How To Get Healthy Glowing Skin In Winter For Dry Skin in 2020 / 2021

How To Get Healthy Glowing Skin In Winter For Dry Skin in 2020 / 2021

How To Get Healthy Glowing Skin In Winter For Dry Skin in 2020 / 2021

how to get healthy glowing skin in the winter And winter skin care routine for dry skin. winter skincare routine for dry skin During the winter time the environment really dries out our skin No matter how much we moisturize our skin it ends up drying out and evaporating That’s why it is important to moisturizeand hydrate the skin but also to prepare So that the moisture doesn’t leave We’ve prepared five do’s and five don’ts for dry skin in the winter time So please stay tuned.

Do 1: Daily habits to keep skin hydrated Make sure the indoor environment is maintained between 18°C and 22°C And also 40% to 60% humidity levels And continuously moisturize with spraymist Excessive cleansing and showering Could actually weaken your skin’sbarrier making you lose more moisture So reduce the amount of times you cleanse and rub your skin and gently cleanse and wipe your face Rough fabric aggravates the skin and it can make the skin itchy and dry So try to wear comfortable cotton clothing.

Do 2: Eat foods that keep skin hydrated It is equally as important to care for the skin interior wise as you care for the exterior Drink 1.5 to 2Ls of water every day and eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in moisture Especially if you have dry skin Try to take in foods with amino acids such as broccoli avocados carrots and honey. They are all natural moisturizers.

Do 3: Hydrating ingredients thatwill keep your skin moisturized Ingredients such as propolis fentanyl ceramides and avocado oil help moisturize the skin The flavonoids contained in propolis helps remove the active oxygen that speeds aging in the skin And also helps with elasticity and moisturization Use a nourishing ampoule that takes from the strong antioxidant properties of propolis To strengthen,

the skin this could also fight inflammation and irritation And strengthen the skin’s immunity Ampoules that are nourishing are perfect for the winter time And if they contain soothing properties like centella asiatica Or hydrating properties like betaine it’s even better Panthenol commonly used in natural cosmetics helps hydrate sensitive skin And also prevent itchiness and inflammation on dry skin Ceramide prevents the loss of moisture on the skin and avocado oil protects the skin making it perfect for dry winters.

Do 4: Use oils that moisturize the skin During the winter when the wind is crazycold your skin can not only feel itchy But also painful from the super coldness Using purified vegetable oil or jojoba oil helps moisturize the skin And penetrate deep into the skin to help regenerate it In particular we recommend you select natural oils to increase moisturizing power.

Do 5: Hydrating post-cleanse night care Generally 20% of the skin’s moisture evaporates one minute after cleansing Make sure you apply proper skincare on your face within five minutes at the latest. The main point of winter skincare isprotection and nourishment Maintain this against moisture and strengthen the skin’s barrier to prevent itchiness and dryness Use a low pH cleanser that helps balance.

the skin’s pH level and Give the instant softening and hydrating effect to the skin Use a cleanser that not only exfoliates the skin but has antibacterial properties that help fight acne And also has a peeling effect which gives you a toning effect and also hydrates the skin Look for LHA and PHA which helps heal skin faster with extra antioxidant and inflammatory properties Use a toner.

that contains hyaluronic acid to keep your skin hydrated Use toners that are gentle and do not contain irritants parabens artificial colors and fragrances Or anything else that could irritate the skin It’s super hydrating and lightweight But also helps restore damaged andweakened skin through centella asiatica extract So it promotes new skin growth which fights dryness and itchiness that had happened during the winter time Also use sheet masks to help reconstruct.

the skin barrier Use a gentle sheet mask made with soft tencel fiber Which is perfect for a start or end of the day in the cool winter time especially Due to the soothing properties and the hydrating properties of the essence Because the skin is especially sensitiveand irritated during the cool winter times It is super important to take care of your skin with cooling and calming and hydrating products.

Use a vitamin E cream to moisturize the skin Look for moisturizers with a lightweight gel like finish that absorbs deep into the skin Without leaving any stickiness Without being oily the skin will be deeply moisturized vitamin E helps to brighten adark complexion and also helps to fight dullness that can occur during thewinter times don’t what avoid skin Don’t 1: Avoid skin drying havbits Drying your hair before applying your skin care dries out your skin super bad make sure to apply your skin care before drying your hair.

When washing your hair especially when rinsing it out make sure you don’t get shampoo or conditioner on your face No matter how gentle the surfactants and silicone Contained in these products canblock your pores and create problems on your face Don’t 2: Avoid foods that dryout the skin if you have a bad habit of eating fast food spicy food salty food and oily foods often.

Then you have a chance of not only making your skin drybut getting eczema acne or hives Also it is important that you drink water overcaffeinated drinks Don’t 3: Use ingredients that dry out your skin Alcohol and ethanol are famous for drying out the skin Alcohol and ethanol can make the skin feel cool for a moment but long-term use could actually strip away moisture from your skin.

And evaporate moisture you have so stare away from it If these ingredients make a continuous contactwith the skin it can even cause itchiness Don’t 4: Frequent exfoliation We often turn to exfoliation if our skin becomes rough and dry Or if our makeupdoesn’t apply very well however frequent exfoliation could causeharsh irritation to the skin Removing skin that shouldn’t be removed and eventually causing the layer of dead skin to be thicker.

But cleansing or using a mask before removing the layer built up dead skin Also preventsabsorption of moisture so when the skin is dry exfoliate just once or twice a week while giving the skin plenty of moisture Don’t 5: Harsh cleansing harsh cleansing for dry skin in the winter is a definite no We tend to use hot water when it’s cold outside But hot water could actually lower our skin’s temperature This releases the skins moisture and damagesthe layer of lipid within the skin’s barrier Because it is difficult to cleanse thoroughly using cold water.

We recommend you use luke warm water inparticular it is best to use a low pH cleanser That is gentle and mild and hydrating on the skin So how was this artical. we really hope that this artical helped you guys out with winter dryness. we’ll be back with an even better artical next time. where we are going to give you tips On creating a healthy and beautiful body we’re so excited because this is Something you guys have been asking us for quite a while And we’re finally able to answer So stay tuned and don’t forget you’re beautiful just as you are.

Dry Skin Tips For Winter

Dry Skin Tips For Winter

Do you suffer from dry, itchy, flaky skin every single winter? If so, you’re not alone. In this artical, I’m going to share seven evidence-based tips to reduce that skin dryness – to reduce that itchiness. If you’re interested, keep watching! I get dry skin every single winter and it’s dry, it’s itchy and flaky, especially on the legs.

The face is okay because I moisturize well but thelegs – nothing seems to work. So I decided that this year I would do the research and I would figure out ways to prevent that dry skin from happening in the first place. So this artical is basically a summary of all the research that I did. As usual, you can find the references in the case you want to read more.

And just wanted to point out I am NOT a dermatologist I am NOT a skin care expert. I’m just someone who likes to research. So let’s begin.Tip number one is to change your shower habits and this is by far the hardestthing to change because in the winter it’s so nice to be under a hot shower. It just feels amazing but that is so bad for your skin.

Most dermatologists do not recommend a long hot shower. It’s probably the worst thing you could dofor dry skin because it just makes it drier. You’re basically stripping away that body oil that you need to have good healthy skin. So what can you do? The first thing you can do is reduce the temperature of your water.

It doesn’tneed to be hot – it needs to be warm so it needs to be comfortable. You don’t wantto be uncomfortable in the shower but not hot, not scalding, not steaming. That’s not good for your skin. The second thing you could do is to reduce the amount oftime you spend in the shower. Now I tend to spend quite a bit of time in theshower because I start to think about things and I know a lot of people do that.

They start to daydream. I don’t daydream but I think a lot so thathappens in the shower and before you know it, it’s been 20 minutes in theshower. 20 minutes in the shower it’s too much in any season, especially in the winter. So you want to reduce your shower time to under 10 minutes and maybe even 3 or4 minutes on the days you’re really not that dirty. So try to avoid too much time inthe shower and try to reduce the temperature.

Tip number two is to change your cleansing habits. So obviously cleansingis important. Maintaining hygiene is important but the type of cleanser youchoose and how you use it can have a really big impact on your skin. Now I’mnot going to provide product recommendations because let’s face it -what I can find in my country may not be available in yours and what works for my skin and my budget may not work for yours.

So we’re going to leave the product recommendations out but I am going to provide a few guidelines. So let’s talk about the cleanser first. So when it comes to a cleanser you want to look forsomething that’s not too stripping on the skin. You know that feeling whenyour skin is squeaky clean and tight after cleaning? That means your skin’s beenover stripped – a lot of the natural body oils have been removed and that’s not agood thing. So avoid cleansers like that. Avoid cleansers that have sulfates.

Sulfates can be very harsh on the skin. Look for something that is mild.. that is gentle.. perhaps even a milky cleanser. Something that’s formulated forsensitive skin. A lot of those products tend to work a lot better for dry skin.So look for something that is not going to irritate your skin. Also look forsomething that’s fragrance free. The American Dermatology Association recommends fragrance free.

The reason for this is fragrance can be an irritant andif you’re dealing with dry skin sometimes it is irritated as well solook for something that’s very simple. The second thing to remember aboutcleansing is to avoid over cleansing. This goes for your face, your hands andyour body. I think the routine that we have in thesummer is not necessarily the best routine in the winter.

So in the summer we’re sweaty, we’re dirty, we tend to get stinky faster -we need to clean more. In the winter, you don’t need to so avoid over cleansing. In the book BEYOND SOAP, the author (who is a dermatologist) actually recommended not cleaning your entirebody from top to bottom every single day with soap or with a body wash. It’sunnecessary.

Which kind of makes sense. Your arms and legs aren’t getting dirty in the winter. You’re not rolling around in mud. So avoid cleaning too much. Just keep itto a minimum. Keep it to what you need to and don’t over cleanse. Tip number three is to apply moisturizer right after you wash your face, your hands or your body.

I used to apply moisturizer to dry skin and I think that’s how a lot of people do it but it’s actually not as effective as applying moisturizer on damp skin. When your skin is damp and then you put moisturizer on top of itit’s actually going to lock in some of that surface moisture so your skin will look plumper and healthier and I do find it’s a lot more effective.

So that’s something I’ve started to do whether I’m applying moisturizer to my face, my hands or my body. So make sure it’s on damp skin and hopefully that will help with some of that dryness and it’s also a tip that the American Dermatology Association recommends as well. Tip number four is to use a thicker creaminstead of a lotion.

Dry Skin Tips For Winter

Dry Skin Tips For Winter

Now I like lotions because they’re easy to apply, they comein a pump bottle… they’re convenient… they’re not greasy. So I used to use alotion all throughout winter. I used to buy a thicker lotion but here’s the thing. A lot of lotions have quite a bit of water and they don’t have enough ofthe occlusive ingredients. Basically the ingredients that are going to keep your skin protected from the elements.

It’s going to reduce the amount of moisture you’relosing from the skin. So you want to look for products that are thicker.. that havemore occlusive ingredients such as shea butter or cocoa butter and just look for something that’s in a tub. Usually the items that are in a tub are thick enoughfor the winter. Lotions – use them in the summer – they’re just usually not thatgreat for the winter and also look for something that’s fragrance free.

This is also something the American Association of Dermatology recommends. The reason for this is that fragrance is honestly not beneficial in skin care. It doesn’t do any thing for your skin. It makes the product more appealing to use but it can be a potential irritant so just avoid the fragrance if you aredealing with dry, irritated skin and I personally started avoiding fragrance because of other reasons.

My cats don’t like it if I use a fragranced body butterbecause you know a lot of them are heavily fragranced. My cats run away fromme. They really don’t like it so I have to use fragrance-free hand lotions, fragrance-free body lotions… other wise they won’t get near me! So that’s myreason for using fragrance-free. But it’s also better for your skin.

Five is to protect your hands- wear gloves. So if you’re going outdoors it is always a good idea to take your gloves with you. A lot of us do but sometimesyou forget and if you’re not wearing your gloves, your hands can get very dry.I go for outdoor walks and the days I don’t take my gloves, my hands pay for it.So definitely remember to take your gloves and apply moisturizer before youput your gloves on – even better. So try to do that.

The other thing to remember is when you’re cleaning try to wear gloves. A lot of times when we’re cleaning around the house we’re coming into contact with things that can dry our hands out. In the summer, it might not be a big thing but in the winter when things are already dry, it’s so much easier to get dry hands. So let’s say you’re cleaning your dishes. http://beauty

The detergent that you’re using is designed to cleangrease off of dirty dishes. It’s actually pretty harsh – that can dry out your skin.And also hot water – remember we talked about in tip one. Hot water not a goodthing for dry skin, so try to avoid washing dishes by hand. Try to avoidcleaning by hand. Use your gloves. Tip number six – don’t overheat your home. Nowobviously you have to heat your home in the winter because you want to becomfortable but there’s a difference between a comfortable temperature and over heating.

When you over heat your home the air in your home that’s already dry becomes warm, dry air and that warm, dry air can make your skin feel drier. It can make your nostrils feel drier. I used to over heat my place, I’m not proud of itbut honestly it made my nose so dry and my skin so dry and even my younger cat..his tail started to flake. So no overheating.

Heat your home as much asyou need to. Wear more clothes but just try to avoid over heating your home. Tip number seven is to use a humidifier. This is actually something that I’ve talked about in a previous artical and I do find that using a humidifier makes a big difference when I remember to use it. Now if you’ve never used a humidifier beforethere are so many different options and it can be daunting to pick a humidifier.

I use a cool mist humidifier and I find it really effective but it can get moldy so youhave to keep it really clean but it is an effective way to make the airless dry. Now we have a bonus tip! I know I said seven tips but we haveeight in this video and the bonus tip is about lip balm.

Now the lips can get very dry in the winter.. that’s because our lips don’t produce any oil and they’revery exposed to the elements, so they do get very dry and a lot of us turn to lip balm but sometimes that lip balm makes the problem worse. In the book BEYOND SOAP, the author who’s a dermatologist, talks about lip balm and she recommend savoiding the balms that have certain ingredients which can be potentially irritating.

So an example would be something like fragrance. Again we talkedabout fragrance. Essential oils.. some of them can be quite irritating to the skin. Cinnamon, menthol these kinds of things are very very common in lip balm and that might be the reason why your lip balm is irritating you. It’s making your skin dry and chapped.

So try to avoid those kind of lip balms. So look for something that has very simple ingredients that is not going toirritate your skin. Anyway I hope you enjoyed to read this artical and you found it informative. If you did, you know what to do. I will see you in the next artical which will be a digital detox challenge to do before 2020 hits. If you’re interested, stay tuned and I will see you next time.

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