how to Print a T-shirt with an iron easy step in 2020

how to Print a T-shirt with an iron easy step in 2020

how to Print a T-shirt with an iron easy step in 2020

What’s up, guys?I’m Rob. Welcome to my channel. Every time I made videos on T-shirtprinting you liked it very much.. ..and I always try to bring youan easy, simple and new technique.. ..that you can use toprint T-shirts at home easily. I feel those techniquesare pretty easy.. ..yet I have noticed peoplesaying in the comments section.. ..that it would takevery long to do this.. ..or that I don’t havematerials to make this.. ..or can you tell us ofan easier technique than this. Guess what.I have the world’s easiest technique.. ..which I am going totell you and I guarantee you.. ..anybody can print a T-shirtat home using this technique.

Look, I do so much for you, so, itis your duty to do something for me. Do you see a subscribebutton like this one down below? Click on it andsubscribe to my channel.. ..if you haven’t done so as yet. And if you have done it, don’t forget to clickon the bell notification.. that you know everytime my new video is out. Also, here are my instagram handles. You can follow me here as well.. you get daily updates.. ..about the things goingon in my daily life or my work. http://fashion

Alright? Shall we begin? Then get ready,it’s time for some DIY. Why? Because I love it. I am going to show you the easiestprinting technique in the world.. ..which we willcomplete in three steps. Step one is that you need an image. You can use your phoneor laptop to choose an image.. ..or you could make animage as I have done over here.. ..using photo editing or byusing a jacket design software or app. My image is Happiest in Goa.

I made this image as it bestdescribes my mood of feeling.. ..and I want to wear this on my chest. You can make a printof things that you like.. ..or download an image similar to it. The print is here.I will simply cut it. All I need is this square design.The size does not matter. You can print any sizebig or small with this technique. Okay. So, my cutout is ready. Now we can move to step two. In step two we shalluse our special material.

This is cling wrap or cling film. Basically,this is a thin plastic film or sheet.. ..which we use to wrap foods suchas sandwiches, salads and fruits.. they remain fresh. We have to use this tocompletely wrap our print.. ..that is to say,we have to cover it for printing. So, let’s do that. Now I shall take abig piece of cling wrap.. my print on top ofit and cover it with the cling wrap. Like this. But please ensureit does not have any wrinkles. We shall stretch itand spread it nicely.. ..and cut off the extra bit.Just like this.

Make sure there areno wrinkles at all. If you see any wrinkles, youpull it again and remove the wrinkles. Once you have stretched it,you just flip it.. ..and fold it inwards insteadof cutting it. Just like this. The cling wrap sticks on to it.Like that. This way your edges will be clean. I am folding all thesides inwards like this. In a way this is similarto the lamination technique. I have applied a plastic layeror film in front and at the back.

When I iron this on to the T-shirt,the plastic will melt.. ..and stick to the T-shirt.To further strengthen this bond.. ..I shall cut somemore pieces of cling wrap.. ..and stick it tothe back of the print.. that it acts like glueand easily stick to the T-shirt. Okay. With this done wecan move towards our third step. Let’s bring in the T-shirt. Here’s our T-shirt.

This is a plain black cotton T-shirt.. ..which I have ironedproperly so it is wrinkle free. In this case,I am using a new T-shirt.. ..but you could recycleyour old T-shirt if you wish. I am going to print it in this spot.Let’s bring in the print. Here’s my Happiest in Goa print. Now I shall align it correctly. Once the position is aligned,we will lay butter paper on it. Butter paper is a glossy shiny paper.It is also called wax paper.

You can avail of itat any stationary store.. ..or places that sell baking tools. Okay. After layingthe butter paper on it.. ..I shall iron this with a hot iron. Here’s the iron.Now we must iron it carefully.. that all the plastic melts andour print gets stuck to the T-shirt. The ironing is done.Now let’s peel off the butter paper.. see if our print is stuck. You must be careful and if possible,let it cool down a little. After that you can peel it off. Okay. I waited for 5 to 10 minutes.It is completely cool now. Now I shall slowlypeel the butter paper.

As you can clearly see, the butter paper is stuck a little.. ..but it is peeling off slowly.. ..and our print isstuck well to the T-shirt. There you go. As you can see, ourprint is stuck nicely to the T-shirt. Look at that. Pretty cool, right? Like I said,the technique is extremely easy.. ..and I was pretty careful. I used similar pressure allover on low heat to stick it nicely.. It is slightly untidy at the corners. The cling wrap isstill unglued over here.

Similarly it is gonea little crooked over here. You must take a little care.The iron was excessively hot.. ..which caused thecolor to fade a little. But it’s okay.It has a slightly distressed look.. ..but overall I’m veryhappy with the print.. ..and it stuck tothe T-shirt very easily. With that my T-shirt is ready.Let’s try it out. You see? Didn’t I tell youthis is the world’s easiest technique? And you can print anythingyou want on your T-shirt with this.

But bear in mind, you cannotwash it in the washing machine. It has to be hand washedand you must do it gently. It is possible if you useextra pressure or brush it hard.. ..the print could peel off. You have no reason to worry though. You can easily fix it. If you apply cling wrapon the spot which has peeled off.. ..and iron it, it will be reaffixed. It’s that easy. I know that many people willwrite in the comments section.. ..this will comeoff when it is washed.

The color is faded. It won’tlook good. The finishing is not good. I wish to tell all them. Think aboutit, guys. You made this yourself. It’s handmade. It’s unique. Quite possibly you will not find theprint you made or stuck anywhere else. One of its kind. Maybe the durability orthe finishing does not match.. ..the product you buy in the market.. ..which is made using a machinein a factory.

It is okay, guys. I taught you a techniquewhich you can use to reaffix.. ..even if it gets spoiled a littleor you could make it all over again. Not just one design.You can make many kinds of designs. So, it’s good to learnnew things and try new things. If you just sit there commenting,it won’t work. Try new things. So,I encourage you to try making this.

how to design sublimation T-shirts

how to design sublimation T-shirts

you know those really cool all overprinted sublimation teas you know the ones I’m talking about well in thisvideo I’m gonna show you how to design them how they’re made and where you canget some made, so stay tuned videos coming up right now what’s up guys GaryAjene t-shirt help desk com and in this video we are going to get into alittle sublimation okay now this is not your little sublimation printer.

where you just take it and you print like the front of a t-shirt no no no no we aretalking about the large entire front of the or back to entire graphic wholeprint t-shirts okay now back in the day in order to do this they would have toprint the fabric print a whole ream of fabric and then cut and sew which iskind of time-consuming and it’s much more expensive than just say taking ablank and just printing that bad boy.

all right so what is sublimation okay I wantto teach you guys something sublimation is the it’s a specialty ink that canturn from a solid to a gas so what they do is that they print a piece of paper abig large print a piece of paper the size of an entire front or back of at-shirt okay and then they put it lay it on top of the t-shirt and in a heat press.

it okay now the heat causes a chemical reaction which turns the inkinto a gas and then that gas then permeates and becomes a part of theblank okay and the blank can’t be a standard blank it has to be a 100%polyester or a high polyester blend like percent polyester 90% polyester 70% butit has to be a high polyester blend okay.

and that is the process of sublimationso now let’s get into designing sublimation how it’s designed what youshould be looking out for and also where you can get some created for you let’sgo okay guys so you know the drill by now not this is a design brief this iswhere I give whoever’s designing myself all the information that was much information that I can if you don’t do this right this is why you guys keep having to tell your designers over and over again to do stuff.

I’ll change thischanges change it not that everything is perfect when you give a design briefsbut you would alleviate a lot of nonsense all right so this is a reallyfamous t-shirt like drawing it’s a sloth climbing like King Kong and I want to doa version of this but mine I’m going to have Donald Trump climbing up and it’s gonna be on a sublimation t-shirt the reason why I’m doing this is.

because everybody just uses a photograph you know what I’m saying I like to dosomething that you can like never see so Donald Trump is a very polarizing figureso I’m gonna use him so I told them to find something I’ll use something likethis which you can use for reference as him climbing up the Empire StateBuilding and to put you know one of these crazy faces.

and to use one ofthese awesome backdrops and it’s just a simple Photoshop job alright so afteryou get that done you make your PDF let’s take that bad boy over to anawesome service you can use any service you like I’m recommending design crime okay they are off the chain so let’s go over there and check them out let’s getinto it baby so uh get started now so many things to do with designcrabbers t-shirt design.

how to design sublimation T-shirts

how to design sublimation T-shirts

and I’m just gonna simply say Trump King Kongsublimation t-shirt design and right here I’m just gonna write follow designbrief attached and we’re gonna go attach it right here and I’m gonna attach allthose pictures that was in the design brief okay so kind of all of those sothey should have a good old time all right putting that all together this one’s your three designs alright takes money to make money guys.

and I’m gonna add little something to that so I get that Express and we’regonna hit continue and just like that let’s see what we get in a couple daysalright alright so we put it in and through the magic of the internet let’ssee what we got and here goes alright we’re back in and let’s go to my accountmy projects King Kong Trump design manage project let’s see what we got guys smoke into designs we have 16 designs.

okay okay check out Zack check out that guy’s wowthese guys are good and of course you put it on this shirt I mean come on guyscome on guys I mean this is you can do this guy you know kind of kind of seasonkind of saw it another way look at this wow this is where you knowthe art director approach comes in okay look it.

I mean come on guysis this not bond look at this one I think this is the same guy leave theseare I mean these are these are awesome guys and they paid attention very wellthat one’s kind of cartoonish but I see what they say we’re going this let’s seeabout this one right here look at that look at that Wowoh look at this one awesome awesome Wow I’m blown away I’m blown away I mean look at these look at our incredible diesel looking atincredible.

I would have chosen another face a little bit more mean a face butlook at look at incredible I mean these are awesome and these could be seen asanti-trump or pro-trump to print depending on you know how you look at itman this is a WoW that’s all I can say I am I’m blown away I got to tell you I’m I’m blown away I’m blown away by this so guys this is just to let you know.

the type of fantastic artwork that you can get a design crowd I mean awesomeI mean honestly because I’m looking I’m watching this I’m watching this with youguys in real time I’m blown away alright anyway guys design crown make ithappen take some money to make money alright as you can see design crowd isno joke alright so make sure that you go down in the description box and checkout design crown also it’s gonna be pinned in the comments.

I so check themout okay look if you don’t know how to do it alrighthire someone who does okay and get the best product you possibly can alrightthat’s it that’s all I got for you okay guys if you actually want to get your sublimation designs printed okay all real t-shirts make sure you go tot-shirt helpdesk comm backslash regia.

and go to the print both aregreat companies where you can actually get your designs printed okay back tothe video remember guys make sure to do something good for somebodyif you don’t have anyone to do something good for do something good for yourselfas always cheers to your t-shirts I’m finna put some butter on these shoes andslide on out the dup I love you god bless and peace.

mock up a T-shirt design in 6 steps

mock up a T-shirt design in 6 steps

Hey this is Ray Dombroski. In this video,I want to show you 6 easy steps to mocking up your t-shirt design and making it lookreal in Adobe PhotoShop. We’ll start with my men’s t-shirt templatesand all my apparel templates come in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe PhotoShop format, butfor this video, I’m just going to focus on the PhotoShop templates.

So for this collection,you get 10 front view templates, 10 back view templates and 4 side view templates and thereason you want multiple templates is if you’re mocking up your t-shirt designs and puttingthem together in a portfolio or on a website or in a catalog, you don’t want all the t-shirtshapes to look exactly the same. When they stand next to each other, you don’t want itto be obvious that you’ve mocked up your designs.

You want them to look real. So we’ll just start with one of my men’s templates.The thing that I think makes my templates different and easier to use than anythingelse I’ve seen out there is the instructions are included in the layers palette so you’llnever get lost or not know what to do or not understand what a layer does.

So step numberone is to pick the color so in the layers palette, just highlight that layer and tochange a color, you just go to Image, Adjustments, Hue Saturation and just move your hue andyour saturation and your lightness sliders to pick what you want. In this case, I wantto do just a gray shirt so in this case I’m just going to turn the saturation all theway down and click Okay. Step number two is to pick a heather fabrictexture if you prefer.

This is to simulate a poly-cotton tee or a tri-blend tee and youcan adjust the opacity of this to suit the kind of fabric you’re trying to emulate. The next step is to add in a neck label sowe’ll turn on our neck label layer and you’ll notice this is a layer group. So if the groupis collapsed, you’ll just want to click on this little triangle here and drop down thelayers within that group and you’ll see in here, it says hide this layer so that’s justgetting the default neck label that I have in there.

We want to go to our neck labelart. This one I want a bright red neck label so we’ll just copy that, Command C. This otherlayer says highlight this layer and paste in your neck label so that’s all you do. I’vehighlighted it, go Command V to paste it in. Well you don’t see it because it’s automaticallyclipped out. We’ve got to move it up so that it’s visible. So that’s all you do for theneck label. The next step is to add in a pocket, so I’vegot a pocket layer here.

Again this is a layer group and if you drop that down, it’s gotthe pocket shading. It just makes it a little more realistic and then it’s got the pocketcolor. Now let’s say I wanted a yellow pocket. We just select that pocket layer there andthen adjust it with hue saturation so you go Image, Adjustments, Hue Saturation.

Turnup the lightness a little bit too. I think that looks great. So for this design I actually don’t want apocket, so I’m just going to turn that layer visibility off and just leave it as is. Step number 5 is to add in your graphic. Youcan paste in a PhotoShop image or an Illustrator image. I’m just going to go to my logo inIllustrator here.

Go Command C to copy it and then go back into PhotoShop and you’llsee a layer that says your art goes into this group. Again if that’s not expanded, justclick on the little triangle to drop down the layer below it. The layer below it sayshighlight this layer and paste in your art. So we’ll highlight it, go Command V and youcan paste in as pixels or smart object.

I’m just going to paste in as pixels here andthe first thing you’ll notice is that when you paste in your design, it’s automaticallycropped out to the shape of the shirt. This is great if you’re doing stripes or anall over print or an off placement print, but for this example, I’m just going to doa center chest logo. Let’s scale it down to the right size.

That looks pretty good andI’ll click Enter or Return to apply that and you’ll notice now that I have it pasted in,you’ll see the shading of the shirt sort of going over the logo, but if you want to squeezea little bit more realism out of your t-shirt mock up, what you’re going to want to do ishave that graphic layer selected and then go Filter, Distort, Displace and I’ll leavethe horizontal scale and the vertical scale at a default of 10 each.

Click Okay and nowwe want to find the displacement map folder. It comes with all the t-shirt and appareltemplates that I sell. So I’ve got the displacement maps folder open here and the one main thingyou want to pay attention to here is to pick the same displacement map as the templateyou’re using. So you’ll notice we have front men’s T template 01.PSD open so we want toselect a displacement map with that same name.

So I’ve done that. Click open and it instantlywrinkles your graphic to the shape of your shirt. So that’s the six steps to mocking up yourt-shirt design in PhotoShop. To find out more about my templates, follow the link belowthe video and also when you get to my website, The Vector make sure that you sign upfor my email newsletter and you’ll get a free graphic design download every single week. It’s called Free Download of the Week and I also have a set of resources you’ll getcalled Graphic Design Launch Kit, which you can download as soon as you sign up. Thanks for watching.

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