How To Remove Powder Dip Nails At Home in 2020

How To Remove Powder Dip Nails At Home in 2020

How To Remove Powder Dip Nails At Home in 2020

you all know we mainly get into natural care things to help you nourish your natural nails but a few of you all have been asking about whether or not I’ve tried fake nails And why yes I have, one time There was a time where I had a lavish setof cornstarch nails I liked them, and they lasted a surprisingly long while But I had no idea how to take them off.

I honestly didn’t think I’d get that far in keeping them And eventually, they started coming off, you know, doing what nail enhancements tend to do sometimes And in that one mega nail care tips video, (no pun intended) I remember saying Hey you know what, just avoid false nail enhancements if you want healthy natural nails In hindsight.

I wasn’t at all prepared for the removal, and despite my best efforts to soak my nails, I rushed the process, and the enhancements rushed off with the topmost surfaces of all of my nailplates Which left me with super visibly damaged nails And I just had to suck it up, learn my lesson and let the Girls grow back out Now just a bit earlier in time, I was helping a nail friend remove her dip powder nails, and I definitely wanted to be careful with the removal this time as I had no idea what to expect.

And I wanted the best removal results for her no matter how long it took The thing was though, it took literally hours Manual filing off the top layer like normal, then following-up with the first two soak-off techniques using two pretty powerful solvents, failed us miserably … embarrassing So we got a little desperate and tried double boiling acetone in a bigger bowl of water on low over-the-stove heat, DISCLAIMER: Please don’t try that at home, there’s definitely a better and more safeway.

But since I didn’t have that one triangle tool at the time, I had to work off her finally softened dippowder with my precious glass nail tool Ya know, that was a nail experiment and overall experience I will never forget But even after completely restoring her natural nails, I couldn’t stop thinking about how her nail plates had a lot of un natural horizontal divets in them She told me that that was just what happened overtime whenever her nail tech would drill off her enhancements before applying a fresh set.

today I have dip powder nails that I’m actually ready to remove, as they came out a little bulkier than I was initially anticipating But this time I brought back up. I’ll be working with some power tools from today’s sponsor, MelodySusie. MelodySusie specializes in innovative at-home and professional nail tech-type solutions to help make extensive nail tasks like enhancement removal much easier Now some disclaimers.

#1 – I have never used a nail drill beforein my life and #2 I am absolutely NOT a licensed nailtech Just nail care technical But as I know a lot of you ask about enhancements and have shared your personal nail damage struggles with me I wanted to see first-hand if my natural nails would survive the dip nail experience and thrive once again.

would we re-enter Shamblesville for a second look around the place No pressure right? Let’s get started Now MelodySusie has sent over two completely different nail drills for today’sefforts Let’s start with the unboxing of the Electric Nail Drill called Stacie – currently retailing for $36 USD. And right off the bat, there is the user manual Six varying metal drill bits And medium grit sand bands galore There is also the power control device with a speed control knob.

The max speed for this system is 25,000 rpm but we’ll get into the tea with speeds a little later For now, here’s is the power supply cabledefinitely important And the other cable that comes attached to the silver handpiece And to top things off, there’s a cute standard glass file Now to put this system together.

we have to connect the handpiece through to the handpiece jack – aka the motor Now note that this drill doesn’t come with any bit pre-inserted in the drill, but it’s always good to leave a bit in when not in use Speaking of drill bits, again, this kit comes with six And I already know which one I want to work with today, it’s the Mandrel According to the legend – aka the manual this bit is ideal for surface work.

shortening the nail and removal But this bit also works well in tandem with sand bands like this super coarse one Sand bands have varying degrees of roughness, the more intense the surface looks, the rougher it is, Kind of like manual nail files —— kinda Now I’m thinking this finer sand band would be best for removing gel, shellac or any other cured.

but once liquid polish type enhancement And this coarse file shall do the majority of today’s dirty work in removing this dip powder aka thick, hardened overlay enhancements Now to merge the sand band to the Mandrel I’m just gonna push it on down, pretty straightforward Now to get it this bit in the drill, I’ll press firmly until I can’t pressno more Oh yes, so here we are.

how wonderful And then I noticed these 6 holes in the back of the central hub And I’m like ah yes these are holes for the bits for super easy access Now that tap was just a transition But now before all systems go, we have to plug in the mandatory power supply to the device which completely powers thissystem from a wall’s electrical outlet.

How To Remove Powder Dip Nails At Home in 2020

How To Remove Powder Dip Nails At Home in 2020

So that’s the basic run-down on Ms. Stacie, for now let’s put her away for just a second as we make way for Mrs. Sparkle aka the Rechargeable Electric Nail Drill currently retailing for just under $160 USD And coming straight out of the box, she’s giving protective veil and she may or may not be the dramatic one of these two Ah yes, we have a second protective covering.

You know how in those tech reviews, they pull back the protective plastic and it’s kinda giving ASMR? I told you, this is nail care technical And at first glance, this is definitely the dramatic one but it’s super sleek with a dedicated hip clip that you may ormay not use But you may find this Forward and Reverseswitch super helpful when using your drill. Now the max speed of this nail drill is 35,000rpm Just know that that’s 10,000 rpm higher than Ms. Stacie Now as we go deeper into the box of Sparkle.

there’s the charging cable, a few other accessories, and of course, the black handpiece that comes with a default holding or blank bit Some of the other accessories include a purple place to rest your drill Six completely different looking drill bits with six varying textured sand bands And two super boss-looking drill bits One being the colorful tungsten carbide drillbit And the other being a white ceramic drillbit Now this system also comes with a detachable place to stick your drill for rest if you need it.

And altogether is powered by a rechargeablebattery that makes it the very portable option Now there is another thing about the Sparkle Pro’s handpiece that was definitely worth mentioning At first, we have the drill in the lockedposition, which means we can’t remove the bit at all, it won’t even budge So okay, you have to twist it to unlock it right? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Well… it made a click, but you will soon find that you still can’tremove the bit Because, click You have to twist twice to hear and feel two clicks Then and only then will you be able to retrieve the blank bit from the depths of the drill And replace it with the new bit of your choosing.

Now this drill bit super pretty and dramatic, and I already know she can shake some stuffup So we’re just going to replace this bit in the drill and… Twist twice Because she likes what she likes And now that she’s set, secured and readyto go On the other hand.

we still have to connect the power but Sparkle was like “WAIT!” Because since it was the first time this drillwas used, it has to be charged back up to full capacity before you start using it So we’ll just plug in some power to thepower port and leave this one to charge for a while In the meantime, here are the Girls and as mentioned before they’re a littlebulkier than normal Ya know I made my first attempts with the dip powder application but I think I can do a little bit better a job later on.

so I wanted to go-ahead and remove this dip powder enhancement But ya know, if I’m being honest, this was cute and it was fun while it lastedthough 🥰 Now, of course, flipping to this angle I’m going back to reach for Ms. Stacie and the Mandrel bit with the super coarse sand band Whew just look at that hardened, rough but glossy texture Now one thing about Stacie is that every time you power her on, tick You can see and hear a safety tick to start.

And then as you turn the speed control knob whiz sound She is ready to go Now I thought it would be helpful to show you all the action, but from this angle too buzz sound This device is definitely less sensitive and more feel-based, it’s really quick but let’s watch it alltogether now quick buzz sound Now the plan is to use this bit to work side to side and up and down to slowly work off the first layer of the glittery red nail polish.

And on a low-medium speed we’re already starting to knock away the first shiny layer but this one is definitely a bit of a biter, again, again no pun intended, but you’ll see what I mean in just a second For now, I think it’s safe to work in small back and forth motions staying closer to the center of the nail so I can feel her out and gauge what she’s giving As I get a little more comfortable I’m doing a little roaming around the cuticle and the sides But I see that I’m barely breaking through the glitter lacquer layer so I think we can go a little deeper Once we’ve sanded off most of the glitter.

I wanna go ahead and switch the nail bits, And to do this with Stacie, we first want to turn off the system, and then firmly pull with one hand on thedrill, and the other hand on the head of the bit Now I’ll be using the small barrel drillbit which is best for surface work and with a little put-put push tick whiz Little barrel is ready to go Now this bit is definitely better suited for doing finer surface work especially around the sides and edges of the nails And now that the glitter, gel top coat and a few layers of the color have been matted up.

How To Remove Powder Dip Nails At Home in 2020

How To Remove Powder Dip Nails At Home in 2020

and removed We are ready to move on to the other four nails on this hand so I’ll switch back to the mandrel with the coarse sand band and tick whiz sound Here are some things that I as a newbie wanted to keep in mind #1: I wanted to keep the surface of the drillbit parallel to the nail as much as I could If I don’t, I’m pretty sure I run therisk of something flying or ripping off like it did here Also when using the Mandrel.

I tried to stay away from the cuticle after that and a few other things started to happen Ya know, just focusing my efforts on the surface of the nail where it’s safe Another thing, I tried to always keep the drill moving so that I didn’t feel the heat and the resulting surge shoot up my fingers and hands, I did feel it twice though And the Girls do not approve, absolutely not a vibe! and then fourth thing, I had to remind myself.

whatever I do, make sure I don’t go past the color because past the color is nail plate and past the nail plate is nail bed… and innocent flesh As I got more and more comfortable and confident I started going a little faster and switching nails in the name of surface work I then switched bits again to the rounded bit, which I also really liked a lot And of course, according to legend, this bit is good on things like surface work and shortening the length of the nail So there we have the basic workings of Stacie and her drill bits And so far.

we have completely matted, and roughed up nails that has pretty much all of the color layersintact As for my undersides, they’re good, just a little dusty Except for my thumb Yeah…she’s definitely got a few scratches now remember how I mentioned that the Mandrel was not meant to go near the edges too much for me? Yeah… that snappy snatch back is why But ya know.

that is a battle scratch I am happy to end this side of things with it could definitely be worse Now just off-site and out of the lights, we have Sparkle finally charged up, and ready to go. I’d say it took around 90 minutes to 2 hours to reach a full charge So I’ll take her back under the lights and test out the tungsten torch before getting started.

Now the goal here is to get these shiny nails just as dull and tired looking as these nails And for reference here’s a quick look at how Sparkle startsup and how it looks and sounds tick whizzing whirl sounds Our max speed for today will be eight Now starting with my golden glittery thumbfirst I’m taking this drill to do my initial surface work But it is super clear that this drill and this bit did not come around to play today! Yep,

I definitely noticed the difference inpower especially after starting off the other handwith Stacie What’s not super clear though is that just below this golden holo is three layers of clear dip powder on mynails Now remember is this “Nail Care Technical”, not “Absolutely Out of My Mind” And for kicks.

here’s a look at what this drill soundslike as it goes buzzing sounds I noticed this drill had a “whirl” sound in the background as soon as I lifted it off of the nail plate As if it’s trying to ease up or balance back the motor’s efforts to keep things stable Like she knows she’s powerful and she’s just being considerate What a mood.

Now I’ll speed up the footage just smig but still focus on removing the lacquer and that shiny top coat of each nail I definitely liked how efficient this colorfulbit was, paired with that Sparkle girl, it was really nice And just like that, all of the Girls are dull and tired, but I still want to go back in with Stacieand the Mandrel This is more like a mix of optional and overkill but I still want to go back in and smooth out the surface just a little bit more Which turned out to be a, ya know.

bit of a grave mistake Because I done told y’all that Mandrel with that sand band was a bitwith bite I got an actual battle scar from getting a little to close and comfortable with that cuticle and she spun a little off-target Now going back to Sparkle I know we talked about working to a speed of 8 but I was really impressed by how low the vibration was and how there was no wobble or funny business in the drill even at the top speed of 35 rpm.

nail drill speeds are like cars, just because it has a top speed it doesn’t mean you should ever operate the machine anywhere close to that speed Now that we’re done here, I’ll replace the torch bit with the default blank bit and lock it in with two clicks click click And finally we have all the Girls on the same page and ready for the final steps in the dip powder removal process with just a scratch as a proud souvenir.

Now with hottest water you can get your handson …that’s not actually boiling We’re gonna fill a large bowl of water Now take a smaller glass bowl Trust me on this And fill it with 100% pure acetone And be generous with the pour like it’s a whole celebration.

Now take your dull tired and desurfaced dip powder nails and dip them in the acetone You’ll notice that your dip powder will begin to disintegrate in the now heated acetone Remember, acetone is high flammable when exposed to fire or physical direct heat But with a double boil with slowly coolinghot water you are safe and smart Now after about 10 minutes.

How To Remove Powder Dip Nails At Home in 2020

How To Remove Powder Dip Nails At Home in 2020

my nails started to peek on through and everything looks promising So I’ll start to swish and rub the Girls to the finish One the other hand, I wanted to test if swishing my nails around in the same kind of double-boiled acetonesetup -but as soon as I placed my hands and nails in the heated acetone- Would it take less time.

And after 6 minutes of constant swishing The Girls are finally free of all the dipnail debris Now back under the lights The Girls are looking a little worn out But of course, there’s nothing that a quick mani refreshercan’t fix So yes, The Girls are officially restored back tonormal plus a little scratch But you know what I’ll take it, I’ve been through so many nail care ringers and I am seriously so pleased that this is the final result: Healthy looking nails that didn’t suffera scratch on the top of the actual nail plate Now when it comes to these two nail drills.

Two different kinds of nail peeps come tomind I think the Stacie Electric Nail Drill would be a good selection for the nail enhancement removal beginner or the nail enhancement lover who just wants to get the removal job done without all the fancy bells and whistles of a more robust nail drill This nail lover doesn’t mind operating asystem with two cords or having to always need a power supply in order to operate the device They might like the convenient six-bit holders and very well like describing the operatingspeed as super slow.

slow, slow medium, fast Instead of referring to the rpm by a technical number This is a straight-forward system for the straight-forward nail enhancementlover Now on the other side We have the Sparkle And with a 35,000 rpm, this powerful drill would be better suitedfor the nail enhancement lover who frequently enjoys getting their nailsenhanced and wants the next best tool to blow through that false nail.

This nail lover may like things more technical, describing the rpm and speed of a nail drill by clear cut numbers so there is no mistaking or guessing their power tools current speed Now I like how both systems came with two different sets of drill bits And I really appreciate how the Sparkle Pro Nail Drill came with these two additional premium nailbits That colorful tungsten definitely came inclutch.

My least favorite was actually the sand band with the Mandrel bit because she’s a biter but she did teach me a thing or two All in a days’ work But all and all, seriously? I don’t really have any complaints I’m just really glad I have my nails back like none of this everhappened There is no trace of dip nail or nail damage And that is something I’m proud to get behind So yeah, a special thank to MelodySusie for sending over these two nail drill systems and their many accessories and sponsoring this video to make way for some really cool.

really solid natural nail care and restoration type-content. So yes, I hope you all found this “How is this really about to go down?” / Bye Bye Dip Powder! type presentorial and found this one really helpful for your natural nail and dip powder needs. As always, thank you all so much for reading and engaging Take very good care and Happy Nail Growing. I will see you very soon In the next one.

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