How To Lock Apps on Android?

How To Lock Apps on Android?

How To Lock Apps on Android?

How to lock Android Applications? In this artical we will learn how to lock applications on your Android mobile. The first question that arises is what is the need to lock an app on your mobile? Why is this required? Our mobile phone can be accessed and used by many family members.

We may not be able to monitor our mobile at all times. Some people give their mobiles to their children for 2-3 hours to play games or to use the internet. While playing with the phone they may unintentionally delete some apps. If there is an applock on the phone , apps cannot be mistakenly deleted.

At times there are private confidential things that we don’t want to share with anyone. In such a situation we can put an applock on the phone. At work, in the office at times people want to use our phone. We don’t want our private confidential information to be accessible by anyone. Is such a situation you can use App Lock.

This is very useful. I will tell you about 2 apps using which you can lock an app on your Android phone. I have used a Samsung Note 4 phone here. The method is more or less similar even on other Android phones as well. Let’s see how to use CM Security Anti Virus App Lock I have demonstrated the use of this app as an anti-virus in another artical.

This app also has the AppLock feature. Let’s see how to use this. I have already installed the CM Security App on my phone. You can easily install this from the Play Store on your phone . Click on the app to open it . The app is opening. The app is giving us a reminder . For now I will ignore the reminder. If you want to use this as an anti-virus you can press the Scan button on the screen.

At this time I will not cover the anti-virus features of this app. We will learn about the AppLock feature here. Click on AppLock at the bottom of the screen. By default it has selected 20 apps that you can choose to protect. All these apps are installed on my mobile phone.

It depends on you which apps you want to lock & which apps you want to leave unprotected. I will de-select some of these apps. I have only chosen 5 apps to protect. You can choose all the apps or you can select a few apps to protect. Click on the green colored button to protect the apps.

It is asking you to enter a pattern lock. What is a pattern lock? This is a grid with 9 dots . You can choose a pattern here and it will become your lock. Whenever you are prompted to enter the password , you can enter the pattern. I am not good at remembering patterns . So I prefer a Pin code. You can choose a pattern lock or else click on Change to Pin Code and select a numerical password.

Let me choose a password . The password I have chosen is very simple and can be easily guessed. I have only chosen this as an example. Please choose a password that is easy for you to remember & difficult for others to guess. Click on Next to proceed. Re-enter the password. You can see a tick mark against the 5 apps we had chosen.

Click on Continue. Now it is asking us to check the box next to CM Security. Click on “I got it” . These are all the Apps with usage access. This gives a super user privilege to these apps. This enables them to over-ride normal permissions & gives special privileges to these apps. Click on CM Security. It is confirming with us if we want to accord special permission to this app.

Click on Ok We have now given this permission to CM Security. A lock icon appears next to the 5 apps that we had chosen. The 5 apps are now protected with a password. The apps below are not password protected & an icon with a open lock appears next to them. The 5 apps on top have a closed lock icon next to them & are password protected.

Click on App Lock Whenever you come to AppLock you will need to enter your PinCode to confirm you identity. Enter the PinCode Now its is asking us if we want to protect our private chats. We don’t have time for that right now. Click on Cancel to proceed.

All the new messages in the 5 apps will remain hidden. Another special feature of this app is Intruder Selfie. If someone enters an incorrect password and tries to access the apps that you have password protected A photo will be clicked of the person entering the wrong password and will be sent to you. Click on Intruder Selfie.

It is saying that if someone enters a wrong password , the snooper’s photo will be taken and saved here Click on Settings on the top You need to ensure that this is enabled . If this switched off , the intruder’s selfie will not be clicked. Let’s leave it as switched on. The option to save the photo automatically is checked. The option to send an email is also enabled.

The option to send an email with the photo is also enabled. If someone tries to access these apps with a wrong password, not only will a photo be taken but it will also be sent to your email id. The email address stored in Google Play is selected here We can choose to change it as well.

Click on the email address Let’s choose the correct email address where we want to receive the email. The email address is reflected here. At the bottom is Phone Intruder Selfie. If someone enters the wrong password to access our phone , their photo can also be taken.

You can choose to enabled this option as well. For now I will Cancel this option. Since I only want to use the intruder selfie option only for AppLock. There is an option for Incorrect code entries. Meaning how many times does someone need to enter a wrong code before a photo is taken and sent. The default option for incorrect code entries is 3.

Meaning if someone enters a password incorrectly 3 times, their photo will be taken. Let’s change this to twice. If someone enters the password incorrectly twice their selfie will be taken and sent to me. This is a very good and interesting feature. Let’s test it to see whether it works or not. Let’s go back Let’s exit AppLock We have exited AppLock.

Let’s choose an App that we had just locked, such as WhatsApp Click on WhatsApp We need to enter a password in the AppLock to proceed. Let’s deliberately enter a wrong password here. The app has not been unlocked . Let’s enter another wrong password . The app has still not been unlocked. Let’s enter the right password.

The app has now been unlocked successfully. Click on Ok Let’s go to Gmail We have received an email from CM Security that someone tried to snoop on WhatsApp Click to Open the email CM Security has sent us a photo of the intruder who tried to enter our WhatsApp.

I had put a teddy bear in front of my phone & so its photo has been sent . If a person is trying to enter your protected app and enters a wrong password their photo will be taken & sent via email. This is a very interesting feature. You can easily secure your apps using this.

Another app that you can use is AppLock This is a very popular & useful app. Let’s see how to use it. I have already installed AppLock on my phone from Play Store. You can easily install it from the Play Store. Click AppLock to open it . The first time you open this app you will need to register a password. Let’s choose a password & click ok.

It is asking us to re-enter the password. Re-enter the password & click ok. It is asking us to enter our email address. Let’s enter our email address here. Usually it will take your email address from the Play Store. You can choose to change the email address if you wish. Click on Save It is giving us information about the power-saving mode.

Since I don’t want to use the feature at this time , I will click on Cancel. It is informing us about the new features on the app. Click on Ok to proceed. Now we are within AppLock There are many interesting features. You can use Photo or Video Vault . What are these? Photo Vault is a kind of a locker where you can save your confidential or secret photos.

Click on Photo Vault. The first time you come here your photo vault will be empty. You can move photos from your gallery or from your photo folders here. Click on the + icon. It displays the various pictures folders. Let’s choose a photo from the camera folder. I had taken some photos a couple of days ago in Bandung when I had gone there over the weekend.

Select a couple of photos. The 2 selected photos have been highlighted with a slight blue tinge. Click on the lock icon It is asking us if we are sure we want to move it into the vault. Click on Ok. It is notifying us that the operation is successful. Click on Ok to go to the vault.

The 2 photos have been moved to our photo vault. If anyone wants to access these photos they will need to enter the password. Let’s go back Click on Video Vault. The Video Vault opens up. Click on the + icon to add videos. Various folders containing videos are displayed. Let’s choose a video such as this GIF Click to select the GIF Click on the Lock icon.

It is asking us if we are sure that we want to move it to the vault. Click on Ok. The video has now been moved to the vault. The GIF has been moved to the video vault. You can also add other videos. Let’s select another video. These are some of my screen recordings . Select a video and click on the lock icon. Click on Ok. This video has also been moved to the video vault.

At times we have videos that we don’t want to share with anyone. We can put these videos in the video vault. These were 2 extra features of this app. Let’s learn some basic things about this app. You can lock your Google Play Store here. No one will be able to install or uninstall an app from your Google Play Store. Click to enable the feature.

Why is this required? At times we give our phone to children. Our credit card may be linked to the Google Play Store. At times , children may purchase additional features such as an extra life or coins within the games which are not free. These are then charged to your credit card.

In such a situation it is best to keep your Google Play Store locked. No one will be able to download an app without your permission. The next item is Install/Uninstall Enable this to prevent anyone from installing/uninstalling an app without your permission The next item is force-stop applications. At times applications are running in the background and we don’t interfere with them.

If you give your phone to someone they can force-stop these applications. I don’t see a problem with this . Even if someone force-stops an app it does not make a difference. We will not enable this feature. Next is Switch Lock. If you enable the lock for Wi-Fi, no one will be able to switch on /off your wi-fi. If you enable the lock for bluetooth no one else will be able to switch it on or off.

The next item is Auto Sync If this is enabled no one will be able to switch on/off the auto sync switch. I will not enable this feature. These were the 3 switch locks. Next are the general applications. You can select and lock your preferred applications. I have locked messenger based apps. Let me lock Facebook as well. This was as far as privacy is concerned.

Let’s go the protect tab. You can choose certain settings here. You can put a password lock here You can change your password & save it here. Click here if you want to choose a pattern lock instead of a password. You can choose a pattern on the screen. I will cancel it for now.

Let’s go back to the Protect Settings There are other settings such as power saving mode, advanced protection & re-lock after screen on. I will leave these settings for now. It depends on you how much you want to customize this app & which features you want to use. Let’s go back to AppLock Let me cover a couple of other things.

This is PlugIns 2 apps are featured here Kid Time & Advanced Protection. You can download and use these apps as well. When I used these apps , I didn’t find too much difference. So I will not cover these in this video. The next item is Themes These are themes that can be installed in your AppLock.

These are quite nice visual interfaces. You can select any of these as per your preference. The more apps you install , the more it will use up your phone’s memory. So I will leave themes also for now. The next item is messages. At this time there are no messages here. One last thing before leaving. Within Privacy there are Profiles.

Click on Profiles. By default it has created 2 profiles here. The first profile is Unlock All The other profile is Guest. When you are using your phone you can use the Unlock All profile. This means all the apps will be unlocked. If you give your phone to someone else you can click on the Guest profile to customize the apps they can access.

You can create a new profile here as well. Click on the + icon You are in Add New Profile Let’s create a new profile. Let’s lock Play Store , Settings, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, & Auto Sync . For instance this is the game Clash Of Clans. You can install some kids’ apps and give it to your children. and you can lock all the other apps Click on the Lock icon It is asking us if we are sure we want to lock all the icons.

Click on Ok. All the apps on our phone have been locked. Now we can selectively unlock the apps that we are ok for our children to access. For instance let me unlock My Tom which is a children’s app. If your children use some special apps or games , you can keep those as unlocked. The remaining apps can be kept locked in this profile.

We have unlocked 2 apps – My Tom & Clash Of Clans. Click on the tick icon at the top. Let’s choose the profile name as kids Click on the tick icon at the bottom or at the top. Click on Ok A new profile has been created by the name of kids. You can enable this profile when you give your phone to your kids. Click on the arrow icon.

It is asking us if we want to activate the kids profile. Click on Ok The kids profile has been activated. You can also create a shortcut on your mobile for this profile. Click on the arrow icon. It asks you if you want to create a shortcut of the profile on the home screen for easy activation.

Click on Ok The shortcut for this profile should have been created on our home screen. Let’s exit the app. The shortcut should have appeared on the home screen. The kids profile with the AppLock icon has been created on the home screen. Whenever your kids ask you for the phone , you simply need to click on this icon. Enter the password.

The kids profile will be successfully activated. Even if they want they will be unable to access or view any inappropriate app or items. With this your phone’s security is enhanced. You can also be reassured that they will not be able to do anything which can cause harm.

Neither do you need to constantly monitor what they are doing. As you have seen by locking apps you can be rest assured about your privacy and security. Both these apps are very useful. You can choose whichever app you like. One more thing before we end. Please install only one app to lock your apps. If you install both the apps they may not be able to function properly. There may be a conflict between the 2 apps since both will try to control & lock the apps on your phone.

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