EPSthat it came in well but here I mean these days now it’s kind of they’repretty smart the the kind of date myself the version of Photoshop that startedout with was 5.5 and I think it was illustrator illustrator 5 as well so amI tell you a little something although illustrator 5 was so I stillreally use the same tricks that did an illustrator 5 think the newer versions are just it makes it easier to do things like drop shadows.

you kind of had tomanually do that where you would make a selection and then essentially create ashape and then blur that and kind of offset it so you guys are lucky you guysand gals out there lucky if you’re just getting into it for some of you outthere that still do graphic design and I’ve been in as long as I have and perhaps.

I don’t know if you are an art director or something along those linesand don’t screw around with it that much you know what I’m talking about you dothe hard work had to be that person to get to that spot and now are probably directing some younger people no you’re doing it wrong that’s not what I said anyhow you can see I’m kind of burning right through making all these clipping pass.

this part is easy partreally ah aha although you know what I didn’t do is I forgot to make this dudeto combine shapes now we can subtract let’s go back so I’m trying to one ofthe things about doing this on the fly and trying to record this is sometimes you might overlook stuff and you’re not quite as focus you’re getting rid of this window areait’s a pretty you know low res image so kind of hard to tell where the exact exact edges.

you have to be the person to determine where that’s at okay I’m gonna call this a clipping pathonce again 0.3 flatness and what the flatness means is if you boost thatnumber up some more when you bring that into let’s say if you brought it into InDesign or illustrator you’re gonna have some pretty hard edges so I point threes kind of when I found the beam a little bit of a sweet pot sweet spot and you notice that’s 1041 here okay got that.

one done this one’s gonna be realdoozy alright let me go back up here and make sure we’re starting out right andlike I said I mean if this word if this was going on some sort of big banner orsomething like that you definitely would notice look at that I forgot to tireover here I’m gonna go back but if I were going in some sort of large format where it was digitally printed offset for in it.

I think a lot of stuff digital these days unless it’s a huge run but you’re really not gonna tell too much on a t-shirt and makes some difference but okay this is what we haveto work with now hope fully we just make something really cool-looking because this isn’t something I do every day not just design part but doing a race specific t-shirt they generally have a specific style but I’m gonna throw my own little style in there yeah so much stuff to knock out.

the windows why why why can’t these cars just havetint on them or something and I wouldn’t have to trim all this stuff out I finally let being a graphic designer youget to kind of secretly bitch about certain things and you know your clientjust sees the end results but I think that probably comes with any professionyou take your car into a mechanic.

and something goes wrong you better believethey’re bitching about it not that I’m bitching too much just just need to blowthrough this quickly figure out some sort of decent layout and then we’regonna tie in some sort of cool-looking text I hope and figure it out like Isaid I’m gonna use some of these examples I took offline as a asinspiration okay.

we’re gonna call this clipping path once again go over to ouroptions and make the clipping path so now just need to save this out save itas a tiff and this is my builds generally I would label these but kindof need to do this quick quick Lac so I don’t know um let’s figure this outreal quick I might do it in Illustrator Photoshop maybe obviously I’m using both right now.

I’m going to go ahead and do my maximumprint size is 12 by 15 so let’s go ahead and make ourselves an illustratordocument I’m gonna place these guys on here and I’m gonna play with the layouta little bit come on computer do your thing double click get it to folder allright now I’m gonna place these on here let’s see how this ends up working out.

How to Design a T-Shirt in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

How to Design a T-Shirt in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

if I need to go back and save it as an EPS hopefully not no look at that it’sbackwards that one’s backwards I may have not clipped on one correctlyanyways our paths are working but obviously I didn’t do something right solet’s go back and take a look and see what we I did not do right okay open iton up what did i do some of these have okay so that.

one looks fine let’s find that image and close that one out and thatone I may have just blown through it too quickly let’s see do we do our clippingpath maybe it’s good and entering any flatness let’s see if that made a changeyes we want to update it pal look at that okay so we got that alltaken care of let’s take a look at this dude all right we got our flatness inthere but I think I jumped the gun and did not yep there it is that is the issue.

I hit save pal there we are there’s that dude just go ahead andclose that I’m sure it’s probably the same issue mmm nope you over to myclipping path yeah we made a clipping path all right maybe the inside of allthese windows which if that is a case not too big of a deal however yeah we’llhit some track and then we’re gonna go back and select the outer portion of ithit save and see what we got I am there it is getting ahead of myself so.

I’m gonna try and make all these cars about the same size be sure to holdshift and it will scale it to size and at this moment you know this might evenbe a moot point doing this but I so we’re gonna start out and I think I’mgonna kind of stagger some of these and maybe this car could have some text or something underneath that I’m gonna stagger them alittle bit we are way too big with our graphics okay so we’re off to the races yeah yeah oh good you know I don’t even think she even mentioned.

what she wanted on thereI’ll have to go back and check that but in the meantime I got me a little folderhere that labeled ideas I wonder what they arecould they be ideas no look at that they are ideas so okay I think one thing youwill notice in this particular instance with our client we’re charge them to put something together pretty quickly but we’re going to use the car images as is these are obviously redrawn.

but really and truly as quick as a turnaround timeis as much time as we have charged a day that this could have been this could bea three or four day project doing something like that redrawing all thesecars this one perhaps maybe today day and a half this one a different storykind of like how this one looks this is pretty cool too you might have to take something along the lines like that.

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