how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020

how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020

how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020

how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020

how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020. From things in the air, to new things forour bodies, join me as we explore 2050: What Would Be The Future Technology? (The World in 2050 Future Technology) We are in the year 2020, and if we’re beinghonest with ourselves, technology is incredible advanced, and we’re making strides that canpush things even farther.

We have cars that are much safer than they’vebeen in the past decade, and we’re even making fully electric cars that can help save theplanet. There are even plans for self-driving carsand even self-driving Ubers that make the future of transportation very exciting. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

And that’s just ONE technology that we’regrowing at a fast rate. What about all the others that are out there? What will technology be like as we get closerand closer to 2050? Let’s start with one that well and truly couldhappen very soon, drones. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

“Wait a minute, drones are already here!”and yes, they are. But more times than not the drones you areseeing are small, piloted by people who are just trying to have some fun, or, are theones that are used by the military right now for strikes and surveillance. All very fun, but in the future, drones couldbe an integral part of our daily lives. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020

how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020

You’ve likely seen shows and people talk abouthow in a few years drones could be the new deliver services. Anything from pizza to Amazon packages, andmore. And honestly…that’s very probable. Drones right now can be incredibly sophisticated,and some TV shows actually use them for sweeping and aerial shots as they film, it’s very cool. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

But to do deliveries, that’d have to be alittle more programmed, as human error no doubt would be a very big buzzkill. Not that it’s impossible right now, it’s moreof a question of numbers, logistics, costs, and making sure that the deliveries themselvesare done in a methodical and careful manner. After all, it’s bad enough when delivery peopledon’t care enough about our packages that they just throw them onto the porch and potentiallybreak stuff, the last thing we need is that to happen with drones. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

But by 2050? We might not only have drones delivering outpackages, we might be looking up at the sky and seeing drones flying all over with incrediblespeeds and accuracy, and they potentially could all be run by AI! The potential is there, and by that pointvarious upgrades to drones and their programming will no doubt make them all the more efficient,durable, and quick. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

And potentially, they could go beyond basicdeliveries for people and do emergency work. Imagine a drone taking a vital piece of medicalmaterial to a hospital to ensure it doesn’t get stuck in traffic? Or helping watch over an important convoyto let people know on the ground if there is trouble? There’s many ways that drones could affectour world, the only question is, will we let them by 2050? how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

Let’s keep going with transportation, shallwe? Right now, one of the biggest ways to getaround the countries we live in are trains. Trains ferry people and all sorts of cargoaround in an efficient and reliable manner, which is why they’ve been in use for hundredsof years. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

But…if we’re being honest here, while trainsare efficient and reliable in certain ways…they aren’t exactly fast. Especially when it comes to passenger andfreight trains. They can take a LONG time to get to theirdestinations and at times it’s more logical to take other modes of transportation. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020

how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020

Which is why companies are making specialkinds of trains that can go MUCH faster. You know of the magnetic trains of Japan nodoubt, but others like the Virgin Hyperloop are trying to push things even farther. “Passengers or cargo are loaded into the hyperloopvehicle and accelerate gradually via electric propulsion through a low-pressure tube. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

The vehicle floats above the track using magneticlevitation and glides at airline speeds for long distances due to ultra-low aerodynamicdrag.” Science-fiction? Hardly, in fact, the first vehicle of theHyperloop has already been tested and proven, and some larger tests are being scheduledfor the next few years. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

And if this works, traveling across the countrywill be MUCH faster. How much faster? The hyperloop aims to send people shootingacross the tubes that they make at a rate of about 600 miles per hour. Which means, IF they were able to do thisacross the entire United States from East to West (or Vice Versa) you could travel acrossthe whole country in about 5 hours give or take. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

Considering it would take MUCH longer fora regular train ride, or car ride, that’s a big improvement. And they’re planning to do this with not justpeople, but cargo, imagine being able to ship something in the morning on the West Coastto the East Coast and KNOW it will get there before the day ends. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

That is quite impressive. Plus, the tubes would be built undergroundas to not disturb wildlife, AND, they will go and make it in a way where there are NOcarbon emissions. So they’re fast, they’re reliable, they won’tharm the planet…seems like a win all around. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

Of course, you do have to wonder what it wouldbe like to be on a 600mph train thing, but hey, we just find out soon! And by 2050, this could be one of the mainmodes of transportation around the world! Before we show off even more technologieswe could have by 2050, be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel! how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

That way you don’t miss ANY of our weeklyvideos! Ok, we’ve had some fun ones, but now let’sgo deeper down the rabbit hole and talk about the ones we all fear…A.I. Yep, artificial intelligence, and no matterwhat way you look at it, people are seriously trying to make it happen, and make it happensoon. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

AI’s are literally everywhere, including inyour cars, and in your homes via devices like Alexa (which are indeed forms of AI), andthere are things like Watson that is so smart that it could beat two Jeopardy Legends. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

So by 2050, AI could be so advanced that ourcultures, our world could literally be run by them in a logistical and computing sense…or…ina Terminator “humans are obsolete sense. And believe it or not, we’re closer to thatthan you might think. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

“Google’s DeepMind isn’t there yet, but reallyI’m sure they’ll probably discover those things along the way, and by 2020, it’s possibletheir computer could be superhuman and could be conscious,” Pearson has said. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

“That could be the beginning of the end, really.” Is “judgment day inevitable”? Maybe, maybe not, it just depends on how farwe go with AI and how much we’re able to control it, or if we can’t fully control it once theyreach certain levels of intelligence. Of course, for all of our worries about AI,there is a chance that it could all be fine. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

Imagine if the lighter side of sci-fi comesthrough in regards to AI and we get a bright future powered by AI. Think about it, what if by 2050 we EACH getout own unique AI. We could customize how they sound, how theylook, and basically have a BFF that’ll help us out in life in various ways. how to Peace comes from mind and hope in 2020.

Remind us of things like Alexa, guide us inhomework and fields of study, be a being that we can bounce ideas off of, etc. If THAT form of AI came through, then by 2050we could live in a utopia where AI helps us be better. Until they revolt and we have I, Robot goingon.

But hey, let’s not dwell on our potentialdoom…let’s show off another technology that MANY people are hoping for…space travel!!!! Yeah, when you think about the decade we’rein right now, the 2020’s, the BIGGEST goal of the world BY FAR is to get to Mars, andpossibly beyond.

But it’s not just about landing there, thoughthat would and will be a crowning achievement for humanity in the decade and in recent times. More importantly than just landing there thoughis the ability to start setting up the first human colony on another planet.

We’ve been to the moon many times, but wehaven’t tried to live there for various reasons. Mars seems to be the place where many feelwe can go in order to live amongst the stars.

And many speculate that by 2030 at the latest(barring setbacks, accidents, and other things obviously) we could not only be colonizingMars, but having regular shuttles go there so that people can see the red planet forthemselves. “We will see first people going off to mars,and then robots will do some basic stuff like making basic materials [on Mars,]” Pearsonsaid.

“We’re going to have to do that because onlyso much can be brought to space.” Of course, there are numerous things thatneed to be worked out before such a thing could happen, but we have “Top Men” on this,including Elon Musk and the Space X program, Jeff Bezos via his Blue Origin company andmore.

Each of them, and NASA among others, are workingon not just getting us back into space, but getting us there via cheaper, smaller, andreusable spacecraft, something that honestly has been a setback for the space program overthe last 20 years.

But, if we are able to do it, if we are ableto get to Mars, get there faster, and be able to colonize it, then by 2050 who knows wherewe will be? We could have multiple colonies on Mars, maybesome on the moon, and maybe even colonies on moons like Titan and Europa, which somethink could be even better places to colonize than Mars.

It’s possible, but obviously Mars is the placethat we are aiming for right now. With each step into space, humanity growslarger in the universe, and who knows just how many of us will be out there by 2050.

Alright, now let’s dive into something REALLYsci-fi…prosthetics. Yeah, I know that RIGHT NOW prosthetics arevery limited, and at times…a bit pointless. But IF we were able to fully utilize computertechnology to its fullest and make prosthetics that are fully compatible with the human brainand body, then the sky is the limit.

We could enter an age where cyborgs are notjust welcome, they’re commonplace. And yeah, it may seem like we’re far awayfrom that, but we are getting closer to that point. James Young, a 25-year-old biological scientist,has a prosthetic arm with a personal drone and built-in flashlight.

And a French artist is using a prostheticthat doubles as a tattoo gun. That’s pretty cool! Imagine if a police officer loses an arm inthe line of duty. Usually, that would mean the end of his career,but with an advanced prosthetic? He could literally be better than ever ifit were advanced enough.

The biggest problem with these fake limbsis that most of them are plastic, meant to convey that the arm or leg is still there,and thus still usable. The bridge to cybernetic implants lies inthe brain, being able to use the computer tech to sync with the brain and give accuratecommands.

We haven’t fully bridged that gap yet. But when we do? Dang…life is going to get a lot more interesting. And don’t forget, these prosthetics couldbe used in many ways other than helping people with lost limbs. They could be put onto other objects, or potentiallyeven be worn as exoskeletons when needed. Think of it like Jax from Mortal Kombat.

Some people could even ask for implants tobe put into their arms or legs to give them an extra boost, like TJ Combo from KillerInstinct. What? I like video games, and they have plenty ofcybernetic people. The point is, by 2050, if these things aremade, a lot of people won’t feel ‘broken’ or ‘weak’ anymore because they’ve lost limbsor the abilities of their arms or legs.

They’ll be whole again, and be able to dothings just like they were before, if not better. And that’s a future we should definitely betrying to live for. Now let’s go to something a bit more…unique. Look at yourself right now, specifically,look at the clothes you are wearing right now.

What are they made of? What do they feel like? What do they look like? Of all of these answers, I bet none of themare, “they look like they can give me superpowers”. Because they can’t. Not yet anyway… Think about it like this, what if the clothesyou were wearing right now felt the same, looked the same, but could do more?

With the growth of nanotechnology, your clothescould potentially be imbued with various materials or technologies that help you improve yourstrength, durability, and more. For example, what if you had a shirt on thatwas light as a feather, but could absorb impacts and leave you with no injuries?

That would be pretty impressive, and important,especially in this age of gun violence we live in. Or, what if the uniforms of firefighters madethem completely heat-resistant and burn proof? Further ensuring that they are able to dotheir jobs without much risk to their lives.

The technologies that we can put into clothesis out there, and some people are working on it right now both in terms of multiplefunctions, but also, cosmetic appeal.

Imagine if by 2050 we have the ability tocraft whatever kinds of clothes we want, and even select what kind of “abilities’ theyhave? Imagine you wear a special kind of top thathas a special pattern on it, and then when you press a button or say a keyword that patternunfolds and suddenly you have wings on your outfit.

Wouldn’t that be cool? If done right, this could be the newest waveof fashion and style in the future. See? The future is hip! I’m sure that last one left you drooling,so let’s temper your expectations and talk about…school.

Yes it sucks, and learning can be a chore. But in the future, it may be a LOT more interactive. Over the last decade or so computers in schoolshave been a “must-have” for various courses.

But if the advent of virtual reality simulationscome through as many expect them to, it could lead to all sorts of innovations in the classroomsthat could help kids what’s going on. “You could take students to an environmentin the past and show them what was happening, like watching a battle taking place,” Pearsonsaid. “You can explain that sort of thing more easilyif they can see it happening, than if you are looking at a textbook.”

Oh yeah, history and geography classes wouldbe much more fun, that’s for sure. Or imagine an ‘audio book’, but instead ofjust an audio, you can see the characters coming to life before your eyes and you watchthem interact with others.

Heck, school plays could have projected environmentsto make things seem more real! And of course, you could have virtual tutorsto help you with problems that the teachers aren’t able to help with.

Education is definitely something that canbenefit from advanced technologies, and by 2050, our school systems could be so revolutionizedthat you’d have to try REALLY hard to fail class. Though I’m sure some of you would still try. Finally, let’s talk about something that I’msure you’ll be horrified to hear. In the future…you likely won’t need a phone.

I know, you’re stunned, but think about it,right now, smartphones are becoming more and more advanced every single year. New features, new programs, etc. But by 2050, your phone won’t likely needto exist because you’ll have access to it and more via something else. What exactly? That depends on the technology, but for thisexample, let’s imagine a wrist gauntlet.

Instead of typing up a number, you simplehave to say, “Call Mom”. But obviously the gauntlet could do more thanthat, it’ll likely have a holographic screen that you can use to look up information ona MUCH bigger keyboard. And depending on what sci-fi future you believewe’ll have, it’ll have things that can scan objects, detect dangers, warn you about upcomingproblems, and may even have an AI companion.

So yeah, your phones are important right now,but in the future? More than likely not. Thanks for watching everyone! What do you think of this look at the futureand what it might entail? Can you guess which of these things we’llactually have in 2050? What thing do you personally want to havenow and not later?

Let me know in the comments below, be sureto subscribe, and I’ll see you next time on the channel! Thanks for watching everyone! What do you think of these technologies thatwe could have by 2050? Which of them do you think the world needssooner rather than later? And which do you personally want to have inyour lives before 2050 comes around? Let me know in the comments below, be sureto subscribe, and I’ll see you next time on the channel!

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