How to Get Rid of Dark Circles – 7 Pro Tips and Natural Remedies

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles – 7 Pro Tips and Natural Remedies

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles – 7 Pro Tips and Natural Remedies

so have you ever woken up and had darkcircles under your eyes? well in this video I’m gonna share with you 7 Protips on how you can get rid of dark circles. let’s take a look hey what’s upthis is dr. Allen here from the doctor eye health show helping you learn all about the eyes. http://beauty

and finding the best vision products if you’re new here to thechannel and you like taking care of your eyes then consider hitting that subscribe buttondown below and turn on notifications so you don’t miss any of my future videos alot of people have dark circles because you can see their blood vessels in their eyelids.

and that’s either because they have more capillaries or the ones theyhave are thicker and larger and because the skin of the eyelid is the thinnestin the body you can see them more easily so my first tip is to shrink your bloodvessels with caffeine caffeine acts as a diuretic to help get fluid out of yourbody but it also helps to constrict your blood vessels at least momentarily sodrinking a cup of coffee.

a cup of black tea can help constrict your bloodvessels and get the dark circles to be less apparent you can also try themoistened tea bag trick if you want because caffeine can also be absorbedthrough the skin that’s exactly why some medications andcreams for dark circles have caffeine in them as an additive tip number two is toalso treat eye allergies your eyelids and the blood vessels within the eye lids become inflamed very easily due to allergies allergic reactions are causedby a chemical called histamine.

histamine causes your blood vessels to dilate andstart to release more fluid that fluid will accumulate and cause eye bags andalthough people often confuse eye bags with dark circles they are not the samething but thankfully in this case the treatments are very similar to manageyour allergies you can try over-the-counter oral antihistamines.

you can try topical antihistamine eyedrops the branded eyedrop called Patadayjust became over-the-counter in many countries and is honestly one ofthe best eyedrops for eye allergies. you can also try eyelid wipes specificallyfor allergies this is one from Ocusoft which is kind of like a wet wipe for theeyelids.

an extra pro tip is that if you are a makeup wearermake sure to clean that makeup off before going to bed otherwise allergenscan stick on to that makeup and then you’re just holding those right onto theeyelids overnight and even better yet just stop wearing eye makeup altogetherbecause you are beautiful just the way you are tip number.

three isto do cold compresses just like icing your elbow or your knee after it’s beeninjured it’ll help reduce the swelling of the blood vessels and slow down fluidmovement which causes the swelling you can do cold compresses by using an eyemask like this one you can also just grab a bag of frozen peas out of the freezer.

you can do the frozen spoon trick where you put a couple of spoonsinto the freezer and after a few hours then you can put the frozen spoon ontoyour eyelid and that’ll cool down the swelling hey are you getting value outof this video if so smash that like button for me and leave a comment belowof which one of these tips works.

the best for you otherwise let’s keep goinganother reason people get dark circles is because the skin on the eyelid is thethinnest skin on the body it’s about a half a millimeter thick and some peoplehave thinner skin than others and to help with this honestly prevention is the most important so tip number four is to prevent skin damage by wearing UVlight blocking pointment sand creams or wearing.

How to Get Rid of Dark Circles – 7 Pro Tips and Natural Remedies

a hundred percent UV lightprotecting sunglasses because in the long-term UV light from the Sun cancause damage to the skin and even thin the skin tip number five is to also usesome sort of moisturizing cream around the eyelids to help support andstrengthen the tissue you can also contact your dermatologist for possible.

prescription medications to help thicken that skin as well and tip number six isto get more rest at night not getting enough sleep can decrease hormone levelsand thin the skin and negatively affect your blood vessels and take it from mycat getting between seven and nine hours of sleep at night is recommended and anextra pro tip is that when you are sleeping sleep with a slight incline sothat any fluid that’s accumulating around your eyes drains to the rest of your body.

another major cause of dark circles is hyperpigmentation of theeyelid and honestly this one’s really hard to treat on your own just becausesome people naturally have more pigment of their skin around their eyelids yehgenetics but tip number seven is that you can also try using makeup concealersor optical diffusers to help blend in the color of your eyelids with yourfacial tissue or consult a dermatologist in your area for possible treatments of pulsed light the rapy.

other laser treatments to help treat thehyperpigmentation you have of your eyelids hey if this video helpedyou out make sure to like it and share it if you’d like to learn more aboutother eyelid conditions and treatments go ahead.

how to remove dark circles naturally in 4 days

how to remove dark circles naturally in 4 days

Hello… friends welcome to PPTV I am Anishka and today I will share with you guys a most common problem of both girls and boys and that is Dark Circles for girls making their eyes beautiful is most important thing and for that we use eyelijner, mascara and eyelashes but when we notice dark circles under our eyes which make them unpleasant friends.

dark circles or wrinkles causes due to for reducing these dark circles I will tell you two steps for first step we need you can also extract gel from aloe- vera leaves firstly grate cucumber and potato using a grater after that strain them using a strainer and extract their juices we have to extract atleast one table spoon juices of both the potato and cucumber and now mix all the ingredients together in a bowl gel or paste is ready now.

now you refrigerate this mixture for about 10 to 15 minutes approx after 15 minutes take out the mixture from the fridge before applying this mixture we have to gently clean our eyes wherever you have dark circles using a cotton wipe now with the help of your fingertips apply this gel under your eyes cucumber contains ascorbic and caffeic acids which prevent water retention reduces swelling or puffiness of eyes.

potato has natural bleaching agent which lighten and moisturises our skin aloe-vera has anti ageing properties which improves our skin collagen and making our eyes healthy looking by providing moisture to our eyes honey as a natural sugar making our skin tighten and glowing leave as it is for 20 to 30 minutes after that wash it with cold water.

these ingredients will benefit you a lot and reduces puffiness and dark circles and making your eyes beautiful for second step we need mix both the ingredients well and this mixture is ready now apply this under your eyes and across your eyebrows vitamin E as a good antioxidant which fight against free radicals helps in reducing wrinkles or dark circles if your under eye layer is dry.

then rose water hydrate it and its also an anti- inflammatory agent which reduces redness of our skin when u left it overnight its all ingredients will deeply penetrate into your skin and helps it in healing for seeing effective results you have to apply this twice a day firstly in the morning and secondly before sleep at night so friends here comes some tips which helps you greatly in preventing wrinkles or dark circles first tip is you have to drink more.

and more water second you have to sleep for about 7 to 8 hours daily thirdly keep your under eye skin moisturised for which you can use rose water or olive oil fourth tip is always wear goggles whenever you go out during the day time so that sun”s UV rays can’t penetrate directly on your eyes and lastly reduce the use of coffee or nicotine one more avoid cigarette completely so friends if you are suffering from dark circles or wrinkles then try this remedy.

dark circles under the eyes – daily do,s of dermatology

dark circles under the eyes – daily do,s of dermatology

Here’s another daily tip from your friendly local dermatologist. Dark circles under the eyes. It’s a problem. And it’s a problem that’s really, really hard to treat, because, this skin right here is super thin, and because it’s so thin, it kind of tends to show things more than the thicker skin does.

Now there’s all sorts of things online, that’ll cost you a ton of money, that promise you the sun and the moon to get rid of these, and not too many things actually work. Prevention as always, is way better than treatment. So some things to prevent is make sure you’re eating well, okay? If you’re not eating well, your whole body isn’t gonna do as well.

Number two, get enough sleep. We all know we need eight hours of good sleep with the TV turned off, and restful. We need to be able to give our bodies a chance to reset. And that’s pivotally important not only for brain function, but also for skin function. You can, if you always have puffy eyes, you can actually try Preparation-H.

Now don’t get it in your eyes, and I wouldn’t advertise it to your friends that you’re putting butt cream on your eyes, but, that was intentional by the way, but, you can put a little bit of it right here, and it should help kind of take away some of those dark circles and the puffiness that’s there.

But please don’t get it in your eyes, and please talk to a doctor before you do that. There are other things that your plastic surgeon or your dermatologist can do from procedures, sometimes people need a fat pad removed underneath, because as we get wiser, the little bit of fat underneath our eyelids, it grows and grows and grows. And for some people, not all, but for some people, removing that fat pad can help.

Some people, it’ll give you that gaunt look that you just don’t want at all. So please be careful with that. There are creams that we can use. There’s prescription stuff we can use. We can inject PRP into here to help. We can do fillers. There’s a lot of stuff that your dermatologist or your plastic surgeon can do to help with that. But please, let’s start with the basics. Eat well. Get enough sleep. And see where we are from there.

puffy eye bags and dark circles – removing the fat, and regenerating eyelid skin with prp

puffy eye bags and dark circles – removing the fat, and regenerating eyelid skin with prp

Thank you for your question. You submittedtwo photos and you’re asking what’s the best treatment for under eye puffiness and purplecolor and you described that one eye is worse than the other and occasionally you’re askedif you have a black eye. Well, I can certainly assist you with thisquestion, I’m a Board-certified cosmetic surgeon and fellowship trained Oculofacial plasticsurgeon, practicing in Manhattan and Long Island for over twenty years and under eyebags is one of the most common issues we deal with in our practice.

So I think I can help you understand what your situation is and how we approach peoplelike yourself who come to our practice. To begin with let’s understand what the puffinessis. The puffiness represents something calledLower eyelid fat prolapse, Lower eyelid fat prolapse means that the fat that’s normally around the eyes pushes forward and creates a bulge and is constantly there.

It can beasymmetric and because it’s a fat pocket, it’s something that’s not amenable to topicaltreatments such as the use of creams or anything else. What we do in our practice for someone likeyourself with the photos you presented, is we would do something called a lower eyelidtransconjunctival blepharoplasty.

what that means is we address the fat pockets from theinside the eyelid avoiding an external incision and basically even with asymmetric bags whichis very typical I can actually sculpt appropriately to try to balance out symmetry as best aspossible as far as color is concern, the under eye area, people come into our practice complainingof dark under eye circles the purplish color and the reddish color etc.

So to understand this, we have to understandwhat the layers of skin and tissue is all the way down to the bone level. Starting withthe top, the skin can be discolored from sun exposure it can be discolored from geneticsand hereditary effects.

It can be also discolored a little bit further deeper, because the skinis so transparent or translucent that you can actually see the Orbicularis muscle themuscle that’s underneath the eyes which is of a reddish hue and you can also have somethingcalled allergic shiners which are the result of chronic was called venous drainage or congestionin the bottom of the eyelids and you get was called Hemosiderin staining.

So there’s a lot of reasons for discolorationand in our practice when we perform lower eyelid blepharoplasty it’s very routine tohelp the skin quality improve using a combination of something called platelet-rich plasma whichis derived from your own blood and contains the growth factors necessary for wound healingthe intention is to try to help add some collagen and improve quality of the skin so it’s alittle bit less translucent in addition we also routinely do something called fractionalCO2 laser.

this helps improve the skin texture and quality as well as improve some of thefine lines. Now all these things don’t necessarily haveto be done at once and there is an upper limit especially when you’re dealing with the skinbecause the skin of a lower eyelid is only half a millimeter in thickness so a lot oftimes we can definitively treat of course the puffiness in one procedure but in orderto get the optimal results with the skin we have to do these PRP treatments maybe onceevery three to six months depending on how you responded.

what your goal is the laseris usually done just once and sometimes we also add some topical treatments with moreactive ingredient such as various Retinol and things like that we have our own skincare line in our practice that we customize to help our patients look better.

So at this point I think it will be a suggestionfor you to meet with qualified experienced cosmetic surgeons who do a lot of eyelid surgeryand learn about some of these options and see if these options make sense for you it’simportant that you be comfortable with the doctor, in my practice.

I perform my proceduresunder local anesthesia with light sedation this is in contrast to doing these proceduresunder general anesthesia it’s been my experience that patients tend to heal faster recoverfaster feel better after this type of surgery and we do our procedures in our own officeoperating facilities in both Manhattan and Long Island which are certified by the JointCommission.

Again to optimize patient both safety andcomfort by doing work in a hospital level in terms of safety but in a more comfortableenvironment and office setting now this are the things that do matter to a lot of peoplewhen they’re choosing a surgeon for their procedure. So again, meet with qualified experienced doctors and once you’re comfortable with one that you feel will do a good job for you, move forward. So I hope that was helpful. I wish you the best of luck. Thank you for your question.

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