How To Make Your Android Phone Blazing Fast in 2021

How To Make Your Android Phone Blazing Fast in 2021

How To Make Your Android Phone Blazing Fast in 2021

Today’s artical is about how to speed up older phone (IOS or Android). When you buy a new phone, you can say that it runs as smooth as butter for a couple of months, but there is no phone which runs smoothly for a very long time unless you have one of the latest flagship smartphones.

Some of the mistakes you do also help in the process of slowing down your Android phone. You phone get slower day by day and it starts to lag. And after suffering for a couple of days with that smartphone, you get too annoyed and sell that smartphone and starts to think of buying a new one.

Well, now you don’t need to worry, today we are going to tell you about the 5 biggest mistakes you do that are slowing down your Android phone plus I will share tips also. I will not share common tip like Clear the app cache, Disable bloatware, Decrease the animation scale, Keep fewer widgets or Avoid live wallpapers.

I think you know these basic thing I will share advanced but basic and over looked tricks. Let’s jump right into the artical. Here’s how you can fix the issue in around five minutes. First thing First No rooting is required in tips mentioned.

1. Developer option settings:

*Turn on force GPU rendering. You need to enable Force GPU 2d Rendering
to get smoothe experience in games.

*Turn on Force 4X MSAA option helpful in gaming speed while playing games like PUBG.

*You all might be aware about animation scale settings, keep them to minimum.

2. Whenever uninstalling any app:

make sure to go to the apps info first and manually delete the data and cache for the same app your about to uninstall.

3. Greenify:

One of the best apps to speed up your slow device. Works brilliant even on less powerful devices.

4. Instead of using antivirus turn on play protect:

To turn on that, go to play store swipe from left to right, scroll down and turn on play protect.

5. Running Heavy Apps and Games:

that Your Android Phone Can’t Handle Well, unless you don’t have the latest flagship Android smartphone you shouldn’t install and run any kind of heavy apps or games on your smartphone.

It slows down the processing speed of your smartphone with time. For example, some people may already have downloaded and run the ‘PUBG Mobile’ game on their phones even their phones are not capable of processing the game well.

6. Using Pre-Installed or Third-Party Memory:

Optimizer and RAM Cleaner Apps If you are using any kind of memory optimizer or RAM cleaner app, it doesn’t matter whether it’s pre-installed on your phone or not, it will affect the performance ability of your Android smartphone.

These kinds of apps kill all the apps that are running in the background. In some cases, it may help to increase your smartphone performance.

For example, if you are running an app which needs more RAM to run smoothly then it. So, you should uninstall or disable these kinds of apps.

And if you are not able to find the option of disabling these kinds of apps then simply don’t use them.

7. Downloading Apps From Outside of Google Play Store:

We download many apps on our smartphone to use the phone in the way we want it to use. Apps enable us to get some extra benefits of smartphones. But downloading apps which were either removed from Google Play Store or not available on play store is not very safe.

Those apps can affect your smartphone with malware or they can be Spywares. These apps can harm your device and your privacy as well. So, the best thing is to download apps from the Google Play Store only.

8. Not Deleting Useless Files:

How frequently you clean your phone memory If you don’t even do it then you should do it at least once in a month. When your phone memory gets full, your phone starts to work slowly and you may notice some lag while using your phone. Now the memory cleaning doesn’t mean that you have to use a memory cleaner app.

You can manually select useless files or duplicate files and delete them. However, if you don’t want to do it manually then you can also use the Files by Google app which helps you to clean your phone storage and to find and delete duplicate files.

Bonus tip: For your precious photos and videos, use a Cloud storage service like Amazon Photos or Microsoft OneDrive to automatically back them up externally.

9. Soft reset your phone:

If your phone is acting unusually sluggish restarting it with a soft reset is your best option. This is especially true if you have not restarted it for an extended period of time.

A soft reset will clear up your phone’s used resources, RAM and any hang apps in the background.


Press and hold both the Home and Power buttons until your phone shuts down and restarts. Continue holding these two buttons until the Apple logo is displayed.

Once the Apple logo is displayed, let go of the buttons and your iPhone will continue booting to the home screen.


To soft reset an Android phone with removable battery, simply pull out the battery, put it back in, then turn on the phone as usual. To soft reset Android phones with non-removable batteries, hold the power and volume down buttons simultaneously and continue holding them until the phone restarts and the boot animation is displayed.

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