How to Fix Mobile Data not Working on iPhone

How to Fix Mobile Data not Working on iPhone

How to Fix Mobile Data not Working on iPhone

hey everyone, it is really annoying to find no internet connection on iphone as you are unable to access many of your apps or even browse on Safari if you are also experiencing data connectivity issues with your iPhone here the best ways to trouble shoot the problem.

Ways to fix iphone mobile data not working try the easiest fix first disable and enable the mobile data go toSettings mobile data tap the switch to turn it off and again tap to turn it on.

Turn on off airplane mode under settings turn on airplane mode when airplane modeis on the mobile data turns off later again turn of the airplane mode to switch on mobile data restart iPhone restarting mobile device often resolves the connection of internet on home and hold.

the volume down button and the power button simultaneously to restart your iPhone now check if the iPhone mobile data has started working or not we insert sim card your iPhones him connects to your wireless carriers network sometimes ejecting and inserting.

the same card helps to connect internet on mobile it is also possible that your SIM card may be damaged in such a case contact to your service provider to replace the sim check carrier settings update from time to time.

iPhone care providers like AT&T Sprint t-mobile and varies on etc release updates it is important to install these updates to improve your mobile data efficiency you may see a message on your iPhone asking for carrier settings update whenever a new update is available.

however you can manually check and install a carrier setting update by following connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fior mobile data tap Settings General about if an update is available you will see a pop-up to update your carrier settings click on update if no pop-upappears it means there is no carrier setting up data available reset network settings move to reset network settings method.

after you have tried above methods to fix not working mobile data remember this will clear your saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords data settings and VPN and APN settings to reset network settings on iPhone follow settings general about preset reset network settings enter your passcode choose reset network settings and ignore the masses that this section will delete all your network settings.

next turn off your iPhone switch on after few seconds this should fit the iPhone mobile data to contact your carrier sometimes the issue could be ID on mobile data carrier and contact your carrier to check about proper data services or if any outagesin your area that might be leading to unresponsive internet on your iPhone try these ways as one of it is surely going to rescue you from the problem iPhone mobile data not working.

How to Turn Off Cellular Data On Your iphone

How to Turn Off Cellular Data On Your iphone

Hi everybody, your iOS tip of the day. If you like many of us, don’t have unlimited data usage from your network provider then you’ll need to look for ways to stop precious data drainage. Turning off cellular data ensures your phone doesn’t use the cellular network to send or receive data. It will still connect to Wi-Fi networks, but if your signal drops, it won’t automatically switch back to using cellular data so no nasty surprises.

To turn off cellular data, tap Settings, then Cellular (Cellular Data if you’re using an iPad) then toggle Cellular Data off. When you turn off cellular data, your data services like email, web browsing, push notifications, and others will use Wi-Fi. You also won’t be able to receive MMS messages, retrieve Visual Voicemail messages or use Personal Hotspot.

In the same menu, you can also turn Data Roaming on or off: Data Roaming allows you to access the Internet over a cellular data network when you’re in an area that isn’t covered by your carrier’s network. When you’re traveling, you can turn off Data Roaming to avoid roaming charges. Some apps use Push Notifications to alert you of new data.

Apps that use push notifications (such as instant messaging or social media apps) will use cellular data. To turn off push notifications, go to Settings, then Notifications.

Tap on the app you’re looking for, then toggle ‘Allow Notifications’ off. What if you want to keep on using cellular data for some apps, but not others? Like when you don’t want to miss any FaceTime messages? Simply head to Settings, and then Cellular. Then scroll down to see a list of your apps. Toggle the buttons on or off for each one. And there you have it!

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