How To Publish iOS App – App Store Connect

How To Publish iOS App – App Store Connect

How To Publish iOS App – App Store Connect

Hi, today we are going to talk about iTunes Connect, so let’s get to work! Okay, last time we took a look at the Apple Developer portal and we made our signing certificates. I hope you did that so you can have a team in your Xcode project. Okay! Now next up we are going to take a look at iTunes Connect. And for that let us just open up here and let’s go to And if you click on Account and you are already signed in.

Go ahead an sign in if you haven’t already done. So you can see that there is an iTunes Connect part of our account. Let’s go ahead and tap on that. Let’s go to iTunes Connect and let me just select my own iTunes Connect. A lot of clients iTunes Connect available. Now welcome to iTunes Connect! And as you can see if you do have something important to be made that you will have an alert up here and of course we have some news from Apple.

But most important parts are here My Apps, App Analytics, Sales and Trends, Payments and Financial Reports, Users and Roles, Agreements Taxand Banking and Resources and Help. Now first thing you want to do is go into Agreements Tax and Banking and set up your tax info, banking info and ofcourse agree to all of the terms.

Go ahead and create all of your contracts in there. I’ll not going to there all of my contracts are up to date. But you need to take care of this first. This is really personal data so Iwill not show you that now. But what I will do show you is My Apps and before we do that all of these App Analytics, Sales and Trans, Payments and Financial Reports they are self explanatory.

And Users and Rows it’s quite highly advanced because you can set up your test users and we will not go through that. If you want to take alook at these I do have a course on that and this is called The Tribe. Go ahead and take a look at The Tribe, if you go to and you select The Tribe then you can take a look at all advanced sections of my course.

Okay! Now let’s go back to iTunes Connect and let’s select My Apps and here you need to create, well an app for your project. Because when you create it in X code it’s not an app it’s just a project. So to do that and of course here you have all of your apps and you just go through.

well this one was rejected and it was because of a reason that my banner had was overlapping a button so I need to fix that in a few days now and here we have a prepare for submission and that is what you will see most of the time when you are preparing your app you are building your app you are preparing it for submission.

Now once you submit it for review it says waiting for review like this one. And once it is approved then it will say ready for sale. And as you can see two 2.0.0. is the version number of our app and of course you have the icon here. So you can easily find them of course you can search and find any app you want here.

Okay! Now let’s build a new app so go ahead and click on this plus button and select a new app. And it is highly important that you already made sure that in the developer portal you have your bundle ID existing there because you need to choose your bundle ID here. I would first of all to choose our platform the name is: ASD Magic.Of course again this is not the display name on iTunes on the App Store.

This is just an internal name. Okay primary language is English. And the bundle ID and of course I have a lot of you but you will choose your set bundle IDs. Let me just find mine. Okay, here it is if you are doing this right after the previous lesson then you might want to wait a few(10 minutes) because it might not appear here. SKU is an internal number.

Let’s just type in your Rebeloper 0023. It doesn’t really matter. Okay!Let’s create this. Okay! Here we are and once it loads here we have our app inside iTunes Connect and we have already some prefilled things and there are some things that we need to add later on. I will talk about this in a later artical for now I would just guide you through all of these steps.

Well first of all we have our app information when we have our general information. Next up is our pricing and availability. Here you set your price for your app most probably you will set it for free and maybe have some in-app purchases orads in it. Of course if your app is live on the App Store you can revoke it well you can remove it from sale under this pricing and availability tab. Of course! Next up is we have our first version so here we have our prepare for submission.

Under features you can set up your in-app purchases maybe your app store promotions Game Center, if you have encryption or promo codes. Now under Test Flight you can manage your Test Flight builds. Now your builds is… well a zip file upload it to iTunes Connect.

We will upload builds later on from X code and they will be shown under activity. Because this is where your builds will be shown once they are processed by iTunes Connect. And that is all essentially. That is all you need to know for now on iTunes Connect.

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