How to improve iPhone iPad and iPod Touch Battery Life

How to improve iPhone iPad and iPod Touch Battery Life

How to improve iPhone iPad and iPod Touch Battery Life

Battery Life the most Important asset your Apple mobile device has. Dramatically extend the battery life on your iphone, ipad or ipod Touch Starting from the home screen locate and access your settings The first thing you want to do is identify what exactly is consuming your power Scroll down under general settings and locate usage.

When you are there tap on battery usage Depending on many different factors this could take a few seconds to populate. Right here you can see what applications are sucking at your battery life! if that application is not critical Stop using it.

Consider deleting apps that are killing your battery life. and if you are ever in a crunch with your battery life Stay away Apple, like many device manufacturers. sometime puts features into its products that seem really cool but in reality they fracking kill your battery life.

Parallax is the perfect example, it moves the background of your screen when you move your device around. this requires processing power which requires battery power. turn that crap off! Go to general setting and then into accesibility. Find and then tap on reduce motion. by turning Reduce Motion ON, you are turning Parallax off in turn saving your battery life.

If for some reason you have bluetooth on turn it off. What you are doing by having it on is having your device constantly look for other devices to pair with. Obviosly this kills your battery life The same thing goes for WIFI if your not using the internet consider turning wifi off.

Thos two tips go a long way. On devices with cellular data you can still use 3G that consumes much less battery than LTE. If you consider that you can go a while without the internet completley, consider turning cellular data off. Cellular is one of the biggest battery hogs. Another tip that you might not know about is managing your notifications.

When an app is going out there every few minutes to retrieve new information it uses battery power. if you can live without notifications just shut them off. The next tip is hiding inside of your control center. yo open control center by swiping up from the bottom of your display. at the very bottom of control center find airdrop.

You can use airdrop to share files with other Apple devices but if your not using then its just killing your battery. I would suggest you turn it off. The next tip is not only huge for your privact but for your battery as well. in order to use many of the apps on your device you agree by default to sharing your location.

If you have many applications sharing your location every few minutes then your killing your batteyr life. Go back into cettings and find the privacy settings. Once you are in find location services. Inside of location services you’ll be able to see a list of all the apps that have permisison to use your location.

I bet you there are some apps on the list you didn’t realize where sharing your location. Look sharing your location with some apps like maps makes sense. Go into every app on the list and decide if you want to share your location with the app or not. Obviously the more apps you stop sharing your location witth the more battery life you’ll preserve.

Another thing you can do under settings is go to iTunes and App store. There you can decide if you want music, apps books or updates to download automatically. If you want to preserve your battery then you don’t. turn those off.

Trust me when I say is the last thing you want to do is download an update while your battery is running low! Another thing you can do to preseve your battery life is to prevent apps from automatically going to the internet and refreshing their content without you telling them to. Go back to general settings and scroll down to Backround App refresh.

Here you can decide what apps you authorize to go online and refresh themselves without you triggering it. Again the less apps you have doing this the less taxing it will be on your battery life. If you are running out of battery one of the best things you can do is to lower your display brightness. Bottom line here is the lower you go the more battery you will be saving.

Only two more tips to go. Go to your mail settings and locate where it says fetch new Data. I you are okay with having your iOS device get your email every 15 or 30 minutes instead of every few seconds. Then you should definetley change this. Simply turn push off and select 15 or 30 minutes. You will prevent your battery being depleted by not having your device check for mail every few seconds.

This last tip makes a huge difference! open your multitasking. On your iPad with 5 fingers just swipe up. If not on any other iOS device press the home button twice. multi tasking opens. This is all the stuff you have running in the background. With your finger just swipe up on each one of these to close them. Apps stay open unless you do this. So if your not doing this you are not only wasting your battery life but your iOS device is likely slowing down. If you like this artical please share it with your friends.

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