How to Save the Battery in your Android Phone? Battery Saving Tips and Apps 2020

How to Save the Battery in your Android Phone? Battery Saving Tips and Apps 2020

How to Save the Battery in your Android Phone? Battery Saving Tips and Apps 2020

How to Save the Battery in your Android phone? Battery Saving Tips. In this artical we will learn how to save the battery in your Android phone, We have so many apps on our phone & receive so many calls ,messages & emails that the battery drains out by the evening. You need to carry a charger or a power bank with you At times one feels like deleting all these apps to prevent the battery from draining out.

How do you prevent the battery from draining out? What should one do to ensure that the battery lasts long. We will learn this in this artical. I will tell you about some apps which you can use to save the battery . Then I will demonstrate the use of one of these apps. and in the end I will give you 5 tips or suggestions. So keep reading the artical till the end. There are a few useful apps to save the phone battery.

such as Greenify, Avast Battery Saver, Battery Saver App, Battery & DU Battery Saver In this artical we will learn how to use DU Battery Saver First install this app on your phone. I will use a Samsung Note 4 phone here which is an Android phone. This is the app DU Battery Saver & Fast Charge I have already installed this on my phone.

This is a very popular app and has more than 100 million downloads. and it has a rating of 4.5 meaning it is a very good app. Click to Open the app Since we are in the app for the first time click on Start at the bottom It is notifying us that 19 apps increase power consumption. It has found 19 apps that have a problem & which are increasing the battery consumption. For now we will not click on Fix Now.

Let me first tell you about this app Click on the icon on the top left. A panel opens on the side. Most of the items on the menu are quite common that you can easily understand. I will only cover 2 items here These are battery details & settings These are the 2 important items on the menu. Let’s go to the battery details. You can see the status of your phone battery as of now. The temperature is 31.9 degrees This is Lithium iron battery & the voltage & capacity details are also listed.

At the 100% charged state you will be able to speak for approx. 18 hours. and you can browse the internet for 12 hours and 45 mins. The duration for which you can use your phone for music playback, video playback & in the airplane mode are listed These are the details as per the as-is condition. This is useful since it tells you the current status of your battery. However this is only for our curiosity The real important thing is Settings.

Go back to the main menu & click on the icon Scroll down & click on Settings You can customize the settings of your battery here At the top is Do Not Disturb Be default this is set up from 22:00 -08:00 You can click on it and customize it as per your preference and you can choose the timing during which you don’t want to be disturbed All notifications, alerts will be disabled during this time allowing you to sleep in peace. Let’s go back to the Settings menu. For now I will leave it as such.

The next item is Charge Reminder. Let’s click on it . Both Charging & Charging Complete alerts are switched on . We will leave these as switched on itself. This means that when your charging is complete the phone will inform you via an alert Next is the low power reminder If your battery is low you will be given a reminder Next is the Mode Switch Reminder etc etc These are a few settings You can change these if you wish.

Let’s exit from these settings. On the main home screen also you can see 6 options I will cover 2 -3 important things here The 1st is Mode & the 2nd is Smart. Let’s click on Mode These are the various modes your battery can operate in. These are pre-set settings .

This means that if you click on General a particular profile will be enabled. If you click on General , the various settings for screen brightness, timeout, vibrate , wi-fi , bluetooth, sync & haptic feedback are displayed . If you click on Apply these settings will be applied for your battery I don’t want these so I will click on Cancel Next Click on the Sleep mode The settings are slightly different in this mode. The screen brightness & timeout are also different. Let’s click on cancel for now.

Next is the Prolong mode Prolong means that you will be able to extend the battery for some extra time. If you click on prolong , the screen brightness is low, vibrate is switched off The battery will last slightly longer with this setting. Click on cancel to go to the main menu The last option is My Mode. This is the customization mode. You can keep all the items switched on or change them.

Click on the pencil icon to edit the settings You can edit & customize the various settings here You can choose the screen brightness & the screen time out Whether you want the phone to vibrate or not You want the wi-fi & bluetooth to be remain switched on or not The apps should continue to sync or not & the haptic feedback in the end. http://tech

Click on Apply My Mode has been selected & applied on our battery. You can select from these pre-set profiles or customize it as per your preference. Let’s go back to the main screen Click on Smart These 2 items are very useful. Click on Advanced Saving. The app is scanning our phone It is trying to find out how many apps are running in the background and consuming the battery At the time there are 71 apps that are running and consuming battery The more apps that are running in the background.

How to Save the Battery in your Android Phone? Battery Saving Tips and Apps 2020

How to Save the Battery in your Android Phone? Battery Saving Tips and Apps 2020

the sooner your battery will drain out. Click on the button at the bottom that says Extended 7 hours 23 mins Click on Enable The app takes us to the accessibility settings We need to find DU battery saver and enable it Scroll to the bottom to DU Battery Saver and click it Switch on DU Battery Saver It is displaying an alert.

Click on the ok button Now it is giving a tip & states that if there is a voice recording question please click solve Click on Solve It is asking us to tap here to save power now Click on Extend 6 hours It is closing the apps that are running in the background. As a result the standby time for the phone is increasing. You can also see real time how much battery is consumed by these apps. These apps consume a lot of battery without us realizing it.

This is a very useful app and can help extend the standby time significantly. You can choose to keep some apps running & prevent the remaining apps from running in the background. Around 50 apps have been optimized and the battery standby time has been increased by over 5 hours already. Almost 6 hours of battery time has been saved overall. If these 60 apps had kept running in the background the battery would have finished 6 hours earlier. Now the battery time has been extended by 6 hours Let’s go back to the previous menu.

It is saying total saved 6 hours The Advanced Saving is a very useful feature. Click on Notification Saving There is one app with pushed notifications enabled All the other apps running in the background have been closed. There is only 1 app with push notifications I will let this app remain with push notifications switched on. You can choose to turn off the notifications of your apps here.

Usually it happens that we are busy with our work and the notifications keep coming on our phone. Not only do these divert our attention but they consume a lot of the battery. If you click this button, all your notifications that are consuming your battery will be disabled. Each notification that you disable extends battery time by approx. 7 minutes. Lets go back to the previous menu There are some coins given below. You can use these to enable some of these features. I won’t cover these features here for now.

Let’s go back to the app home screen. You can see my battery is 100% charged & the battery can run for 41 hours and 56 mins. Click on the optimize button By clicking on optimize the battery time has been extended by 75 mins. Let’s exit to the previous menu It is asking us to rate the app. I will close this for now.

The battery time has been extended by 75 mins and the battery can run for 43 hours 11 mins We have now seen how to use the DU battery saver Let me give you some tips and suggestions with which you can save your phone battery First tip – Pay attention to the screen brightness settings of your phone. Usually we leave these as automatic. and as a result the battery consumption may be higher.

Slide your finger from the top of the screen to display the phone settings You can adjust the screen brightness here Usually people keep this as automatic The automatic level is at 8. You can slide and decide how bright you want the screen to be . It depends on you at what level you want to keep the screen birghtness. The higher the screen brightness the faster the battery will get consumed.

Let’s un-select Auto and select the screen brightness to be at level 6. This will help save the battery slightly more. Tip No. 2 – Pay Attention to the screen display settings of your phone. Screen timeout duration can affect your battery life. Click on Settings at the top of the screen. Scroll down to Display & Wallpaper in Device & click on it.

The screen timeout is set as 10 minutes If you click on it a popup will open & you can see the 10 minutes option is selected. Even when we are not using the phone, our phone screen still remains on. As per this setting the phone screen will remain on for 10 mins after we stop using it. The maximum use of the phone battery is in display. The phone display consumes the maximum battery. So if you reduce the timeout duration to let’s say 1 minute , it can help save your battery to a large extent.

Tip No. 3 – If your battery is very low then you can enable the power saving mode as well. Let’s understand this. Slide from the top of the screen. There is an option for Ultra Power Saving here In my old phone this option was for power saving but in the new Samsung phones the option for Ultra Power Saving is available. If I click on the Ultra Power Saving mode it gives an alert . Click on Enable at the bottom.

The screen becomes grey & all the apps are shut down. You can only see the icon for phone and messages. This is a very useful feature especially when you only have 10-15% battery left and you are expecting an urgent message or if you are getting late you can extend your battery . You can get a new lease of life and your battery can be used for some more time. The ultra power saving has been enabled on our phone.

Let’s see how to disable the ultra power saving mode. Click at the top & select the option to disable the ultra power saving mode. Click on Disable Our phone will return to the normal state. The normal color display will return and the normal battery consumption will resume. Tip No. 4 – You can enable the airplane or flight mode on your phone. This has some advantages & disadvantages With this mode enabled you cannot make calls, use wi-fi or bluetooth.

However you will be able to do all other things that you could do offline. Let’s see how to enable this. Slide your finger from the top to display the settings. In the end is the flight mode. Usually people switch this on when they are travelling in a flight. All your internet, GPS , data , radio services will be disabled . But you can operate in the offline mode and you can save your battery to a large extent. Tip No. 5- You can use battery saving apps. The phone battery has become like water.

If it is not available it causes a lot of inconvenience. You can benefit from this information & can use these tips to extend your phone battery. I hope you benefited from this artical. Thank You

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