How to Make Your Skin Glow in Winter

How to Make Your Skin Glow in Winter

How to Make Your Skin Glow in Winter

today I want to do something different for you guys, I want to show you guys like sort of like my nightly routine of how I get ready for bed and also give you guys some really awesome tips on how you can make your skin glow so stick with me.

this artical is going to be beneficial for my male models and especially my female models as well alright so before I get into this artical so I’m going to consult you guys on your modeling career going to give you guys some really in-depth advice and perhaps even some recommendations.

we can get started alright guys so one thing that I like to do to make my skin glow is I do sort of like a lemon scrub you know lemon is actually really good for your skin it helps brighten up your skin and kind of like makes you skin kind of even as well so I know it looks kind of like crazy but trust me this is actually really beneficial for your skin.

so anyway so some of the things that you can do to improve the quality of your skin and also to help your skin just have that natural even globe one thing that I recommend people do first of all is to drink a lot of water you must drink a lot of water and I’m sure that you know as a mother that’s one of the advices people hear all the time is it you have to drink a lot of water.

I mean you must drink a lot I personally try to go for a gallon of water a day up in a kind of order it is a lot of water so sometimes I make it halfway and you know that’s still more than most most people would drink so make sure you’re drinking a lot of water that’s definitely going to be useful for use in the next thing that you can do for your skin to make your skin glow is to take biotin basically just take supplements take biotin biotin is really good for your skin.

when you’re taking biotin you want to drink a lot of water as well because if you take more than 5,000 milligrams of biotin you can actually start to break out so make sure you drink a lot of water on biotin and after a certainamount I mean you really don’t need that much biotin in your system.

so after certain amounts you just end up ain’t missing it out anyway another thing that you can do is take a lot of vitamins vitamin C is good for your skin vitamin D is great for your skin vitamin E is great for your skin as well so CDE take your vitamins drink your water take that biotin awesome.

this kind of tastes like lemonade right now another thing that you can do for your skin is to avoid drinking alcohol I know people like to party and people get you know drink have a little drink here and there and that’s fine but try to keep it at a moderation try to limit your alcohol in take because alcohol actually dries out your skin it stresses.

your skin not only that it actually ages you as well so if you limit your alcohol you’re going to preserve your utility younger longer another tip for making your skin glow is to cut back on your processed foods cut back on fried foods those are really bad for you to get in because when you eat them they try to come out of your pores they make your pores larger than it actually needs to be and then you get like dirt and bacteria.

then eat your pores as well so fried foods processed foods that’s terrible for your skin try to eat clean as much as possible and eat your greens greens everything good for you another thing that actually causes breakouts and acne is sugar so cut back on your sugar every time Icut back on my sugar.

my skin gets like dramatically better and when I’ve been eating a lot of sugar because I actually like pastries I love cookies so I eat alot of sugar sometimes but when I eat when I do eat a lot of sugar I start to notice that my skin is breaking out so that’s when I it triggers me to get back into my skin regimen and cut back on my sugars.

so next week I’m actually going on a raw vegan fast where I’m gonna eat a lot of greens raw foods and hopefully that would definitely improve the quality of my skin and also just kind of like help me detox and resets speaking of detox and reset occasionally going down the detox breaking out of your bad habits.

your your eating habits that might not be great for your skin that’s also a really good idea so you want to occasionally do a detox maybe once every other month whatever detox you want to do it’s great for your weights it’s great for your skin and just like giving you like that kind of spiritual reset as well.

so definitely practice that guys okay so this is really important everyone has a face wash that they like but what’s important is that you must have a three-step face wash and not justa face wash after washing your face you need to use a toner I have here I like this brand.

I think this brand is great this brand is made by two Nigerian women they understand skin like mine so it works for me I loveit I’ve used a lot of products and this one is what I love the best so check it out anyway.

so anyway so as I was saying you want to have a three-step face wash so you want to wash your face use a toner and then use an act acting lotion now I’m gonna talk to you guys through the benefits of all of them okay guys so as you can see I’ve just washed my face.

you can tell the difference from using the lemon scrub my skin looks a lot even it’s kind a kind of like brighter and like almost like it’s glowing so yeah so that’s one of the advantage of using the lemon scrub but now here’s the thing so after washing your face you want to use a toner that you guys like.

I like this toner because it’s not too harsh on the skin it’s very like easy for sensitive skin and like I said it’s made by Nigerian women who understand my skin tone so it’s always great to use a toner with a cotton bud and stroke upward and this actually helps you minimize the appearance of large pores on your skin.

so we’re just going to do that so now even though I just washed my face you can see the toner still captures some of the dirt sand s trapped underneath the pores so that’s kind of like the importance of having a toner is that it helps you prevent acne and also reduces the appearance of large pores because it can remove all those dirt that you can’t see with a naked eye.

the dirt that your face wash doesn’t get and you know so that way you prevent shaving like your pores clogged up okay so after using the lemon scrub and after using the face wash and then the toner my skin is feeling a little bit dry so what you want to do is you want to apply an acne lotion or any kind of like hydrating lotion to help suit.

your skin because I have oily skin I use a lotion that’s kind of like water based and this water-based motion is great on the skin is gentle as well okay so now the last step and you know and I don’t care if I look Wiley and Gracie I’m about to go to bed anyway the last step that I like to do is to just put a little bit of vitamin E oil and just kind of like rub that on my face and like I said this is sort of like my bedtime routine for a win.

I need to look like I’m glowing the next day it’s also great to rub the oil on your eyebrows as well because as you get older your eyebrows tend to fall out they’re not as thick as they used to be but applying oil to ACTU your eyebrows helps your eyebrows get thicker and stay fuller longer so my last tip to make your skin glow is to also occasionally use a face mask as well so I’ve talked about this in my previous artical.

you guys can use an oatmeal face mask what you do is you take some oatmeal you can take somehoney if you like put a little bit of water kind of mush it until it turns into a soap and apply that on your face let it sit for a couple of minutes and wash it out another thing that you can do.

you can also use a sharp cold face Massie you get it or or any beauty supply store face mask is good for you because it helps like remove the dirt from your skin and that helps hydrate your skin as well depending on what kind of face masks you get so that’s it for this artical guys I’m about to go to bed hope you guys enjoyed this artical.

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