How To Really Use the Jade Roller In Your Skincare Routine 2020

How To Really Use the Jade Roller In Your Skincare Routine 2020

How To Really Use the Jade Roller In Your Skincare Routine 2020

Hey guys, today we’re gonna talk all things jade rolling. trendy features Yeah because the jade roller that we see every where actually draws on 2 really important techniques, One’s Lymphatic drainage and also draws on Chinese traditional medicine: the acupoints and things like that To really disperse and spread the toxins and drain it out of the face.

So the benefits of Jade Rolling relieve almost every type of skin condition From acne to dryness to rosacea and it also helps diminish the appearance of fine lines minimize pores, brightens complexion, de-puffs and detoxifies the skin On the market there’s five dollar ones to forty dollar ones to things like this.

which is a hundred and eighty dollars Infinite rolling, So which one is better and are they the same thing? Make sure you watch to the end because we’re gonna do a little experiment comparing different price points of Jade Rollers, So let’s first talk about Jade and why it’s used on our faces to roll So what.

I grew up knowing about Jade is that it’s a protective stone So let’s say if you have a Jade bracelet: if you were to fall the Jade would break, it would protect you in essence And the modern take on Jade is that it is a balancing stone: it’s healing.

it’s harmonizing It helps open your heart and open your And actually Chinese people wear it on the left arm Because it’s actually related to the heart And then this stone also dates back thousands of years to traditional Chinese culture.

It was mostly used by the Emperor and the Empress because they were the only ones who can afford it I think now a days it’s to show wealth but back in the day Jade was actually used more so to Keep for yourself, and to remind yourself of the purityIt was like a humbling And there’s a Chinese saying how like The method you use to polish the stone is like.

how you polish a person So the more you polish a stone the more beautiful it becomes: the more you polish a person the more you learn The more grounded and moral you’ll be So I feel like Chinese, kind of, understandings and tradition are very symbolic.

So with Jade, Jade is really rare because it can only be mined in certain areas Like Burma and in China somewhere. Whereas its best friend the Rose Quartz So Quartz is actually the most common mineral found on the Earth’s crust Compared to Jade, definitely not as rare.

It comes translucent normally But then it also has rose tones, which is why there’s Rose Quartz Which is like this one, it’s like millennial color And then there’s also purple tinges which then turns into Amethyst, But actually natural Quartz is the rare one and because natural Quartz is so hard to find.

There’s a lot of manufacturing processes that make it in lab environments So things like this is man-made Yeah I know so that’s like one of the biggest differences But why you see a lot of Skincare brands use Quartz minerals because crystal Quartz is piezoelectric.

Which means that when pressure is applied to the Quartz a positive electrical charge is created at one end of the crystal And negative charge is created on the other so this makes quartz not only good for skin but it’s used in a lot of Electronics like LCD screens, mobile phones.

it emits kind of like a battery That translates into skincare so when you roll it it’s like in and out, if you believe in things like energy of rocks and energy of the body, then it kind of fits It’s not even believing or not in energies or not there’s just energy in everything and this and our bodies and molecules So how exactly does it work?

There’s two most important factors The first one is muscle tension release and the second one is lymphatic drainage So for the first one, because we’re constantly like brows furrowed throughout the day and our muscles are so tensed on our face That it creates fine lines and wrinkles over time.

so the Jade rolling helps relieve all of that The second most important thing is lymphatic drainage. What are we draining and what are lymph nodes??? Yeah, so those are the two key things Lymph nodes are all over our body and lymph fluid travels between the nodes And the lymph nodes carry really important nutrients because it helps the immune system battle things like viruses and bacteria.

And when it gets stagnant or over whelmed That’s when our immune system kind of breaks down and we get sick and get viruses and all of that So it doesn’t move unless we move.

And so with Jade rolling you’re actually Encouraging the fluid to move so that it’s all balanced. And so for the draining part where is it going?? So you have these lymph nodes You want to start and push all the toxins from around your face To the nodes and then drain it down.

If you’ve ever noticed you have a lot of like Breakouts around the nose or around the forehead or the chin Yeah, that’s where it’s all kind of pooled and you need to kind of spread it Healthfully in a way and we’ll show you how to properly use these Jade rollers in a little bit So we bought these two Jade rollers: How much was it?

Like, 3 things for 10, so 3 and a half dollars Because it came with the two Gua Sha, ah right, so this was like a whole package for…. 10 dollars? Okay, 10 that’s a steal: that’s 3 dollars each! So this is the Mount Lai: It’s 28 dollars and it’s from Sephora So first impressions: it’s doing what it should do It’s rolling pretty nicely very smooth It’s kind of, ummm Shake Flimsy sounding? For $28 I would assume this to be a lot.

a little better, and you can see the rust is already kind of coming off a little on the side, of the edge, And then it just falls off if you rolled too hard. But it looks so pretty And it’s really really really cool That’s why you use Jade and you use stone, because it helps to depuff Where as this one laughs

Ok this was the one that came in the three pack.

How To Really Use the Jade Roller In Your Skincare Routine 2020

How To Really Use the Jade Roller In Your Skincare Routine 2020

first of all, I see glue everywhere Where it’s attached: the metal is also, like, not even, kind of contorted like this Listen out for this: when you roll it, it’s squeaking like a mouse Squeak squeak Nice and relaxing! Like it doesn’t want to move But also the shape of this stone is a little different too: this is a little flatter and I just feel it Contours the skin maybe a little bit better?

A lot of the acupuncturists were saying you should never expect these to be real But definitely not high quality whatsoever even if it is The high quality ones are like around the 3-digit, 100, range So that’s just our first impressions So when you’re using the Jade roller at home you want to keep 3 things in mind One is the pressure that you’re using When you’re rolling it on your neck and your face.

you don’t want to add any extra pressure than what the stone Gives, and because the lymph node is on the clavicle here And also on the kind of temple, you want to roll away so start from the inside And out and then you can repeat this around 3-5 times And also it helps depuffing in the meantime You can use it with an oil.

you can use it on top of your sheet masks, because apparently when you roll it on top of your sheet mask it helps the absorption of the product Actually sink into the skin You can use it after washing your face, just make sure you don’t have make-up on Otherwise, you’re, like, rubbing your makeup into the pores The smaller end is for the eye and also around the mouth area It’s like the most sensitive parts.

so with the eye you want to just, once again, roll gently across out towards the temple and you can repeat this like 3 times. It’s kind of like self-care! So then this one just adding it into the… Because this was 180 dollars: Reefer is the company that creates or makes this and it’s got a Swarovski crystal.

so it’s kind of extra and you’ll see the 2 balls and the stick And people are using it for their chin because it fits perfectly for that But it is once again doing the same thing: it’s like draining the fluids It’s for helping your face and the muscles relax. http://beauty

And this is a little one it’s called the Eye Style And how you use it is the same: you can also use it on top of a mask, you can use it just like this And why it is this odd star fruit…shape is because when you use, it it’s kind of massaging the skin and apparently, it helps to penetrate.

But it’s just funny: like if you hold it, it does feel very weighty and luxurious: how does it feel on the face?It’s cool and calming They say it also helps recreate the like tapping kind of massage I don’t know if I would pay 180 dollars for this.

But this is just to show you guys there’s different Variations of these tools, like techniques But the more important thing I feel like with all of these tools is that it’s so Connected to how our body actually functions, and everything really is like from the inside Because you’re trying to move these fluids You’re trying to like deflate the face.

yes you can put a face pack on or whatever right But still that’s, I don’t know, connected to the inside So after all of this Felicia, are you sold, are you convinced? Because I am….partially No I definitely feel like I’d put money into an actual Jade Invest in a real Jade roller Yeah and not like those sketchy 5 dollar ebay things But, also I really do believe in the power and the energy of our body and stones Not in like a “Uhhhhh” kind of way But it’s just like everything that exists has any type of energy.

For me I just feel like with a lot of trends, people put too much weight on these crystals and on these objects I definitely believe that [it] does have positive energy it does harmonize, it does help with all of these things But at the end of the day, if you want to be good people If we want to, you know, attract abundance and like get all of these positive things We need to first be that inside and these things can help us achieve.

like all that we want but at the end of the day, no matter how much you Jade roll your face If you don’t work on yourself as a person, it doesn’t really….it’s only temporary Yeah if it’s used, as self care and self love, on the inside you’re still like Angry!!! Like nothing.

no amount of rolling your face You roll it away for like two minutes and then right When you go to sleep and you wake up it comes back So external things always Should be dealt with internally but yeah hope you guys enjoyed this! Tell us what you think about Jade rollers If you’ve tried it, either at home or like professionally Or what your favorite Jade rolling tools are? But anyway: thank you so much for reading and we’ll see you soon in the next artical! Bye!!!

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