How To Do Facial Clean Up At Home Step By Step For Spotless – Clear Skin

How To Do Facial Clean Up At Home Step By Step For Spotless – Clear Skin

How To Do Facial Clean Up At Home Step By Step For Spotless – Clear Skin

We all need clean clear and beautiful skin but every one do not have that much time and money so that they can go to salon and pamper it, But do you know that for a healthy and radiant skin a regular face clean up is must.

Facial Clean Up At Home Step By Step

  • Clean Face
  • Facial Clean
  • Oily Skin
  • Dry Skin

clean up face at Your home

how to clean up face at ur home, So lets start First step for clean up is cleansing cleansing u can do this by taking any one of ur favorite face wash, Then take 4 to 5 tea spoon raw milk in a bowl Add 1 tea spoon Glycerin Mix it thoroughly, now with a cotton pad and with the mixture clean the face. skin/

Some time after washing face with face wash it doesn’t removes the impurity which clogs the pores and dirt is still there on the face With this cleansing milk the dirt will be removed completely and ur skin will glow after this wash ur face.

2 step:

is exfoliation (i.e) scrubbing this is an important step to remove dead cells from skin which make the skin dull if u dont have time then u can use ready made scrub but i will suggest to go for home made scrub for that take 1 tea spoon of crushed sugar in a bowl 1 tea spoon gram flour 1 to 1.5 tea spoon lemon juice 1 tea spoon honey mix throughly apply on full face and scrub for 4 to 5 minutes on full face by doing.

so u will get rid of dead cell, blackheads and it will prevent from pimples ur pores get uncloged and with this step skin becomes radiant and glowing after scrubbing for few minutes wash it now.

3 step:

steaming for doing this take a big bowl with hot water put 6 to 8 drops of lemon essential oil as u can add any other essential oil also but i recommend lemon essential oil now cover ur face and take steam for 5 minutes, specially where u have white heads and blackheads problem with steam blood circulation increases.

the toxins which r present in the skin comes out and it make skin glowing the impurities and derbies which are present in the skin gets soft and they can easily come out of skin so with this process skin gets deeply clean after taking steam for 5 minutes wipe ur face with a towel if u have blackhead then u will have to take a black head removing tool u can get it easily from a beauty shop.

after taking steam where ever u have black heads by pressing with this tool in down ward motion remove ur all blackheads don’t try to do anything with this tools on pimples!!! don’t touch on pimples because if u do so it will make acne scars and we don’t want that so with this only remove blackheads and whiteheads by steaming this white heads and black heads becomes soft.

it will easily get out of pores after this wash ur face with cold water u can rub ice cubes on whole face so that the pores which was opened can be closed after this step u will definitely see a clear clean and glowing skin.

4 step:

face mask for this u want 1 tea spoon fullers earth 1 tea spoon orange peel powder 1 tea spoon yogurt and little bit rose water mix thoroughly and make a face pack now apply it on face pack if u have a dry skin then i will suggest apply banana facial pack u can find in my artical.

if u have normal or oily skin then u can use this face mask facial is good for mature skin where as cleanup is suitable for all type of skin with bacterial, dirt, pollution all the hampering which we face on our skin can be removed only with cleanup with regular clean up all the dirt particle can be removed and our skin is able to breathe and with this u can keep away blackheads and white heads.

as well after applying this face mask wait for 20 to 25 minutes till it becomes dry after 20 to 25 minutes wash ur face with cleanup blood circulation increases and skin glows and u get rossy pink complexion so if u dont have time to do full facial do facial cleanup it is an option for getting clean clear and glowing skin so this was my today’s artical, if u find it helpful then share it with ur friends try this cleanup at ur home.

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