How to Shoot Film With DSLR Cameras – Best Video Settings 2021

How to Shoot Film With DSLR Cameras – Best Video Settings 2021

How to Shoot Film With DSLR Cameras – Best Video Settings 2021

Today we will talk about how to shoot videos from your camera and what settings should we keep for it? Video, which is an illusion for our eye When numerous images are played in front of us, due to Persistence Of Vision, those images Or objects seem to be moving to us.

This is what’s called a Video Along with this I’ll tell you about the 3 basic settings of a video When we’re shooting a video, our camera captures a specific amount of pictures per seconds.

Which we call FPS or Frame Per Second To give a video a smooth or cinematic look, the minimum frame rate should be 24 fps or 25 fps, This is why most films are shot on 24 fps.

And if a film is shot in less than 24 fps, it’s movements will be quite jerky So if you want to give your videos a cinematic look So you’ll have to go to your camera settings and set your frame rates on 24 fps or 25 fps.

Along with this, if you shoot indoors in domestic light on 30 fps So it is quite possible that your videos will get “Banding” issues Cause the first thing is that Pakistan’s electricity supply system is on 50 Hz.

Second thing is that Pakistan’s television broadcast system is on which is based on 25 fps, This is the reason why most television channels purchase footage from independent filmmakers.

This is the reason why filmmakers, YouTubers and vloggers shoot their videos on 25 fps, But if you want to shoot outdoors, you can set your frame rates according to your personal preference.

Now let’s talk about the camera’s shutter speed If you want to see that natural effect you see from your eyes in your videos, So you have to set your shutter speed twice of your fps.

Meaning that if you’re shooting a video on 24 fps, your camera’s shutter speed should be 1/50 Because shutter speeds in cameras are not 48 Speaking in other words.

your Aperture is like your lens’ eye Which’s opening being big or small has a huge impact on your videos Meaning that F/1.4 is an amazing aperture for any video.

As the number of your aperture increases The aperture size of your lens decreases After which, your footage will be more detailed If you want a cinematic look in your videos.

So for that I would recommend to you that the aperture of your lens Should be F/2.8 Then after that F/1.8 and F/1.4 are considered as the best aperture counts for any video.

And if you want to add background blur or bokeh effect to your video So you’ll have to open your lens’ aperture as much as you can Meaning that F/2.8 is minimum recommended After that F/1.4, F/1.8 or F/1.2.

The more you open the aperture of your lens The more your videos will have that background bokeh effect But if you’re in a position where you have to
focus your background as well as your subject.

So in your video settings, you’ll have to keep your aperture as low as you can Or close it, so that your depth of field increases, So that whatever’s at the back and in front of your subject.

All of those will be focused Meaning that if you want more depth of field So you’ll have to set your aperture as F/5.6 or you can take it up till F/11 as well Through which, everything will be in focus.

And one thing just for beginners Films, dramas, productions or commercials, whichever it is that you do In this always remember, that manual focus and manual aperture will always work.

Because the theory of auto-focus has no importance in the world of videography The reason is that if you want to shoot a video in auto-focus.

So the time duration of focusing at the back and front of the subject That focus is not that smooth Second reason A lot of lenses that work on auto-focus Produce a noise when they’re auto-focusing and that noise reflects into your videos as well.

Which can ruin the entire sound of your video So there were 2 basic reasons which I’ve told you now so do consider on it The people who are reading this artical uptil now. I hope the issues that they had regarding videography must’ve been solved.

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