How To Increase Mobile Data Speed on Android Phones – Make Your 4G LTE Faster!

How To Increase Mobile Data Speed on Android Phones – Make Your 4G LTE Faster!

How To Increase Mobile Data Speed on Android Phones – Make Your 4G LTE Faster!

what’s going on guys in this artical I’ll tell you guys how you can increase mobile data speed on your Android phone these steps are very easy to follow and so let’s get started the first thing you’ll need to do is to install the app on your phone it’s by Cloud Flare and you can get it from PlayStore and once you have installed it open it and it will show you as disconnected.

if you’re installing it for the first time and you need to enable itso what actually happens when you enable is that instead of using the DNS service by your internet service provider it’s gonna use the one by CloudFlare which are relatively much more faster and it reduces the time it will take for the DNS.

the domain name to be translated into IP address the impact of this might vary if the DNS servers are really slow then you’ll notice a significant improvement when you’re requesting for new web pages now once we are done with that we can move on to the next step which is to check for background usageon your phone so what you’ll need to do go do is go into settings and then go into data usage and then you’ll need to go through all the applications that you have installed.

if they’re using data services in the background or not if they are then maybe you can select on them let’s say Amazon Alexa and you candisable it once you have done let’s say disabled it it should no longer be usingbackground data services and only requesting data when you’re actively using it so that is done and there are a couple of other things that you can do as well so one thing that you can do is that alot of people use 4G services.

what actually happens is that in a major citysince a lot of people are using 4G it reduces the bandwidth available to asingle user so instead of using 4G you can actually move back to 3G and youmight notice significant improvement in services so for that you’ll need to goin settings and then SIM cards and mobile networks and then you’ll need to click on your sim mobile networks my bad go back instead.

you’ll have to go in oh yeah so you click on the same card and then you click on prefer network type so here you see prefer LTE and instead ofprefer LTE just like prefer 3G once you’re done with that you’re good andone more thing you can do is you can disable voice over LTE on your phone sothis option is something you can try out and it actually works but the I think Iwould recommend it only if you primarily use your phone for data services.

what you’ll need to do is when you go into your settings sim cards and mobile networks depending on what phone you have you might have an option called as voiceover LTE and it should show up here and you can actually disable it now I’verun those tests before on my other phones and the results have been very significant where I’m getting more than one and a half times more speed on the Android phone that I’m using in case of the jamming for if you have the latest operating system maybe you’ll not have that option as you can see.

so what you need to do is go into your dialer app and you’ll have toactually type in star hash star hash eight six five eight three hash starhash star and that should disable the voice over LTEon your phone in case you need to re-enable it you’ll need to type in hashstar half star eight six five eight three hash star – star and that’s yourneighbor voice or LT you can definitely check this option out and one more thing that you can actually do the results of that one would be arbitrary but you candefinitely try it out is that you see data saver app in settings in your Google Chrome browser.

you need to enable it so once you go into settings scroll down and you’ll see this data saver option and just enable it and whatit actually does is that whenever the data is going to Google Data servers itwill actually simplify that the web page for your browser so you’re gonna save alot of space that way the results can be significant in my case I actually reset my history so it’s not actually showing me much information right now but feel free to share your results and let’s see how that goes for you guys thank you for reading this artical. I hope you guys find it useful.

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